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Is Glenn Beck the great conservative hope?

By J.J. Jackson
web posted January 11, 2010

Glenn BeckTalk radio and television host Glenn Beck has rocketed up several lists over the past couple years.  The first list is the one kept by conservatives and reflects people that they most identify with and who reflect their views.  By my count Beck is perhaps second only to Rush Limbaugh on this list.  The second list Beck has moved up is the one kept by liberals and denotes those people who will never convert to their socialist dogma.  It will be the list they use in determining who is first into the ovens when they gain enough power to accomplish such horrors without fearing for their own safety.  Again, by my count Beck is perhaps second only to Rush on that list as well.

Why Beck is so beloved by conservatives and true Americans while he is hated so deeply and so vilely by liberals is not an enigma.  He has little patience for nonsense and a reverence for liberty that is rarely seen outside of private gatherings of American patriots swapping stories of their anger over a pint.  And what's more is that he is not afraid to show it on the air getting vocally agitated any time someone tries to pass off babbling gibberish as reasoned thought.  Beck's frequent use of history just annoys the left no end as he is not afraid to point out how while the names of the leaders on the left may change, their policies vary very little; promote big government, forcibly silence those that believe in liberty and rid the world of all those deemed to be the "undesirables."

The only reason Beck has not surpassed Rush Limbaugh on either the conservative or liberal list is that Limbaugh really is grandfathered into the number slot on both being the first and foremost conservative voice to break out after the fall of the "Fairness Doctrine."  He is so firmly entrenched at number one that it would take a half ton of dynamite to remove him from his perch.  But how can a man with a television program that starts at 5:00 PM Eastern and which regularly trounces other shows on cable, even if they are in other more favorable time slots, not be considered a great hope of conservatives?  While Limbaugh is certainly the elder statesman of the conservative movement, speaking mostly in measured syllables, Beck is the firebrand of the movement not afraid to loose his temper and show his passion more regularly.

It is his regularly unchecked temper which grabs the attention of Americans who are sick and tired of being civil to people who cannot let go of their fallacious beliefs and who want to destroy this country.  This attitude of calling it as it is has drawn the ire of liberals who really do not like him pointing out the activities of left wing organizations like ACORN and, more recently, calling President Obama what a clear look at his record seems to indicate; a man with some racial animosity directed towards others as well as at the very best a communist sympathizer.

While liberals still take pot shots at Limbaugh, it has really become mostly a sport for up and coming leftists within the movement to try and make a name for themselves among other liberals.  Nothing seems to get one invited to all the cocktail parties hosted by the elites like drumming up some lie or another about what Limbaugh said.  But Beck is the favorite target of some of the biggest names in the liberal movement to take on these days.  Of course what passes as a "big name" in the liberal movement is basically akin to the big crap in a little toilet analogy.  You know what they say about that don't you?  In case you don't; the big crap in the little toilet eventually becomes a little spec in a big ocean.

Beck's style of delivery and actually quoting liberals and then showing what they believe in has gotten under the skin of the liberals so mightily that they have for the most part simply abandoned trying to refute anything he says but rather have resorted to the same childish mocking that eventually is the end product of a person who knows they are wrong but also knows that a certain number of people will believe them regardless of how wrong they are if only they can call the person who is right a liar, a crook or worse enough times.

John Stewart, a man who wishes he could actually be a journalist and something other than a stop gap show between episodes of South Park on Comedy Central, recently mocked Glenn Beck's use of the blackboards by doing one of his own in which Stewart tried to portray Beck as a raving mad man connecting unconnectable things together to paint liberals as insane, power hungry destroyers of liberty.  In the end Stewart came off looking dumb except to his core audience which actually thinks that because John Stewart speaks, what he speaks is the truth.  He looked dumb because his portrayal of Beck's blackboard routine ignored that Beck does not simply make stuff up but rather backs up so much of what he says during such routines with actual quotes from those he is lambasting and historical facts which are able to be sourced.

Then their is Beck's famous "red phone" which was instituted after the White House continually implied that Beck simply had all of his facts wrong on any number of issues.  Of course the White House did this from the safety of its own press room.  So the red phone, a direct line for the Obama Administration to call and correct any inaccuracy Beck supposedly made immediately was put into action.  It has never rung and the White House has never once gone the extra mile to actually prove the inaccuracies they claim exist.  Nope, instead they sit back in their offices and take pot shots which so-called journalists are eager to report and claim that everything Beck says is just oh so wrong.

Right?  He is oh so wrong.  Isn't he?  Isn't he?  The left says he is.

Beck has kicked a beehive and the liberals are in a panic.  He is not the first to do this but he has been embraced by more people and faster than any other that has in a long while.

Carry on Glenn. ESR

J.J. Jackson is a libertarian conservative author from Pittsburgh, PA who has been writing and promoting individual liberty since 1993 and is President of Land of the Free Studios, Inc. He is the lead editor contributor to American Conservative Daily and also the founder of SignalCongress.com.  He is the owner of The Right Things - Conservative T-shirts & Gifts. His weekly commentary along with exclusives not available anywhere else can be found at http://www.libertyreborn.com.





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