Dear Reader,

If you've been reading Enter Stage Right over the past months or surfing a few other sites you may have seen the anti-gun control banner on this page. That banner was created by Steve Martinovich of ESR to promote the fact that the only people who benefit from gun control are the type of people who destroy liberty.

The banner was never meant for any specific campaign or web site but I am making it available to anyone who wishes to use it. If you operate a web site and you are opposed to gun control, I am asking you to place this banner somewhere you think it might make an impact. Who you link it to is your choice, but obviously it should be to some organization opposed to gun control: Here's a list of some organizations that may represent your interests:

  • National Rifle Association -
  • Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership -
  • Gun Owners of America -
  • National Firearms Association (Canada) -
  • Armed Informed Mothers March -
  • Second Amendment Stuff -

I'd also like you to include a link to this page so we can get this banner and links out as fast and as widely used as possible. Our opponents are not waiting for us. They are moving ahead quickly and only a grassroots campaign motivated by rational facts is going to stop them. If you are interested in participating in this campaign, download the following banner and save it at your web site:

And use the following code:

<a href="URL OF ORGANIZATION"><img src="guncontrol.gif" width="400" height="50" border="1"></a><br>
<font size="1">Click banner to find out more about gun control | <a href="">Banner courtesy of Enter Stage Right</a></font>

Or this image:

With this code:

<a href="URL OF ORGANIZATION"><img src="gunconani.gif" width="144" height="144" border="0"></a><br>
<font size="1"><a href="">Banner courtesy of Enter Stage Right</a></font>

You can simply cut and paste this code into your web page and change the part that says URL OF ORGANIZATION with the link of your favourite gun advocacy group. You should end up with something that looks like this if you use the first banner:

Click banner to find out more about gun control | Banner courtesy of Enter Stage Right

And the second:

Banner courtesy of Enter Stage Right

Let's get the word out and fight to protect our rights. If we don't do it nobody else will.

Steve Martinovich
Editor, Enter Stage Right



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