ESR spotlight on Election 2004/2006/2008/2011 - Canada

Recent articles about Canada's recent federal elections that have run in Enter Stage Right


"Death or Victory" now await: Mark Wegierski notes that after winning a parliamentary majority after decades of negativity, the right in Canada now faces a "world-defining" struggle

Majority mandate demands an ambitious agenda: Ben Eisen argues that the new Conservative majority government should be ambitious and energetic

More to the left – more to the right: In this week following May Day, Mark Wegierski argues that Canada's social-democratic NDP has mostly fallen away from its old roots

The longstanding Liberal hegemony in Canada – and the challenges to it: As the 2011 federal election campaign is underway, Mark Wegierski says that the hopes for real change in Canada are rather thin


What happens next?: Canadians have re-elected a Conservative government. Adam Taylor says the government's priority now -- with a slowing economy -- is to control federal spending

Fiscal discipline and Liberal DNA: Adam Taylor isn't terribly impressed by the economic plan released by the Liberal Party -- particularly when it comes to taxes

Sound economic planning is no 30-day exercise: Canada's Conservatives might have waited until near the end of their campaign to release their platform, says Adam Taylor, but they also have a three year track record to be judged by


Conservatives win only a slim minority government in Canada: The recent victory by the Conservative Party in Canada likely won't mean much for the future of conservatism in Canada, argues Mark Wegierski

The end of Canadian conservatism?: Is conservatism in Canada on its last legs? Mark Wegierski believes that all the signs are pointing to its eventual death

Paul Martin ignores reality (again): Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin's recent pledge to ban handguns shows will do nothing to combat the rising tide of violence on Canadian streets, argues Christopher di Armani


The Canadian federal election of June 28, 2004 in context: So what really happened to get Canada's Liberals re-elected with a minority government? Mark Wegierski explains all

Thoughts out of season in Canada: Today's federal election in Canada likely won't solve any of that country's problems but that won't stop Mark Wegierski from cataloguing some of them

The dilemma of Canada and Québec: When it comes to Canadian elections, says Mark Wegierski, Quebec always plays a prominent role in who gets elected and that's rarely good news for conservative political parties

Not a cure, but but a good start: Ontario has the potential to kick the Liberal habit in the same way a smoker crumples up that last cigarette when they quit, says Jason Hayes

The Liberal regime in Canada today: A social-scientific critique: Mark Wegierski argues that the real advantage that the federal Liberal Party holds is the ability to define the debate, making it very difficult for others to express their opinions without being attacked

Vote, but don't ask questions: Steven Martinovich isn't very pleased that Canada's Supreme Court upheld a ruling that limits how much lobby groups and special interests can spend on advertising during federal elections

Progressive Conservative or Reactionary?: An interview with Joe Hueglin of the Progressive Canadian Party: Canadian conservatives have more than simply one choice when it comes to who they will vote for in the next federal election. Peter Vere sits down with Joe Hueglin, a founder of of the Progressive Canadian Party

Can Canada's teflon Liberal Party strike back?: Canada's Liberal Party has lived through some pretty serious scandals before but Jackson Murphy wonders if the past week will spell the doom of the party in the next election




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