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Episode 138 -- Clarice Feldman Interview -- available!

"All good things come to those who wait," and such is our delayed podcast by virtue of an important interview with Clarice Feldman. A brilliant thinker and prolific writer for the "American Thinker," Ms. Feldman's observations on Hamas's war against Israel are enlightening. Our conversation centers around her latest article (Sunday, Nov. 26), "Manipulating with Lies and Manufactured Sob Stories". We trust you had a great Thanksgiving weekend and look forward to your joining us this coming Saturday, December 2.


For the Week of November 27, 2023

Milei: Exciting times in Argentina and the world: An honest-to-goodness Ayn Rand name dropping libertarian economist has been elected president of Argentina and J.K. Baltzersen says things are about to get interesting

Repeating the 1970s Lost Decade: Anyone who lived through the economic morass of the 1970s is probably having feelings of deja vu these days, writes Peter St Onge. Those who haven't are about to get a lesson in stagflation

Cdn pol Thirty-five years since the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement: Mark Wegierski looks at former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney's main "right-wing" achievement three and a half decades after it came into force

The boogey man: The best way to sell ideas is to have a antagonist that you can use to scare the folks with and Robert T. Smith says the new enemy that every good American needs to guard against is the WRN

Elections in South America and Europe reveal backlash against socialism: Mike Gleason takes a look at the news stories over the past week and finds a mix of good and bad around the world

Can corporations really trust the Conference Board?: The Conference Board presents itself as an objective and unbiased source of advice for American businesses but Scott Shepard believes they're hardly non-partisan

A new poll of Palestinians: Supporting terror and rejecting peace: A new poll of Palestinians conducted by Arab World for Research and Development paints a very unflattering picture of their beliefs, reports Lt.-Col. (res.) Maurice Hirsch

Last Week

Asteroid impact model the best approach to climate change policy: COP28 takes place at the end of this month and will spout the usual climate change message. Tom Harris argues that perhaps a new approach in determining what the actual effects of climate change are is needed

On the 60th anniversary of Aldous Huxley's death -- Herbert Marcuse vs. Aldous Huxley's Brave New World -- a thought experiment: Mark Wegierski makes a highly speculative comparison in attempt to find out what Herbert Marcuse would make of Aldous Huxley's dystopia

Secession against federal tyranny: The anniversary of the Gettysburg Address took place this past Sunday and is widely hailed as explaining the Civil War as being all about ending slavery. J.K. Baltzersen believes that the war did indeed end the horror of slavery but it also introduced a new form of tyranny

Here's the truth regarding complaints about the U.S.'s high incarceration rate: Conservative policies are often attacked by the left over the debate on America's high incarceration rate -- sixth in the world -- but Rachel Alexander says it's other policies that feed into the problem, rather than laws tackling crime

A brave voice in the leftist academic wasteland: Mark Alexander argues that anyone raising an objection to the lack of accountability risks being labeled a racist by their opponents -- as Boston University's David Decosimo has learned

Biden bizarrely brags about lower deficits as federal debt skyrockets: Congress did it's usual Congress thing and passed a temporary funding bill last week to avert a government shutdown. Mike Gleason argues it proves that no one on Capitol Hill is serious about the poor state of federal finances

A 'humanitarian' Gaza ceasefire – so Hamas can plant more IEDs: Paul Driessen argues that Hamas wants a ceasefire only to continue hiding behind their human shields and preparing more ambushes to kill more Israelis

We must change people's minds about sex, not just abortion: Policy makers and cultural critics are constantly talking about abortion but Patrina Mosley believes that the conversation also needs to include topic of the role of sex itself

Sustaining Singapore's flourishing economy: To the outside world Singapore seems an impregnable rock of economic progress. Things can change and Isaac Jackson offers some thoughts about things the city state could consider for the future

Iran is waiting to reach a nuclear capability: Many have noticed that Iran talks a big game when dealing with its enemies but actually reacts in a fairly passive manner to provocations. Aviram Balleishe says it's because the Persian nation is waiting until it has the ultimate trump card to wave around

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