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Desperately seeking sewage

By Bruce Walker
web posted January 28, 2002

Question: what does a political party, whose only function is to divvy up power like vandals divide the spoils of war, do when its forces no longer dominate the political battlefield? Democrats have been puzzling that problem since January 2001.

Untroubled by the corruption of the Clinton Administration, the patent criminality of Gray Davis's budget proposal, or the Gestapo-like snatching of young Cuban children (who, of course, prefer Buchenwald to Boca Ratan) - these Democrats have decided to terrorize, like Mongols who would build pyramids of skulls to warn those who defy them.

These misery addicts and their preferred political party are not averse to political sadism. Democrats mocked the physical disabilities of Abraham Lincoln, demonized Herbert Hoover, called Tom Dewey a fascist in the 1948 Presidential Election, spread rumors that conservatives plotted the assassination of John Kennedy, and savaged President George H. Bush with wild conspiracies until the day after he lost the 1992 Election. George Orwell understood the psyche of Democrats and other totalitarians: they exist to cause pain.

Tom Daschle

Democrats have found, to their chagrin, that provoking President Bush into distemper does not work. Despite their petty, vicious sniping, the wise captain of our armies has not been tricked. Bribing the vain and greedy, like Jeffords, works only to a point. Far too many Republicans are like Rudy Giuliani - honest public servants, even when they do not always agree with the President's policies - and the barbarian chieftains like Daschle, Rodham, and Davis have little booty to bribe the corruptible.

The September attacks also focused the attention of Americans, of free people, of all thinking people on the danger of Clintonian free verse foreign policy. Had the election gone differently then bin Ladin and his dark hearted thugs might still be in Afghanistan, negotiating with United Nations fops. In two or three years, they or Hussein might have acquired the ability to destroy Milan or Lyon or Athens, which would blackmail the planet. The long term results could have been - pardon the pun - Gorrible.

Worse yet for Democrats, conservatives are conquering the Internet, the bestseller lists, and even the broadcast media. Clinton largely created the stout and independent forces of conservative information and education by eviscerating even the pompous media giants and leaving them tame, docile house pets of the Democrat National Committee.

Hopes for wretchedness among the American people implicitly assumes that most Americans want to feel wretched, and polls after September 11th show precisely the opposite. Were Rodham a bright light and not a dim bulb, then she might have noted during the President's magnificent speech to the nation after September 11th: "I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant." Instead, the bunny yawned and stretched, oblivious to the civilized world in whose dusty wake she now walks.

George W. BushThe President proposes policies which Americans support and presents those policies with confidence and pleasantness. He has united not only the nation but the free world and his own - once divided - political party. Democrats, who seriously view Carter and Clinton as "leaders", cannot be expected to perceive real leadership when they see it.

So what can they do? Desperately seek sewage. Dig up muck. Muddy and foul the waters. Seek pandemonium. Enron, like every other risible attempt make President Bush and his administration look bad, will fail and do more.

Why? There are several reasons.

First, the left simply no longer dominates the dinner table discussion the way it once did. Conservatives cannot only turn to myriad sources of news besides the crooked leftist press, but we can simply ignore hacks like Rather, Jennings, and Brokaw. When what they say and do becomes irrelevant to us, then their influence over America drops dramatically, and because the leftist media was scrupulously censor news to filter out bad news for liberals and good news for conservatives, these graying group-thinkers are no longer even the first source for many liberals.
This gives the left the same tactical flexibility that Stalin's Red Army had during the 1939-1940 Winter War against Finland.

Second, Democrats (many gritting their teeth at having to speak the truth) have repeated many times since September 11th the obvious: President Bush is fundamentally a good man. Having said it for several months, changing their tune makes Democrats either look terribly gullible or hopelessly false.

Third, the American people are sick of wallowing in filth. The true heroism demonstrated at Ground Zero, over the skies and in the caves of Central Asia, and even on the doomed airliners of September 11th brilliantly shine through the fake smoke and gloom of liberalism. America and its free allies have many more Barbara Olsons than Hillary Clintons.

How clear is it that the smears are not working? Who champions the Democrats today? Daschle? Apparently only in his own mind. Rodham? We should all so fondly hope. Gore? It takes much more than a beard to make a Lincoln - polls by Spring 2001 showed Bush would wallop Gore in a rematch. Some Kerry or another? Or Bayh?

Actually this is the sort of ticket that might look respectable in 2004. But Democrats face the same problem that loose confederacies of rootless pillagers have always faced: internecine fighting. The Huns did not come to Rome offering all the benefits of Hunnish culture; the Mongols did not gain sway in China by plebiscite; Timmerlane did not seize Samarkand because of his goodness. They terrorized, tormented, blackmailed, and burned they way to power.

Until those peoples who wished to live in peace stood up and pushed back. The last nine years have seen conservatives doing just that. After decades of vile innuendo and spurious indictment, conservatives have girded themselves in armor proof against the pinpricks of leftist missiles and have grabbed the weapons of victory themselves.

Having seen true offal in the White House, conservatives (who are most of us now) know the first, the last, and the only tactic of liberals and Democrats - Desperately Seeking Sewage - and this time the gambit will not work.

Bruce Walker is a senior writer with Enter Stage Right. He is also a frequent contributor to The Pragmatist and The Common Conservative.

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