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January 2024

The false reality of carbon sequestration: The Environmental Protection Agency is pushing hard regulations involving carbon sequestration and Robert T. Smith says that the very notion proves how disconnected to reality environmentalists are
On the 50th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons (1974) -- A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the "nine-point alignment system" in Dungeons and Dragons
The left's politics are now little more than trying to destroy their opponents with lawfare and prosecution: The political left used to fight for ideas -- whatever you might think of them -- but these days, says Rachel Alexander, they only seem to fight their opponents with America's legal system
The Fed lost billions and you're going to pay for it!: The U.S. Federal Reserve lost money for the first time since 1915 and Americans are the ones who will pay the tab of over $100 billion, writes Mike Maharrey
Is Hamas waging a smear campaign against Egypt?: There has been a recent campaign aimed at embarrassing Egypt over claims that aid is being stopped from entering the Gaza Strip and its perpetrator would appear to be Hamas, reports Khaled Abu Toameh
The Demo-induced police recruitment, retention, and morale crisis: Joe Biden and his race-hustling cadres have promoted hatred of cops, and the result has been deadly for all Americans, argues Mark Alexander
Earning more, getting less - price inflation has gobbled up your paycheck: You're probably earning more now than you did just a few years ago, writes Mike Maharrey, but you're also probably wondering why your paycheque isn't buying as much as it used to
Climate and energy fantasy and tyranny: Paul Driessen argues that there are many models, myths and misinformation on climate drive models and energy, all clouding the debate for people just trying to figure out the truth
Nikki Haley's sad path to the moderate middle: When Nikki Haley arrived on the political scene many years ago it was to widespread praise by conservatives. These days? Rachel Alexander says the former South Carolina governor has turned into a huge disappointment
On the 50th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons (1974) -- A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at Dungeons and Dragons, the first major role-playing game
And now, a few minutes with (not) Andy Rooney: If you're old enough to remember the wit and wisdom of Andy Rooney, this week's essay by Charlotte B. Cerminaro will certainly take you back
Climate change fears driven by a belief in an imaginary temperature: Have you ever heard the phrase "global temperature"? It's used with a certainty that only religion can usually brag about but, writes Tom Harris, there is one problem: It doesn't actually exist
"Diversity is a strength" is just something stupid people say: Diversity is the word of the day in so many places these days and the guiding principle for many decisions being made but Selwyn Duke argues that it's a concept that means little and is promoted by idiots
Jim Grant: It's too early for the Fed to declare "mission accomplished": The US Federal Reserve, without explicitly declaring it, effectively stated that they had won the war against inflation. Financial analyst Jim Grant strongly disagreed with that, reports Mike Maharrey
The complex dynamics between Iranian proxies Hamas and Hizbullah: One would have expected that Hizbullah would have enthusiastically supported Hamas in their battle against Israel but instead there's only cautious support, says Yoni Ben Menachem
Bitcoin is no substitute for gold: Bitcoin received a bit of a boost this month when the SEC approved the same of exchange traded funds but any idea that the cryptocurrency is the equivalent of gold is nonsense, argues Clint Siegner
Alarm bells increase, warning of an impending huge economic collapse: All of the numbers are pointing in one direction: The American economy is dangerously close to a serious dislocation at a minimum or a massive fall at worst, writes Rachel Alexander
The ChiComs, Taiwan, and your toaster: Red China's tyrant dictator Xi Jinping knows that US President Joe Biden is a pushover. Brace yourself, America, says Mark Alexander in response
On the 50th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons (1974) -- A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at various science fiction, fantasy, and gaming subgenres
The reckoning in pension funds draws closer: Pension funds and systems work on the premise that assets continue to appreciate in value. The problem? Clint Siegner believes that the economy is going to be in for a rough ride...and so will those funds as a result
Is BlackRock's retrenchment from ESG real?: BlackRock is reportedly walking back from ESG amid difficulties and job cuts but Scott Shepard isn't entirely convinced that the investment management giant is actually adopting a less politically biased stance going forward
America's fiat money gestapo: The untold history of the Secret Service: The U.S. Secret Service has played quite a role in the history of the country, writes Joshua Glawson, but among its less honourable moments has been defending the country's fiat currency
The globalization of Hamas terror: The conflict in Gaza has prompted a notable shift in Hamas' terrorist strategy, expanding its operations globally, reports Yoni Ben Menachem
Bipartisan Safer Communities Act does not do as advertised: The Safer Communities Act was intended assist poorer communities in dealing with crime and related issues. Martin Baker argues it has done very little of either
George Parkin Grant and Canada: In this year of anniversaries of three major Grant books, Mark Wegierski asks, has a more authentic traditionalism become impossible in current-day Canada?
In the next UN Climate Summit OPEC+ delegates must not back down: Tom Harris believes that OPEC+ needs to get serious if it's to start truly combating the climate change nonsense that continues to stream from the United Nations and its allies
Earth's time: A recent Newsweek article declared that several American cities are practically underwater thanks to human-caused climate change. Robert T. Smith would like to splash some cold water on these claims
Is Iran afraid of war? It is time to separate the Iranian octopus from its tentacles: Iran has had its fingers in many pies over the past few months -- from Hamas and its attacks against Israel to helping the Houthi in their war against shipping. Aviram Bellaishe says it's time for Israel to take real action
Hamas terrorism isn't 'self-defense' against 'occupiers': Paul Driessen says that CAIR leaders rant and indoctrinate, Hamas murders and Jew-hating mobs rage for genocide
In 2023, we became lost in Neverland on climate change: There were a lot of awful things that happened in 2023 and Tom Harris says the environmentalist climate change lobby may have lead the way in losing their minds
2023 — In case you missed it…: Over the Christmas/New Year holiday season, Joe Biden blasted social media with all of his achievements in 2023. Mark Alexander was somewhat less than impressed and offered a few that Biden missed
Dictatorial control, from Covid to climate: Paul Driessen argues that the Democrats accuse Donald Trump of proclivities that they blatantly engage in, especially in Washington
On the 25th anniversary of the initial release of The Matrix (1999): Mark Wegierski recalls this brilliant science fiction film by the Wachowskis and starring Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss
The left's successful lawfare strategy forces Rudy Giuliani to bankruptcy with defamation lawsuit: The left's ongoing lawfare against the right continues unabated and the most recent victim is Rudy Giuliani, forced to declare bankruptcy after losing a titanic defamation case. Rachel Alexander discusses the situation
Claudine Gay isn't the first, or worst, example of Black plagiarism privilege: Harvard professor Caroline Gay was accused of multiple counts of plagiarism which even impacted her thesis -- but she's getting off scot-free, reports Selwyn Duke
The seven biggest lies told (and believed) about gold: Enemies of gold as a currency or means of economic transactions have long repeated many lies about the precious metal and Guy Christopher has decided to take aim at a few of them


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