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Are the Amish really sub-human pagans?

By J.J. Jackson
web posted January 18, 2010

Over the Christmas holiday I spent some time thinking about ways that Americans could fight for their personal sovereignty and against the latest oppressive and unconstitutional plans of liberals in Washington D.C. to control our health care and insurance systems.  Invariably when liberals cobble together their rambling laws they use such a muddle of nonsensical and contradictory words that there are always a loophole or two.  One such muddle of words that exists in both the House and Senate versions allows for religious exemptions from the power grab.  I had already been looking into writing an article about using the religious exemption to opt out when this week many readers sent me an article by Marc Heller in the Watertown Daily Times.  In his article Mr. Heller discusses how this exemption would allow the Amish of New York State to avoid not only having to participate in the plan but also avoid the taxes associated with it and also any penalties for not falling in line with government mandates.

This week since receiving that article more times than I can count, I have actually changed my focus a little bit.  Now I have been putting a lot of thought into how liberalism is an ideology that invariably trips over its own feet and falls face first into the mud.  Let’s explore why this is happening yet again shall we?

Liberals are frantically trying to convince Americans that there should be some further regulation and control by the federal government when it comes to the health care system in this country.  As though Medicare and Medicaid, with doctors fleeing those programs left and right and refusing to see patients under them, is a good referral for such an idea right?  Their arguments for this greater expansion of their power has gone through many contortions and they have desperately avoided the Constitutional arguments against the plan like Jack the Ripper eluded London authorities while on his murder spree.  For months they have been looking for one such argument that would stick.  My readers often hear me refer to this shot gun type approach as, “cooking spaghetti,” where they are throwing noodles of ideas desperately at the wall finding the one that will stick, tell them they are done and have their final answer.

That final answer, it seems, is that health care and health insurance are rights.  And not just any sort of right either mind you.  As Tom Harken (D-IA) will gladly tell you if you ask him, they are inalienable rights.  You know, God given rights?

Now, this is certainly funny considering that ideological liberals have spent years fighting tooth and nail to keep any sort of religiosity out of government and the public square.  That they would now be evoking God from the very halls of Congress should not escape anyone as being hypocritical.  What happened to their often cited, and readily proven fallacious claim, of a secular government that could never admit to the existence of God under the concept of the separation of Church and State even though our founding documents are ripe with an embrace of God?

Apparently God is a-ok now!  Well, now that they can use Him for their own ends.  The left has apparently found a place for religion in government after all and now they trip themselves up falling face first right into the mud.

Now this brings us back to the example of the Amish and the religious conscious exemption.  See, the Amish are a pretty devote Christian sect.  One would think that if health insurance is an inalienable right that they would not want to defy God himself and He who granted them this right and deny the benefits of such a grand plan as is before our elected representatives right now to vote on.  But yet here we are with the unmistakable fact that Congress is willing to allow the Amish, or at least certain sects of the Amish, to forgo this inalienable and God given right.  And the Amish will probably be more than happy to accept. Huh? 

In order to understand this logic from the authors of these bills and the liberals clamoring to sign on to them you are going to need to turn off your brain it seems.  If the Amish are allowed to opt out of their God given right to health care, and God given rights are for all of mankind, then does that mean that the Amish are in reality sub-human pagans?  If they do not want their God given rights they must not really believe in God and further if such rights are the birthright of all human beings then they must not be human either.  Again, since inalienable rights are granted by default to all mankind this is the only way that the Amish would be able to not have them.

This certainly would come as a shock to me and undoubtedly millions of other people with actual brains in their heads.  But that is what we are left to believe based on a preponderance of the evidence liberals are putting before us and their claims to government health care and insurance being a “right.”

This is not the first time that groups like the Amish, some sects of which frown on the concept of insurance, have been excluded from government programs.  They are also exempt from Social Security and Medicare taxes too and again for religious reasons.

Wow.  Uh, not to give anyone ideas, but maybe it is time that vast numbers of Americans start changing their religion to Amish.  Now I know that the Amish lifestyle, especially those of strict, older sects, is not that appealing to many.  But hey, just declare the switch, get your exemptions and then when anyone wonders why you don’t seem to be living a very Amish lifestyle just say you are non-practicing; but that you are still Amish.  Who is the government to deny you your freedom of religion after all?

Yeah, somehow I suspect if this were to happen then there would be a special government commission set up to send federal agents out to every Amish home to determine whether you were Amish enough to qualify to be exempt from the hand of government fate!  Government hates it when you use their own rules against them and in doing so keep your hard earned money and personal liberty out of their grubby little hands.

But still it would be a fascinating experiment.  I say, “Yes We Can! ... all be Amish!”

(Author's Note: Attention Spelling Nazis!  I have purposefully hyphenated the word subhuman in this article to add emphasis to the root of the word which is human because that root word is very important!) ESR

J.J. Jackson is a libertarian conservative author from Pittsburgh, PA who has been writing and promoting individual liberty since 1993 and is President of Land of the Free Studios, Inc. He is the lead editor contributor to American Conservative Daily and also the founder of SignalCongress.com.  He is the owner of The Right Things - Conservative T-shirts & Gifts. His weekly commentary along with exclusives not available anywhere else can be found at http://www.libertyreborn.com.







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