January 2022 - December 2022

January 2022

Iran pushing to increase ballistic missile range to cover Europe: The world may be sticking their collective heads in the sand but Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall argues Iran is making rapid strides to be able to put warheads into European capitals
A brief history of conservative publications in Canada – updated to 2022 (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at the Mulroney Years and their aftermath
Letter to the American medical establishment: WTF!?!#&*%: Greg Strange has a lot to say to America's medical establishment over how the COVID-19 pandemic has played out and it's safe to say that he's quite angry
Airbus is opening an airplane service factory in China — So why is the Biden Administration contemplating awarding it another billion dollar contract?: Plenty of companies who speak "woke" very well continue to do, and expand, business with China. Rachel Alexander argues that the Biden Administration shouldn't be following suit
Here’s proof that reducing “transwomen’s” testosterone levels does not eliminate their edge over real women in sports: Selwyn Duke calls the theory that female trans athletes can simply lower their testosterone levels in order to compete with natural women to be a complete load a bunk
Assessing Virginia’s hidden wind and solar costs: Governor Youngkin and Virginia must address the ecological and human costs of ‘green’ energy, argues Paul Driessen 
Central bank digital currency touted as “risk free” money: The US Federal Reserve recently released a white paper exploring the notion of issuing a digital currency backed by the central bank and Mike Gleason is unsurprisingly unimpressed by the idea
Altering the trajectory: Is all that blood just "water under the bridge"?: Although much of the scorn levied at the official response to COVID-19 has been at agencies like the CDC and WHO, Charlotte B. Cerminaro explores the role that the Food and Drug Administration has played
Looking back at a 1977 game about Canadian civil conflict – exploring social alternatives through eclectic media: Mark Wegierski looks at Canadian Civil War, a game first published 45 years ago and explores the political side of the eternal push-pull of English-French relations in Canada
Fear not — Tony and Wendy will send Putin packing: Mark Alexander says that Blinken and Sherman are Biden's breed of Neville Chamberlain "peace for our time" appeasers when it comes to the Russia-Ukraine situation
American Martyrs: New docuseries interviews canceled conservatives and Christians: An early victim of today's raging cancel culture has launched a new docuseries entitled American Martyrs profiling others who have met a similar fate, reports Rachel Alexander
The global warming question that can change people’s minds: There is one simple question that you can ask a believer of the global warming orthodoxy that they will not be able to answer that should get them thinking, argues Selwyn Duke
Will 2022 be “The Year of Sound Money” in the States?: All across the United States, says Jp Cortez, states are ending or rolling back taxes and controls on precious metals. There are still, he says, big fights looming in the quest for sound money policies
Stop saying men are more responsible for domestic violence than women: The narrative for decades is that women are one angry moment away from being pummeled helplessly by their husbands but Rachel Alexander says the truth is a little more nuanced and surprising
The UN descent to its deepest depths of hostility against Israel: The recent United Nations decision to establish an ongoing and open-ended tribunal aimed solely at Israel speaks to that body's utter hostility to the Jewish state, writes Amb. Alan Baker
The wrath of the Americans: Back in 2016 many people made the mistake of thinking that Americans had voted for Donald Trump rather than the real reason, argues Robert T. Smith, that he was their most convenient tool to display their anger at the state of their nation
Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the dawn of 2022 (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at what remains of the conservative media and the academy in Canada these days
Kindness on a south Texas lake: Dale Schlundt and his wife recently took the boat out for some fishing and very quickly were vexed by engine problems. Rather than the trip being ruined he was reminded of how good humanity could be
If limiting the unvaxxed is wise, what about limiting fat people?: Governments around the world are attempting, and often succeeding, at forcing the unvaccinated to live dark lives that are limited to their homes and Selwyn Duke has one word for it: tyranny
Exposing Biden's big COVID lies — follow the numbers: The truth is finally beginning to come out about many commonly held "truths" about COVID-19 and the reaction to the pandemic and Mark Alexander says people need to be held to account
Bringing Britain’s woes to America?: Paul Driessen wonders if Biden-Ocasio-Cortez energy policies will do to Americans what UK climate obsession is doing to the Brits?
Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood seek to shake stability on both sides of the Jordan River: Pinhas Inbari wonders if the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas have set their sights on Jordanian kingdom to destabilize and eventually rule by proxy...if not outright
Just how liberal is Canada today?: Mark Wegierski argues that the situation of conservatives -- regardless of whether they are religious, economic, cultural or all of the above -- in Canada is desperate indeed
Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the dawn of 2022 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski continues to note the lack of an infrastructure or “eco-system” for conservatives in Canada
A new you for a new year: It is a new year -- even if we seem to be mired in the same mud as the past two years -- and Dr. Robert Owens argues that it is possible to change yourself even if the world seems resistant to it
Wrongly imprisoned real estate broker demands investigation of Ohio prosecutors: A wrongly imprisoned real estate broker, Tony Viola, who was targeted by the Obama administration and a Democrat prosecutor has demanded action against those who railroaded him, reports Rachel Alexander
SCOTUS Justices’ COVID ignorance illustrates why they should stay in their lane: "Wise" Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor last week stated that over 100,000 children virtually near death thanks to the Wuhan Flu, which tells you everything you need to know about her expertise on the matter, says Selwyn Duke
The other (ugly) face of Lebanon: That Lebanon -- once known as the "Switzerland of the Middle East" is in dire straights is no secret but Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah says once you look underneath the surface you find that the situation is so much worse than people realize
To attack the root of the evil, fix the money: Inflation is steadily increasing and the usual suspects are blaming everything but the actual cause: An explosion in the amount of printed fiat currency, says Jp Cortez
The Democrats' 2022 dumpster fires: Mark Alexander argues that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer are the greatest threat to the future of Liberty and the American Republic
Bashar Assad’s dangerous game: Israel recently conducted another airstrike in Syria designed to prevent Hizbullah from receiving advanced weaponry from Iran and Yoni Ben Menachem argues that it and his own actions have further weakened the rule of President Bashar Assad
Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the dawn of 2022 (Part One): A conservative political and cultural infrastructure in Canada is definitely lacking, says Mark Wegierski
Supreme Court justices must find a balance: The jurists and their supporters on the US Supreme Court take great pains to advance the idea that they are, unlike the other branches of American government, independent from political concerns. Dale Schlundt argues they should be aiming at something else instead
Arizona cattle rustling, money laundering accusations explode with defamation lawsuits: Since Rachel Alexander last explored the Arizona cattle rustling drama that hit the news last year, multiple lawsuits have been filed by one group of cowboys against another over claims of defamation and money laundering. John Wayne is shaking his head somewhere
God and ego: Trump vs. Obama: If you want the perfect example of how Donald Trump and Barak Obama different from each other, writes Selwyn Duke, you merely have too look at their respective approaches to religion
Many more Trump supporters are dying from COVID-19 than Democrats: Rachel Alexander is worried that the American right is gradually moving from being against vaccine mandates to being against vaccines themselves -- and only conservatives will pay the price for that
Channeling Dan and Jane to confront Biden policies: Paul Driessen asks what could be better than Saturday Night Live for examining the Biden Administration's energy policies?

February 2022

Sneak preview: Biden's state of disunion lies: Joe Biden was an inept moron even before the onset of his accelerating non compos mentis decline, writes Mark Alexander, and nothing will change this week
Echoes from the past: The haunting legacy of Chamberlain's "Peace for our time": Charlotte B. Cerminaro argues that President Joe Biden's actions before and after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia have shown that he's more Neville Chamberlain than Winston Churchill
Treason and patriotism in Canada and the current-day world – updated to 2022 (Part One): Treason isn’t -- like many things today -- what it used to be, argues Mark Wegierski
It’s for your own good: The dominant theme -- or perhaps more accurately debate -- in today's political and social discourse seems to be those who favour government authority over all versus individual liberty, argues Robert T. Smith
Tariffs: Are they too populist or is there a conservative case for them?: Plenty of libertarians and free market Republicans weren't pleased when former President Donald Trump imposed tariffs on nations like China and Rachel Alexander explores whether they actually had cause to be opposed to them
Gunmaker’s new “AR-15 for Kids” has left shooting intellectual blanks: WEE1 Tactical is introducing an AR-15 styled rifle, chambered in .22LR, to help parents introduce their children to the shooting sports and not surprisingly the left is in an uproar, reports Selwyn Duke
Warning from Canada: Financial freedom under attack: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's recent invoking of the Emergencies Act and freezing bank accounts of protest supporters should be a warning sign to everyone, everywhere, says Stefan Gleason
Anyone who’d cancel George Washington is an enemy within: Selwyn Duke is quite tired of the "intellectual" attacks that have been taking place on George Washington -- quite possibly the greatest of all Americans past or present
“Inter-not” -- Has a Canadian right-wing “blogosphere” had an impact on politics, society, and culture in Canada? – updated to 2022 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks mainly at some Canadian think-tanks
Hey Democrats, we’re not a democracy: The American left has become fond of proclaiming that the country's democracy needs to be protected but Rachel Alexander says like everything how you define the word and its context are pretty key
The politicization of 'Black History Month': One courageous woman's story is not just another mainstream media "African-American" history entry, writes Mark Alexander, and if you don't know who Mary Walker was, you will after his essay
Price inflation rates shoot above the 1980 peak: Americans aren't being told the truth when it comes to inflation, argues Clint Siegner, and when they do figure it out they'll learn that the situatiuon is far worse than what the media and politicians are telling them
The terraforming of America: The Left is charging steadily ahead on multiple fronts, to transform  America’s very foundations. The Culture War is far from over, argues Scot Faulkner
Did Canada's truckers end the Trudeau era?: Canada's truckers aren't likely to get all COVID-19 restrictions removed but Steven Martinovich wonders if their protest actually accomplished another unintended consequence that will play out down the line
“Inter-not” -- Has a Canadian right-wing “blogosphere” had an impact on politics, society, and culture in Canada? – updated to 2022 (Part One): Mark Wegierski expresses some skepticism whether Canada's blogging and independent commentary community has managed to accomplish much
What about this alleged wave of conservative populism due to Trump?: Donald Trump, possibly perhaps because his conservative credentials weren't that strong, is often described as a populist. Rachel Alexander says conservatives themselves need to be careful with the term since the left is in the process of attempting to redefine it as extremism
Killing civilization: They’re teaching schoolkids “the narrative”: Red state or blue state, says Selwyn Duke, America's children are being taught in the ways of the progressive left. That's bad news...but there is also a glimmer of hope
America’s first experiment with paper (fiat) money: People have used the term "fiat money" ever since the United States moved off the gold standard but Lawrence W. Reed points out that the country's experiments with paper money stretches back to the late 1600s
Conflict with China and Russia could accelerate de-dollarization: Tensions between China and Russia and the United States continue to rise, reports Stefan Gleason, and that's prompted some countries to "de-dollarize" in order to try and avoid economic fallout if America decides to use its economic power as a weapon
The Democrats' BLM crime syndicate implodes: The Democrats are doing everything they can to divert attention, writes Mark Alexander, but the implosion of the violent Marxist Black Lives Matter movement is slowly happening
Why the Federal Reserve Note’s decline is far worse than reported: Bureaucrats and unquestioning journalists are proclaiming that inflation is no concern and the dollar strong but Clint Siegner argues that the data actually shows that Americans are about to face economic conditions that haven't been seen in decades
Hit back hard: Here’s how you defeat a racism charge: One of the political left's favourite tactics is to simply label someone a racist in the hopes of destroying their reputation. Selwyn Duke says he has the plan to defeat any nonsensical accusation of racism
A program for Conservatives: In the wake of the ouster of Erin O’Toole from the Conservative Party of Canada leadership last week, Mark Wegierski outlines some policy options for the CPC
1984 is somewhat here, the left has just cleverly disguised government control as private actors: Ever since the novel was written people have been calling their present day a 1984 but Rachel Alexander argues that the combination of Big Tech and Big Government has nearly made it an actual reality
A brief history of conservative publications in Canada – updated to 2022 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at the mid-1990s, and beyond, when it comes to what remains of Canada's conservative publications scene
That time Democrats discovered a dead cop to prop: Mark Alexander says that Democrats and their socialist protagonists have been cop-haters for decades -- which is why outside of a single instance they seem to take no notice of all of the police officers dying while on duty
New national debt milestone signals currency crisis ahead: The news last week that the United States had reached $30 trillion in public debt was staggering, writes Stefan Gleason, and it means that Americans had better start planning for economic dislocations
A black female SCOTUS judge won’t do a darn thing to help blacks: Joe Biden recently pledged to put a black woman on the US Supreme Court. In response, Selwyn Duke says it doesn't matter who he puts on the high court -- everyone knows how a Biden appointee would vote anyway

March 2022

The West cannot afford to be complacent about the Iranian threat: With everyone's focus on the war in Ukraine at the moment, Amb. Dore Gold has the unpleasant task of reminding Europe that it faces another potential military threat -- this time from the missiles of Iran
Treason and patriotism in Canada and the current-day world – updated to 2022 (Part Five): Mark Wegierski looks mostly at the situation in Canada and how it once defined its nationhood and how that concept plays out today
If we had a national popular vote, election fraud would become a lot harder: Recent federal elections have spotlighted concerns about the integrity of the process in some states and Rachel Alexander has come to believe that the solution is turning it into a national by the states
America's real heroes — models of service and sacrifice: Mark Alexander says the United States still has real heroes and they can be found both in and out of uniform and this week he profiles one of them
Saving America from planet-threatening fossil fuels: Leftists want to “save” the United States by sacrificing its economy, environment, living standards, freedoms and security, argues Paul Driessen
Alas, the best outcome in Ukraine now may be a relatively quick Russian victory: Selwyn Duke isn't rooting for Russia to win in Ukraine but he's worried that if the war continues to drag on that someone...somewhere is going to do something stupid and turn a regional conflict into something bigger
Treason and patriotism in Canada and the current-day world – updated to 2022 (Part Four): Mark Wegierski asks the question, how truly democratic is the United States today?
Is Blake Masters behind the smears against Mark Brnovich in the U.S. Senate race?: Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is running for U.S. Senate against incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly and facing quite a few attacks accusing him of essentially being a RINO. Rachel Alexander believes that the source of at least some of these rumours is Brnovich's potential Republican opponent
Rising leftist opposition to the 'transgender' agenda: Mark Alexander believes that Democrats and Republicans who underestimate "trans" agenda opposition do so at their own peril
A vision is needed, not pragmatism: Mark Wegierski responds to a recent article in Toronto's The National Post by Mark Towhey which argued that Canadian conservatives needed to stop focusing on how conservative they were and instead be more pragmatic
Treason and patriotism in Canada and the current-day world – updated to 2022 (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at some examples from twentieth-century Polish and Soviet history
City of Phoenix gave employees lead poisoning, Democratic leaders won’t do anything about it: Years after most stopped using paint that contained lead, the City of Phoenix continued to use it in public buildings and made workers ill as a result. Today? The city won't give those employees the time of day, reports Rachel Alexander
Washington enters full scapegoat mode for brewing inflation disaster: Mike Gleason says first it was “transitory,” then a sign of recovery, then corporate greed, now it’s Vladimir Putin’s fault!
House Democrats cancel looming embarrassment: Democrats finally realized they — not Big Oil executives — would be humiliated by reality, writes Paul Driessen, and cancelled a hearing last week that would have exposed them
Patriots, inspiration is always nearby!: Mark Alexander says that there is much good and right across our nation, despite the divisive Beltway haters
Why are some conservative men still saying we should have never given women the right to vote?: There are more than a few out there -- many of them conservative men -- who note that since women tend to vote to the left, and indeed society has moved to the left since the women's suffrage movement achieved its aim, it was a mistake to grant them that right. Rachel Alexander politely disagrees
Treason and patriotism in Canada and the current-day world – updated to 2022 (Part Two): Because of Joseph McCarthy, America has become very skittish about accusations of treason, argues Mark Wegierski
SOTU 2022: Fact-checking Biden's big obfuscations and lies: If you were otherwise occupied early last week, you missed the most absurd SOTU comedy routine ever, writes Mark Alexander
Are we nearing the final days of the dollar?: Recent events have shown that people are increasingly distrustful of the fiat currency and the world's banking systems, argues Clint Siegner

April 2022

Who will be the theatre’s courageous voice?: American theatre was once the province of brave playwrights who tackled some of the biggest issues -- be they political or philosophical -- of the day. D. Paul Thomas would like to see more of those voices today
Comparing the Canadian and the American Right – updated to 2022 (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at some of the differences in society, politics, and culture between American and Canadian conservatives
Laser game-changers in Middle Eastern warfare: Amb. Dore Gold argues that the biggest revolution in warfare in the Middle East -- and likely the world -- was the increasing use of laser technology
The corruption and debauchery of Thomas Paine: From patriot to pariah, Mark Alexander explores the the Franco dereliction and demise of a graveless Revolutionary War founder in the name of Thomas Paine
Earth Day obsessed with climate crusade: Whatever Earth Day's original intent was, Tom Harris argues, today it has been completely hijacked by the climate change movement
Government gun confiscation attempt: 122 killed: Freedom is a fragile thing, writes Mark Alexander, and must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation...and that includes the Second Amendment
Earth Day 2022 – tradition and ecology: Mark Wegierski explores some of the affinities between tradition and ecology, appropriate since Easter and Earth Day fall so close to each other this year
Resurrection reflections: It's been a difficult past few years for many -- perhaps even most -- people but Dr. Robert Owens says there's been a piece of advice passed down and passed along for millennia that everyone should remember even in the worst of times
From mental illness and a cult to Christian ministry and political office: Rachel Alexander profiles a young man who went through hell in the first part of his life but today building a career as a hopeful city politician
How the Russia-Ukraine war and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict differ: As if almost like clockwork the war between Russia and Ukraine is being used against Israel in its conflict with the Palestinian Authority, argues Amb. Alan Baker
Iran threatens: We won’t hesitate to fire missiles at Bahrain: Israel and Bahrain have been increasing ties recently and that has the attention of Iran. Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall reports that the theocratic regime has threatened the Gulf nation in response
What should the legacy of Vimy Ridge, be for Canadians?: Mark Wegierski meditates on the possible meaning of the battle of Vimy Ridge for Canada, 105 years later
If men were angels: Government wouldn't be necessary if humanity were able to live without it, writes Robert T. Smith, but there is a limit to how much government men really need despite what government and the media will tell you
"Meaner than evil" – Yellowstone vs. Heartland: Keith Henderson compares and contrasts Canada's Heartland and American production Yellowstone and which one has more to teach us about the reality of the world
Finally, someone who dares to sue public universities: Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is battling Arizona State University for what he believes is abuse of its tax-exempt status and Rachel Alexander fills us in on a story that the media seems intent to ignore
Baring Biden's big 'gun violence' lie: Mark Alexander asks a simple, but controversial question: What do the Sacramento assailants and victims of a late night mass shooting have in common?
Don’t look up!: A real rock from outer space (not man-made climate change) is causing perceived rising seas, argues Paul Driessen
What impact will the Liberal-NDP alliance have on the Conservative leadership race?: Mark Wegierski explores what the recently announced alliance between the governing Liberal Party and the socialist New Democrats means for the ongoing Conservative leadership race
Make 'regime change' great again: Russia's Vladimir Putin needs to go, says Mark Alexander, but can economic sanctions depose an autocrat?
Treason and patriotism in Canada and the current-day world – updated to 2022 (Part Six): Mark Wegierski asks: Is Quebec the real enemy of traditional Canada?
A sceptic's guide to the universe: The essence of freedom and the nature of free will – Part I: The enemies of freedom are constantly attempting to destroy the cherished principles that founded a nation like the United States, argues Charlotte B. Cerminaro, and a good example of this was the response to the COVID-19 pandemic
Candy Bomber lessons for Ukraine – and daily life: Paul Driessen says personal health – and foreign policy – prescriptions don’t have to be complex or expensive
The 2007 Shane Doan controversy in Canada: Mark Wegierski recalls a rare Canadian victory over “political correctness” fifteen years ago
Staci Burk: How one woman was gaslit from both sides for investigating election fraud

May 2022

My God, why have you forsaken me: The horrific tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas last week shook an entire nation and many are having difficulty coming to terms with what happened. Robert T. Smith tries to make some sense of it
Memories of the summer of 2004 in Poland: Mark Wegierski recalls a happier time in East-Central Europe, eighteen years ago
How the United States conquered inflation following the Civil War: Americans today are once again the victims of price inflation brought on by runaway government spending and printing of unbacked paper money, writes Larry Reed
Slices of Objectivist life: Ayn Rand was no fan of libertarians, once referring to them as hippies of the right, so she probably wouldn't have enjoyed The Pianist Who Liked Ayn Rand. Thomas M. Sipos, on the other hand, thought it wonderful
The left dominates the legal system, and they’re taking down GOP election attorneys en masse: Lawyers which have, or are still, fighting lawsuits related to the 2020 election are finding out that the left controls the legal system and they're going after any attorney fighting election fraud, reports Rachel Alexander
Memorial Day — The real 'Inglourious Basterds': Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds was a fun and bloody revenge fantasy but Mark Alexander says there were real life counterparts who did some brave and crazy things to help beat Nazi Germany in World War II
Globalists convene to plan central bank digital currencies: Cryptocurrencies may be taking it in the chin in terms of the markets these days but that's not stopping central banks from trying to get in and institute their own, reports Stefan Gleason
Big Business, not just Democrats, responsible for unnecessary COVID-19 bailout that led to inflation: It's popular these days to blame government for the explosion in inflation but Rachel Alexander would like to remind you that Big Business was at the front of the line loudly demanding bailout funds as well
Visiting Poland, 2002-2004: Mark Wegierski recalls some trips to Poland, two decades ago
“Harry” Part Two: Michael Moriarty continues his look at Carol Reed's fantastic film noir The Third Man with thoughts on the movie's plot
The politics of sound money: What’s at stake: Clint Siegner is well-known as a proponent of sound money policies but he disagrees with critics when they say that he should stick to that topic and stay out of politics
On the 40th anniversary of Blade Runner (1982): Mark Wegierski offers a retrospective review of this great science fiction film
Hizbullah will continue to dominate Lebanese politics in the aftermath of the elections: Lebanon recently held elections that featured an exceptionally low turnout and boycotting by the Sunni community and not surprisingly, write Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah and Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira, the ultimate winner was terrorist group Hizbullah
What’s this fuss about conservatives not joining the left in cheering for Ukraine?: The left has made hay out of the fact that many conservatives aren't keen on getting directly involved in the war between Russia and Ukraine and accused the right of not siding with the smaller country. Rachel Alexander takes issue with that
Comparing the Canadian and the American Right – updated to 2022 (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at the weakness of the Canadian conservative infrastructures
“Harry”: It has been nearly eight decades since The Third Man appeared on the silver screen and yet it was very prophetic about the type of world that we live in today, writes Michael Moriarty
NRA fratricidal fire hits Second Amendment hard: Mark Alexander argues that the National Rifle Association needs a new and dynamic leader to "restore, reform and reclaim the NRA for what it was intended to be."
Is the left agitating for war with Russia so it can cement domestic tyranny?: Selwyn Duke wonders if the Biden administration, by revealing the assistance they've given Ukraine, is actually trying to provoke a war with Russia and with ulterior domestic motives in mind
Comparing the Canadian and the American Right – updated to 2022 (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at mass education and mass media in the United States and Canada
Social media is destroying mental health, and it’s far worse than we think: Whatevder benefits and conveniences that social media may bring to the world, writes Rachel Alexander, it's also bringing increased one-sided censorship and mental issues for many
The Times v. the Tucker Factor: Mark Alexander argues that when you're taking heavy flak from The New York Times, like Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson is these days, you know you're over the right target
The cynical manipulation and misleading of Congress by Rep. Ilhan Omar: Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has been outspoken in a campaign to have the United States join the International Criminal  Court as a full member but Amb. Alan Baker says she has a not-so hidden reason for that move
Real threats to biodiversity and humanity: Healthy ecosystems and life on Earth are the strongest arguments for ending wind, solar, biofuel and organic programs, says Paul Driessen
Biden's perilous Putin policy: There is a very real risk that a cornered Vladimir Putin would, argues Mark Alexander, utilize tactical nukes in Ukraine
Comparing the Canadian and the American Right – updated to 2022 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at multiculturalism and varied types of “affirmative-action”-type policies in Canada
Machination: A COVID hysteria horror story: Not surprisingly a large number of films involving the COVID-19 pandemic have or about to be released and Machination is one of them. Thomas M. Sipos says despite feminist and progressive leanings, the film is an effective effort
I’m buried in student loan debt — but requiring taxpayers to bail me out is a horrible solution: Rachel Alexander is no stranger to student loan debt, after years of working she still has plenty to pay off, but she doesn't believe that loan forgiveness is the way out of it for her and Americans in general
A sceptic's guide to the universe, part IV: 'Recalled to life'--literary tool or universal human hope?: Charlotte B. Cerminaro says a note with a simple message from A Tale of Two Cities says much about life and hope in an age of chaos -- both in the novel and in real life
Correct or cancel Mom’s grocery bag misinformation: Paul Driessen says misleading claims on organic food grocery bags are deceiving shoppers on bees and pesticides
Former Iranian official admits “Iran was trying to build nuclear weapons”: A recent interview with a former senior Iranian contained the claim that Iran wasn't pursuing nuclear weapons before it was retracted by both he and the Iranian government. Lt.-Col. (ret.) Michael Segall says both the claim and retraction spoke volumes

June 2022

Why Bill Maher can’t kick his Democrat Party addiction: Comedian Bill Maher has been sounding very based these days but Selwyn Duke says he remains firmly wedded to the Democrats and explains why
On the 155th anniversary of Canadian Confederation -- the case against current-day Canada (Part Three): Mark Wegierski surveys 60 years of conservative failure in Canada
I was an extra on Bram Stoker's Dracula: This year represents the 30th anniversary of Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula, a role that Thomas M. Sipos appears as an extra in and had the time of his life on the set
Move over J6 protesters, the left is back outdoing you with violence: Democrats are still wailing about the January 6 protest and holding their hearings about it but Rachel Alexander says that recent months who the real masters of violence actually are
Leftist intimidation – and assassination?: When Leftists don’t win at the ballot box, argues Paul Driessen, little seems off limits for advancing their agenda
The Watergate break-in versus the deep state coup conspirators: Any hope of holding Clinton and her corrupt cadre accountable depends on Republican majorities in the House and Senate next January, says Mark Alexander
The Iranian protests continue and are shaking the unity of the conservative camp: All across Iran protests by the people over increasingly dire economic conditions are occurring and Lt.-Col. (ret.) Michael Segall reports that the alliances between conservative politicians are beginning to fracture
You really want federal gun control intervention? Well, here’s an idea for you: Politicians are pushing for "red flag laws" as part of their gun control initiatives but Selwyn Duke has an idea that the federal and state governments might want to try first. In fact, he argues, the tools are already there
The common denominator of violence in America: The result of fatherlessness becomes even more tragically evident when the data connecting that absence to violence is irrefutable, argues Mark Alexander
On the 155th anniversary of Canadian Confederation -- the case against current-day Canada (Part Two): Mark Wegierski surveys 60 years of conservative failure in Canada
Nightstalker is a Catholic parable wrapped in horror aesthetics: Those watching Nightstalker expecting a true horror movie will be disappointed, writes Thomas M. Sipos, as the 2002 film has a little more going on
The west should not bend on Russian sanctions: If you think the sanctions against Russia are air tight, you might be surprised to hear that companies like Airbus aren't having problems buying raw material from Ukraine's invader, reports Rachel Alexander
Hussein Al-Sheikh is gradually stepping into Mahmoud Abbas’ shoes: Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas still appears to be running the show but Yoni Ben Menachem reports that another face appears to be slowly introducing himself as a hopeful replacement
Biden and his Demos unleashed a record surge in mass violence: In 2020, Democrats provoked and promoted the biggest surge in violence in decades, says Mark Alexander, but now call it a "gun problem"
On the 155th anniversary of Canadian Confederation -- the case against current-day Canada (Part One): Mark Wegierski surveys 60 years of conservative failure in Canada
Double Indemnity: Part Two: Michael Moriarty concludes his looks at one of the landmarks of film noir, the 1944 classic Double Indemnity, starring Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck and Edward G. Robinson
The strange contradiction of criticizing candidates for having no experience while criticizing others for having too much: Sometimes you can't win. A politician that's been around a while will often be criticized for hanging on the job too long while someone trying to get in the door is attacked for being wet behind the ears, writes Rachel Alexander
The Bitcoin Field Guide exudes pre-crash optimism: A recently released documentary about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general -- The Bitcoin Field Guide -- doesn't deliver, says Thomas M. Sipos
Keep looking over there! The Russian invasion of Ukraine is major news–but it's only the tip of the "existential threat" iceberg: While the world's attention is focused on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, writes Charlotte B. Cerminaro, Iran has apparently achieved its goal of making enough material to begin the manufacture of nuclear weapons
Sound money movement scores 2022 wins: Sound money -- the use of gold and silver as currency -- has scored some impressive wins this year, important particularly because of the rise of inflation, and Jp Cortez fills us in on some of them
Iran is developing preemptive-strike capabilities with drones and cruise missiles: Iran recently revealed a top secret base for drones that borders the Iraqi border and is capable of hitting Israel. Lt.-Col. (ret.) Michael Segall explores why the revelation was made and thoughts on the Persian country's capabilities
Visiting Torun, birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus, in 2004: Mark Wegierski recalls a happier time in East-Central Europe, eighteen years ago
Double Indemnity: Part One: It's a classic of film noir that fans still talk about today, the 1944 classic Double Indemnity, and Michael Moriarty turns his actor's eye at it in an essay part analytical and part sheer fan
Old Socialism for the New Age: Remember The Celestine Prophecy? The novel for progressives before the term progressives was widely used is the subject of a retrospective by Thomas M. Sipos. If you ever wanted to know what went through the minds of Hillary Clinton supporters back in the 1990s, this novel will answer that mystery
We’re forgetting fathers when it comes to solving abortion and school shootings: Rachel Alexander argues that in all of the debates over abortions and mass shootings -- particularly how on how to come to a consensus on those issues -- fathers are being ignored
An Uvalde attack timeline and deterrence reality check: Mark Alexander says the politicization of the blood of innocents is disgraceful, as many politicians have done in the past week, especially when the victims are children
Peak inflation or peak dollar?: If anyone had any doubt that inflation hadn't reared its head in the US, recent economic data -- plus a visit to a grocery store -- should have cured them of that. Stefan Gleason says more bad news is likely

July 2022

The Biden/Demo top ten list of failures: Ahead of the midterm elections, writes Mark Alexander, the record of destruction by Biden and his Democrats is devastating
“Third parties” in Canada – updated to 2022 (Part One): In this first part of a series, Mark Wegierski looks mainly at the Reform Party of Canada
AZ AG Brnovich is the only lawyer successfully fighting election fraud in the courts: Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has been described by many as an ineffectual RINO but Rachel Alexander counters that he's one of the few AGs in the nation whose actually been waging a campaign to secure elections
Banning modern agriculture and high crop yields?: Joe Biden's EPA policies will raise prices and harm crops and environment, in name of saving species, argues Paul Driessen
Upsurge in the expansion of radical Islam in Africa: The world may have forgotten about the spectre of terrorism and the states that groups are taking over but that doesn't mean that radical Islam is taking a break, reports Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah
Eighteen years since a 60th wedding anniversary celebrated at Czestochowa, Poland (Part Three): Mark Wegierski revives memories of a happier time in East-Central Europe, eighteen years ago
The left’s entire philosophy is based upon hating key figures on the right: Rachel Alexander believes, not without plenty of evidence, that the left's political philosophy these days is simply to hate polarizing figures on the right
Joe Biden is keeping his 'unity' promise!: Say what you will about Joe Biden, says Mark Alexander. The man came into the White House promising to unite all Americans in a common cause...and his performance has done that for both the political left and right
The new self-defeating strategy of labeling any Republican opponent a RINO: It's the worst thing that one Republican can call another: RINO. Rachel Alexander argues that the attack is being used so often these days that whatever weight it used to carry is beginning to disappear
The rising generation of sociopathic mass murderers: Brace yourself America: There are lost tribal legions among us, empty-souled sociopathic sponges bloated with toxic culture poisoning, writes Mark Alexander
Do Conservatives want to finally change things, or continue being perennial losers?: Mark Wegierski offers a response to Marjory LeBreton’s recent essay on the plight of Canadian Conservatives
Eighteen years since a 60th wedding anniversary celebrated at Czestochowa, Poland (Part Two): Mark Wegierski revives memories of a happier time in East-Central Europe, eighteen years ago
Tucker Carlson’s misguided attack on Republicans: Selwyn Duke is a big fan of Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson, but a recent attack on Republicans by the TV host was a little misguided and unfair
Eighteen years since a 60th wedding anniversary celebrated at Czestochowa, Poland (Part One): Mark Wegierski revives memories of a happier time in East-Central Europe, eighteen years ago
A skeptic's guide to the universe, part V: Who are the guardians of peace and prosperity?: Experts, regardless of their field, were once respected and listened to. These days? Charlotte B. Cerminaro argues that experts are either silenced or representatives of a movement designed to limit liberty -- whether political or intellectual
On the 45th anniversary of Star Wars (1977): Mark Wegierski offers a retrospective review of George Lucas' great space opera film: Star Wars: A New Hope
Four out-of-state billionaires trying to buy a US Senate seat in Arizona for trainwreck Blake Masters: Sen. Mark Kelly is the primary target in Arizona during the mid-terms but Rachel Alexander argues that state Republicans spending more time attacking each other and promoting a parachute candidate than working to unseat him
Embrace of the Vampire's creative exploitation of extras: If you have any memory of 1995's Embrace of the Vampire you probably remember it as low-budget near porn that featured a disrobed Alyssa Milano. Thomas M. Sipos remembers it as one of his many acting gigs as an extra
Independence Day and our legacy of liberty: On the 246th anniversary of the founding of the United States of America, Mark Alexander ruminates on the need for eternal vigilance in the preservation of liberty
Roe woe: Manchin and Collins violate their oaths by stressing un-American stare decisis: Senators Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) and Susan Collins (R-Me.) are hot under their respective collars because they believe that several judges on the US Supreme Court mislead them about their thoughts on precedent in relation to Roe v Wade. Selwyn Duke isn't feeling their pain
Billionaire climate elites have their own rules: Paul Driessen says that billionaire climate scolds with mansions and private jets want to tell rest of us how to live

August 2022

The threat from Biden's deadly surrender and retreat from Afghanistan: It's been just over a year since Kabul fell and the US ignominiously left Afghanistan and Mark Alexander says the true price of that failure has yet to be paid
Examining paleoconservatism and “modern social conservatism” in Canada: Mark Wegierski references an important article by Michael Taube from 2000 to examine what “conservatism” means in Canada today
Canada in context (Part One): Mark Wegierski offers a synoptic look at Canadian history, politics, and culture
FBI raiding Trump’s home is merely more business as usual by the left taking lawfare to criminal levels: The FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago last week was yet another weaponization of the American legal system against the right, argues Rachel Alexander, and paints the US as little more than a banana republic
“Third parties” in Canada – updated to 2022 (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks mainly at the left-wing New Democratic Party (NDP)
Prohibition, the Volstead Act and the Harrison Tax Act: Reflecting on the powers that change perception: Charlotte B. Cerminaro argues that laws passed just over a century ago altered the trajectory of American life and freedom and have gone a long way to turned the nation into the kind of place it was originally created not to be
Democrats are successfully pushing unelectable candidates in our primaries to stop the red wave this fall: Rachel Alexander argues that Democrats are actively attempting to sabotage Republican primaries across the United States in an effort to promote awful GOP candidates in order to bring about liberal victories
“Third parties” in Canada – updated to 2022 (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks mainly at “third parties” in Western Canada
When Joe caved to Joe: The real Manchin con: Senator Joe Manchin likes to portray himself as a conservative Democrat but Selwyn Duke says the "Inflation Reduction Act" and his voting record argues the West Virginia politician is anything but to the right of most in his party
The ‘wishful thinking’ Fed is anything but ‘neutral’: The US Federal Reserve recently announced that it had managed to reach a “neutral” monetary policy stance, a claim that Stefan Gleason can only laugh at
Palestinian frustration after Biden’s visit: If Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas thought he was going to win some support from US President Joe Biden during a recent visit, writes Yoni Ben Menachem, he was sorely mistaken
“Third parties” in Canada – updated to 2022 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks mainly at “third parties” in Quebec
Democrats don’t understand why minorities and women don’t like being called victims to benefit them: Democrats have long described many groups as being "victims" in order to collect vote. Rachel Alexander believes that ploy's success may finally be coming to an end
Biden promises, policies and political problems: US President Joe Biden's war on fossil fuels fosters US oil sales to China and US complicity in child and slave labor, writes Paul Driessen

September 2022

China and India not following Biden’s War on Coal: The Biden administration may be keen on ending -- or at least greatly reducing -- the mining of coal but Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris report that countries like China and India are ramping up their production
Canada in context (Part Five): Mark Wegierski looks at the rise of the Canadian Alliance out of the Reform Party, and the 2003 merger between the Canadian Alliance and the federal Progressive Conservatives
Our brains are wired differently than Democrats, so don’t get too mad at them: Whether conservative or liberal, if you've ever been frustrated by the other side, Rachel Alexander urges some patience. Science seems to indicate that the left and right's brains are wired differently
Semi-fascism versus full-fascism: Republicans may go half-way, but Joe Biden, the Democrats, and the Deep State go all-out to control our lives, argues Paul Driessen
Higher education in Poland: Mark Wegierski looks at post-secondary education in Poland, based partially on some personal experiences from twenty years ago
On healthcare and the proper role of government therein: Despite the existence of Obamacare many continue to agitate for more government intervention in the healthcare marketplace. Jonah Chan doesn't quite agree
American history v. the cancel culture mob: Mark Alexander looks at the case of a once-revered historian dared condemn revisionism, was attacked for it, then predictably and disgracefully apologized
The big 'If' Republicans win: Mark Alexander believes that Joe Biden's rising approval numbers are about to hit a hard ceiling
Canada in context (Part Four): Mark Wegierski surveys developments from 1993 to 2003 in Canadian politics, culture and society
Should we engage with trolls harassing us about politics on social media?: Depending on who you talk to, the advice is either to ignore online trolls or engage them in total war. Rachel Alexander, who has plenty of experience with trolls, examines the issue
To cure inflation, we must target the disease: Government spending: There are plenty of people blaming high labour costs and a certain Russian leader for the massive increase in prices for Americans but Carmen Ashburn says the people need to look at Washington, D.C.
About all you 'election deniers': Joe Biden and Democrats are betting, says Mark Alexander, that Americans have forgotten that he and his Demos are on the record as "election deniers" going back decades
Canada in context (Part Three): Mark Wegierski surveys developments from 1968 to 1993 in the Canadian political and cultural scene
Gab founder believes ‘Christian nationalism’ is viable, not how the left portrays it: Andrew Torba has come under a lot of fire over his notion of "Christian nationalism" and Rachel Alexander reviews his book, Christian Nationalism: A Biblical Guide For Taking Dominion And Discipling Nations, which explains what it actually is
History repeats: Abandoning sound money leads to tyranny and ruin: As history has amply shown, and modern events have underlined, every time a nation moves away from sound currency, nothing but economic catastrophe and tyranny follow, argues Jp Cortez
Tehran’s mounting violations of the Iran Deal and its accelerating march to a nuclear weapons arsenal: While everyone is pretending that Iran hasn't continued its efforts to enrich uranium with the ultimate goal of creating nuclear weapons, writes Amb. Dore Gold, the country has been nabbed repeatedly for violating the Iran Deal
Washington, DC’s energy colonialism: Washington, DC’s climate virtue signalling will hammer DC residents – and neighboring states even more, argues Paul Driessen
Democrats reveal how unhinged they’ve become with Biden’s threatening remarks towards MAGA, FBI raid of Trump: US President Joe Biden's V for Vendetta-style speech and the FBI raid at Donald Trump's home have shown that the Democrats have truly gone off the rails, writes Rachel Alexander
Canada in context (Part Two): Mark Wegierski continues with his synoptic look at Canadian history, politics, and culture in the second part of his series
It's not an 'FBI problem': The past few years have been especially bad for the FBI's reputation as they seem to have completely sold themselves to the Democrats but Mark Alexander argues that the problem isn't the agency itself, but rather the corruption at the top
Fed admits it can’t tame inflation, promises more economic pain anyway: There appears to be very little that the US Federal Reserve can do about inflation, especially since the Biden administration seems determined to continue its profligate spending, but that doesn't the Fed isn't going to put the screws to Americans, writes Stefan Gleason
Biden energy policies: incoherent, incompetent, intolerable: Paul Driessen argues that the Biden administration’s energy policies raise prices, hurt living standards, and impair our future as a law-abiding nation

October 2022

It's the Socialist Democrat Party Fascists, stupid: Democratic Socialism, like Nationalist Socialism, is nothing more than Marxist Socialism repackaged, argues Mark Alexander
The past, present, and future of Québec – updated to 2022 (Part Four): Mark Wegierski examines the appeal of the Action democratique du Quebec in 2007
The Rainbow Jihad takes another school system: Breaking news: It turns out if you pound childrens' heads with "gender" information, they report higher rates of non-conformity. Greg Strange reports on the progressive agenda and that some parents are pushing back
Group making significant inroads moving to counting ballots by hand in Arizona: Efforts continue in the state of Arizona, reports Rachel Alexander, to protect the integrity of the upcoming elections despite the best efforts of the left
Let’s talk about real climate cataclysms: Paul Driessen discusses all-natural, not so long ago, hugely destructive climate events, and a repeat of them would devastate people and the planet
Demos are running out of options and time: Mark Alexander argues that Joe Biden's approval polling has stalled and the Democrats' midterm "TRUMP!" strategy has fizzled -- and that may mean a red wave in November
The past, present, and future of Québec – updated to 2022 (Part Three): Was the political architecture of Confederation flawed from the start, asks Mark Wegierski
Trump is as popular as ever in Arizona with his candidates poised to sweep the midterms: The media may be dismissive of a renewed Trump wave but Rachel Alexander says the evidence is pointing to Arizona strongly supporting the ex-president's endorsed candidates next month
Fake money is backed by fake statistics: The fiat currency that the American government seem intent on printing as fast as humanely possible is backed not by the full "faith and credit" of the nation, says Jon Forrest Little, but fake numbers
Water shortages in California: Let the market do its job: As parts of the western United States, particularly California, continue to deal with water shortages, Nathan Furness offers up one solution: Use the free market to fix it
The extravagance at the pump: The high gas prices that Americans are continuing to grapple with are almost entirely the fault of Joe Biden and the anti-oil policies that he pursued, argues Nathan Furness
How sound money won the battle of Yorktown—and saved the American Revolution: Two hundred and forty-one years ago, sound money helped save the day during the critical Battle of Yorktown, writes Larry Reed
Democrats collude to cover up the crime scene: Mark Alexander charges that Democrats unleashed a massive surge in crime and are now colluding with federal and state agencies to cover it up
The past, present, and future of Québec – updated to 2022 (Part Two): Has that province’s effect on Canada been generally anti-traditionalist, asks Mark Wegierski
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book about Fauci goes mainstream in new documentary: Robert Kennedy Jr.'s book The Real Anthony Fauci has been turned into a documentary and Rachel Alexander explores both the author and some of the "controversial" conclusions he's come to concerning Fauci and COVID-19
Why children’s growth is stunted in Venezuela: A large number of Venezuela's children are suffering from malnutrition and Enni Li argues that the only party that can be held responsible is the nation's socialist government
Europe’s energy crisis: Don’t buy from your enemy: If Europe has learned any lesson after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, argues Trig Mabrey, it's that you never allow one of your most important needs to be controlled by your enemy
Banks on the brink: Is your money safe?: Traditional banks around the world appear to be facing some difficulties -- including those in the US -- and Stefan Gleason believes you should be diverse with your savings
As nuclear war looms: Does Russia have a right to its own Monroe Doctrine?: No country, such as the United States, would allow a foreign power to play geopolitical games in its backyard and yet that's exactly what the West is attempting to enforce on Russia, argues Selwyn Duke
The past, present, and future of Québec – updated to 2022 (Part One): Mark Wegierski offers extensive historical background to the recent provincial elections
How grifters are increasingly hijacking the right: Rachel Alexander charges that these days there are plenty of people who have joined the right not to promote the cause, but rather to make a lot of money
Globalists warn Federal Reserve against further rate hikes: It's getting bad when even the United Nations is warning central banks such as the US Federal Reserve that they're hiking interest rates in a dangerous manner, reports Mike Gleason
Notes from the Back Row: A different perspective: As a symphony musician Charlotte B. Cerminaro often gets the same kind of questions from the media and the public, but she finds that it and the usual answers don't fully plumb the depths of a musician's experiences
Fifteen years since the Dziekanski tragedy: Mark Wegierski reflects on the incident of Robert Dziekanski, a forty-year-old Polish immigrant to Canada, dying at the hands of the RCMP back on October 14, 2007
The cheese crisis: America's cheesy surplus: Are you aware that America faces a crisis of cheese? Not too little, but rather far too much. And yes, writes Ella Connolly, the government is not surprisingly too blame
Aumman: The Blackmailer’s Paradox: Trig Mabrey explores the famous Blackmailer's Paradox as it relates to the ongoing tension between Israel and Syria over the disputed Golan Heights
Why a two-state solution won’t work: The two-state solution has long been a talking point in Israeli-Palestinian relations but Amb. Dore Gold argues that not only was that never an agreed path in the Arab-Israeli peace process in the past, it also places Israel in peril
Hurricane hype, lies, censorship – and reality: Politicized hurricane and climate science breeds distrust, green energy and economic disasters, argues Paul Driessen
Biden's open border invasion — The real numbers?: Mark Alexander would like to know what percent of the 330 million people within the United States have arrived illegally since Biden took office?
Canada in context (Part Six): Mark Wegierski surveys developments from 2006 to today in Canadian culture and politics
How to understand the Iranian threat: Understanding how to deal with Iran and the threat it poses relies very heavily on figuring out what the Persian nation actually wants, argues Amb. Dore Gold
Unsound money is to blame: The US Federal Reserve and the Biden administration may think that the current economic situation isn't so bad that it can't be fixed with the usual hammer but Jon Forrest Little believes that a different tool is required if the nation's woes are to be fixed
Examining the Polish-Canadian community fifteen years after the tragic death of Robert Dziekanski: Mark Wegierski presents a piece co-authored with Apolonja (Pola) Kojder, which was rejected by The National Post (Toronto), and The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Is Powell bent on wrecking the economy?: Stefan Gleason wonders if US Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell has completely given up on fighting the slide into recession and is actively trying to tank the American economy
The coming green electricity nightmare: Hundreds of billions in new subsidies all contained in the Inflation Reduction Act will bring expensive, unreliable, and eco-destructive power, argues Paul Driessen

November 2022

An economic perspective on the shortage of Coronavirus tests: The COVID-19 pandemic taught -- or at least should have -- many people lessons about the economic ramifications of government regulations
The past, present, and future of Québec – updated to 2022 (Part Eight): Mark Wegierski looks at the 1995 Quebec sovereignty referendum, and its immediate aftermath
Suicide and capitalism: Tyler Koch responds to a Luke Pickrell essay which blamed capitalism for the ever increasing suicide rates in western nations
GOP leaders: It's the bulk-mail ballots, stupid: Mark Alexander argues that Donald Trump was absolutely correct in his claim that there was massive fraud in the 2020 election, but...
Analyzing the strange, incredible pile of coincidences in Maricopa County during the 2022 midterm election: Most people expected there to be plenty of suspicious things in Arizona's mid-term election earlier this month and Rachel Alexander takes a look at some of the more notable shenanigans
The past, present, and future of Québec – updated to 2022 (Part Seven): Mark Wegierski looks especially at the 1990s, and the 1995 Quebec sovereignty referendum
A childless father who has a son: In an excerpt from his new book Faith, Dr. Robert Owens explains the joy of raising a son who came into his life along with his wife after losing several in his life
COVID-shot echoes: I had a most odd experience Saturday: Call him an anti-vax conspiracy theorist but Selwyn Duke says anecdotal and insurance industry numbers show that there a huge increase in deaths since the introduction of COVID vaccines
Palestinian terrorism is getting stronger in the northern West Bank: Yoni Ben Menachem reports that a number of new Palestinian groups have formed in Nablus and Jenin
The Foreign Dredge Act: Unmoored from economic principles: You may have never heard of the Foreign Dredge Act -- passed all the way back in 1906 -- but Like Brooker argues that it's one of those laws from yesteryears that should be scrapped
The realism of comparative advantage simulations: Simulations of economics and the wider world often suffer from various issues that prevent absolute realism but Tyler Koch believes that there is one out there that does better than many others
COP-27 financiers and merchants of death: Africa resists policies that demand primitive farming and energy, and making muffins out of flies, writes Paul Driessen
COVID amnesty? How about unconditional surrender?: A recent The Atlantic essay argued that the two sides of the COVID-19 debate should make peace and move on but Selwyn Duke says forgiveness doesn't mean that someone shouldn't be punished
The past, present, and future of Québec – updated to 2022 (Part Six): Mark Wegierski points to some possibly contradictory elements of that province’s nationalism
There was likely voter fraud, but it won’t get anywhere in the courts: Former election lawyer Rachel Alexander believes there was voter fraud last week but anyone who believes there will be redress in the courts is sadly mistaken
Circumstantial evidence of vote fraud?: Selwyn Duke believes that there is some evidence that last week's midterm elections in the United States were marred by some very hinky shenanigans -- at least judging by the results
Crypto carnage exposes untold risks of unbacked digital wealth: Last week's catastrophic fall of FTX shows, argues Stefan Gleason, that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are not a replacement for hard currency
Escaping from the COP-27 insane asylum: Paul Driessen says everyone should hope that the latest climate talks finally come to grips with energy, scientific and economic reality
The official 2022 Democrat midterm election voter guide: Mark Alexander says that the Democrats have set some amazing records since Joe Biden took office just two short years ago!
The past, present, and future of Québec – updated to 2022 (Part Five): Mark Wegierski examines more of the historical background
Skeptic's Guide to the Universe: In our global energy crisis, who speaks for mankind?: Alternative forms of energy have long been sought after -- and perhaps even found -- and Charlotte B. Cerminaro weighs in on the biggest question surrounding the subject
Meddling lawyers thwarting efforts to hand count ballots, contradicting Arizona Attorney General: The battle over securing Arizona's election this week continued with Arizonians tangling with lawyers over the issue of electronic voting machine tabulators -- ostensibly already banned by the state's attorney general
Lies and unapologetic antisemitism from the UN “Commission of Inquiry”: The recently delivered UN Commission of Inquiry on Israel report was a masterpiece of antisemitism and ignoring inconvenient truths, argues Prof. Anne Bayefsky
Inflation and money supply: As many people are learning yet again, play with the money supply and you reap the expected results. Tyler Koch explains why with references to the work of economist Milton Friedman
The consequences of Seattle’s $15 minimum wage law: Seattle's hiking of the minimum wage to $15 some years back was hailed as a victory for low income earners. The reality today? Isaac Lee argues it had some unintended consequences -- none of them good for workers or the poor
Bubble = recession? Maybe not: It is commonly held that if an economic bubble bursts, it tends to take the wider economy along with it. Trig Mabrey argues that some research shows that isn't always the case
Death and taxes, combined: "Death taxes" -- or what the tax department refers to estate taxes -- impose nothing but a drain on individuals and the economy and destroy the prospect of future economic growth, argues Jonah Chan

December 2022

Isn’t drafting women an imperative of equality?: If women were truly interested in equality, writes Selwyn Duke, then why aren't feminists demanding that their sex be included in the requirement for Selective Service?
The past, present, and future of Québec – updated to 2022 (Part Eleven): Mark Wegierski continues to look at different scenarios for the future
Does God speak to you?: Most people -- even those that describe themselves as Christians -- probably think that Dr. Robert Owens is a bit barmy when he says God speaks to him. In an excerpt from his latest book, he explains what he means by that
Dinner at Fred's is a Christmas classic in waiting: You've probably never seen the 1997 Christmas movie Dinner at Fred's but Thomas M. Sipos argues that you should give this oddball romantic comedy a shot this holiday season
From the depths of antiquity: A skeptic looks at the historic roots of the Festival of Hanukkah: It is Christmas season but there is another and far older sacred holiday at this time of the year -- the Jewish faith's Hanukkah -- and Charlotte B. Cerminaro takes a look at its origins and practices
Seared souls: How we abuse our children: It's probably not going to be a popular take but Selwyn Duke argues that virtually every adult does something which harms children -- theirs and others -- and it's easily remedied
The past, present, and future of Québec – updated to 2022 (Part Ten): Mark Wegierski continues to look at different scenarios for the future
Stop pretending witness testimony doesn’t qualify as ‘evidence’ in GOP voter disenfranchisement lawsuits: The campaign to frame lawsuits related to the 2022 mid-term elections have begun in earnest and one of the, says Rachel Alexander, is an attempt to dismiss witness testimony as viable evidence
Will Qatar emerge victorious in the World Cup image war?: Although there have been some notable missteps, reports Eitan Fischberg, Qatar has been using its hosting of the World Cup to try and burnish its reputation
Inflation firestorm fuels sound money movement: The world's current economic climate has done much to propel the idea of sound money in both the public consciousness and political spheres, writes Mike Gleason
The new voting system that gave Dems a GOP House seat is dangerous. Here’s why: Alaska introduced a new voting system for the 2022 mid-terms and the end result, argues Selwyn Duke, was that it handed the state to the Democrats for the first time in nearly 50 years
The left is using lawfare including threats of prosecution to ignore massive voter disenfranchisement and suppression in Maricopa County: Rachel Alexander reports that all of the hijinks in the Arizona elections have resulted -- besides unlikely Democrat victories -- threats of using the legal system against anyone who investigates or fights back
The past, present, and future of Québec – updated to 2022 (Part Nine): Mark Wegierski looks at different scenarios for the future
A soap opera that never ends will finally end. Then what?: Dr. Robert Owens has spent much of his life teaching history to young people and now in his later years he realizes that for most people the subject is, at best, an abstract concept
Who is really controlling what news you see?: Mark Alexander argues that there is an invisible influence that has enormous control over what and how news is reported...and it might not be who you think it is
An economic perspective on the shortage of Coronavirus tests: The COVID-19 pandemic taught -- or at least should have -- many people lessons about the economic ramifications of government regulations
The past, present, and future of Québec – updated to 2022 (Part Eight): Mark Wegierski looks at the 1995 Quebec sovereignty referendum, and its immediate aftermath
Suicide and capitalism: Tyler Koch responds to a Luke Pickrell essay which blamed capitalism for the ever increasing suicide rates in western nations
GOP leaders: It's the bulk-mail ballots, stupid: Mark Alexander argues that Donald Trump was absolutely correct in his claim that there was massive fraud in the 2020 election, but...


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