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The Organization for Quality Education - Ontario, Canada education issues
The Society for Quality Education  - Canadian education issues

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Still Waiting for Greenhouse - One of the best sites on the "Greenhouse" effect
The Science & Environmental Policy Project
The Junk Science Home Page
World Climate Report

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Citizens for Choice in Health Care
Americans for Free Choice in Medicine

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National Rifle Association
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
Gun Owners of America
National Firearms Association (Canadian)
Bowling for Truth Fact checking the heck out of Michael Moore

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Libertarians for Life
Roe v. Wade
Pregnancy Centers

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Young America's Foundation
Young Americans for Freedom
Krystle Russin

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Tuma Cartoon Page
Political Satire
A Satirical Political Beliefs Assessment Test

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Museum of Communism  - A great virtual museum about the horrors of Communism and the devastation it spread
Tiananmen, April-June 1989 - A photo history of the Tiananmen Square protest and massacre
Human Rights in China
Electronic Frontier Canada  Home Page

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National Post
The Globe and Mail

Sympatico News
Canoe News
CBC Newsworld
The Hill Times (Canada's Parliamentary newspaper)

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Media Research Center
CNN Interactive
FOX News
ABC News
Wired News
Conservative News Service
Blue Eagle Commentary A complete list of columnists from all over the spectrum

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The Economist
BBC News
Sky News
Jerusalem Post

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AP National
AP Washington
AP Breaking News

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Ontario Hansard
British Columbia Hansard
Manitoba Hansard
Nova Scotia Hansard
Government of Canada Primary Internet Site
Statistics Canada
The Supreme Court of Canada
Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World

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The Senate
House of Representatives
Congressional Budget Office
General Accounting Office
Government Information Sharing Project
U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics
U.S. Census Bureau
Federal Election Commission

Freedom, Democide, War The more powerful the government, they more they kill
The U.S. National Debt Clock
Project Vote Smart
Contacting the Congress - Email, snail mail, websites for all the Congress
WhiteHouse 2004 - links to all the campaigns, third parties, history
Center for Responsive Politics - Complete guide to who donated what to whom
Congressional Observer Publications - Complete Congressional votes, updated after each one

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Web Sites to National Parliaments (Parliaments around the world)
Office for National Statistics (United Kingdom)
Statsweb Database (New Zealand)
Statistics Netherlands
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

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Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators' Website
The International PGP Home Page (Canada/International versions)
MIT PGP Distribution Site (For U.S./Canada)
Good Art

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