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Podcast #26: The Divided United Methodist Church

It is with a measure of sadness that I write about the schism in the United Methodist Church. Fifty years ago, in over a hundred venues around the nation, I toured with a one-man show on John Wesley, appropriately titled, A Heart Strangely Warmed.

It was a joyous season, traveling from seminaries to colleges to denominational conferences to churches large and small, sharing the life and message of this extraordinary Oxford don and itinerant evangelist. How times have changed in fifty years. The United Methodist Church of today has lost its way. As I've expressed it before, "If there were tears in heaven, Wesley would be weeping."


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For the Week of May 20, 2024

Will the United States become the next Argentina?: The United States appears to be travelling down the same path that got Argentina into so much trouble, writes Stefan Gleason, and he wonders what it will take to reverse the course

On the 50th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons (1974) -- A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Nineteen): Mark Wegierski looks at three more "dark future" RPGs as part of his ongoing series

Star Wars, racism, and progressives: In the world of Star Wars, write Todd Gregory and Erik Gregory, the good and bad guys are easy to tell apart. Democrats have taken that approach and grafted it into their own playbook and America is paying the price

Stop accusing impressive candidates of not being qualified: The one thing that Republicans manage to do better than Democrats is tear down their candidates for a perceived lack of qualifications, argues Rachel Alexander

Several states take steps to block a central bank digital currency: The push against any proposed central bank digital currency in the United States is increasing and Mike Maharrey examines what could realistically be done to halt one

The UN's world of the absurd: On May 10, the United Nations supported a measure that could give "favorable consideration" to Palestinians receiving full membership in the body, something that Amb. Alan Baker thinks ridiculous in light of the events of the past few months

Last Week

This is how we will have to fight cheating in the 2024 election: Although some progress has been made, Rachel Alexander argues that the 2024 election may well be another orgy of cheating...but Americans can do a few things to try and fight back

On the 50th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons (1974) -- A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Eighteen): Mark Wegierski now looks at some "dark futures" in gaming

Newsom 2024 v. Second Amendment — Firearm fiction v. facts: The propagation of "gun control" disinformation by the Demo/Leftmedia conglomerate is ramping up for this presidential election year, says Mark Alexander, and so is Gavin Newsom

Jim Grant: The Federal Reserve is broke!: Market analyst Jim Grant argues that if the US Federal Reserve were a private business, they would have been declared broke ages ago, reports Mike Maharrey

Why are we still listening to the central planners?: By any measure, the average American is under increasing economic pressure and much of that is due to the actions of those who are essentially administering the economy, says Clint Siegner

Biden's Bureau of Labor statistics is cooking jobs reports: The Bureau of Labour Statistics has been issuing some rosy reports in recent months but Ken Silwa notes that the latest reports have included some revisions

Bowing to Hamas, Biden and mob demands would be suicidal: Those who are taking heart in the anti-Israel protests across the United States should also be aware that those same protestors are no fan of the United States, freedom or capitalism, notes Paul Driessen

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