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The New World Order's "Chicago Way"

By Michael Moriarty
web posted January 25, 2010

Why the increasingly strident  desperation within the Progressive Democratic Party?

They lost Massachusetts last week.

Before that they had already passed the point of no polite return with the equally strident briberies of not one but two holdouts on Obama Care, Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska.

Obviously, putting a fist around the American people and delivering them as an instantly obedient member of the Progressive New World Order is not as easy as the American Left might have hoped. The PNWO can't even hold on to a filibuster-free majority.

Barack ObamaPresident Obama, in his campaigning days as Barack Obama, made the "Change" he promised sound like a rose garden, but, indeed, the Massachusetts Debacle turned out, as Charles Krauthammer so insightfully predicted, the third, major failure for President Obama in less than a year from his inauguration.

The President failed with his bid in Copenhagen for an Olympics for Chicago, came up short again in Copenhagen with his efforts for a major global warming agreement, and now has failed in his Boston appearance to get Martha Coakley elected.

It would seem to me that, with three years left to go in his term, President Obama has a decision to make. Either he waits out the rest of his presidency as a Jimmy Carter-like lame duck, trying to appear sane amidst the raving insanity of his policies, or he has no alternative but to do it The Chicago Way.

In which case he could very well start a civil war.

The American people, even those who don't particularly obey the law and expect Obama to save their derrieres and increase their assets, they don't allow too tight an authoritarian fist to be wrapped around them.

It is simply a part of American identity to revolt under patronizing attitudes and platitudes let alone be asked to endure a Police State.

However, President Obama has no third alternative really.

Well, he could create a few Reichstag fires as Hitler did in order to stay and rise in power.

For example, the Timothy McVeigh destruction of the Oklahoma City Federal Building was, in some ways, like a Reichstag fire. That tragedy shot President Clinton's popularity up from a funereal 22% approval rating to over 60%, where, indeed, he stayed there long enough to win a second term.

That Waco Thing, you know? It hung on until a worse tragedy with higher body counts rescued him.

Now Obama has to deal with, well, that Change Thing.

Many Americans won't stand America with the Change Thing; and many, particularly in the Progressive Democratic Party, won't stay in America without the Change Thing.

Can you recall Alec Baldwin's threats to leave the United States if George W. were re-elected? Imagine the number of Progressives that actually might leave the country if "that dummy from Alaska" is elected!

If Sarah Palin or a Scott Brown wins in 2012 – yes, the Massachusetts Senator is clearly presidential material – not only Mr. Baldwin might keep his pledge.

If Governor Palin or some pro-life candidate like her wins, I may even move back to the United States.

Eugenics, of course, was the brainchild of an intellectually despotic Englishman named Sir Francis Galton whose vocation in mathematics ultimately led him to treating human beings as if they were mere numbers, objects with easily discernible quantities of social worth and therefore some … only some, mind you … possess an exclusive eligibility for life on earth.

Yes, Man as God!

As I've said repeatedly until I myself am almost bored by this horrifying reality: legalized abortion is Man as God … allowing the Progressives to inevitably institute Government as God.

How can an individual possibly be led into accepting a value system that puts his or her own survival in jeopardy and hands the power of such decisions into the hands of not only strangers but human beings who believe they hold a monopoly on perfection?

A Supreme Court decision, Roe v Wade, legalized abortion and declared implacably that a gestating infant is not a human being until the third trimester of its gestation.

Adolf Hitler's version of eugenics declared that certain racial types such as Jews and Gypsies would never attain humanity and must be disposed of with the same indifference that gestating infants are aborted now!

Which is worse? The abortion itself! Or the soul of the Planned Parenthood Organization that inflicts it?

That Roe v Wade puts a six month time limit upon the legalized murder of what they prefer to call the "fetus" ? Such a Supreme Court decision enables an American citizen's instant yet seemingly passive acceptance of what amounts to murder. It welcomes the U.S. citizen's submissive recognition of what is steadily becoming a mass homicide.

It is a government policy wherein the African American race suffers the greatest number of abortions per year in the United States. For an African-American president to support that policy is a carte blanche to the New World Order's campaign for a vastly reduced, human population!

For Americans to turn a blind eye to that, thus offering a silent nod to virtual humanicide, is rewarded by a very discernible increase in a nation's efficiency.

Whereas Fascist Italy's trains began to run on time, Nazi Germany's new car, the Volkswagen, or Peoples' Vehicle, began running on the newest and swiftest highway in the world, the Autobahn.

Aren't Obama-Mobiles intended to create the same distraction?

Weren't the thousands of performers at the Beijing Communist Olympics impressive in their opening extravaganza? Reminded me of Leni Riefenstahl's documentaries of the Third Reich!

Exciting, right?! A People's Movement really!!

Such collective discipline!!!

How is it sold?

The convenience of abortion becomes irresistible to the young and their parents. They of the Progressive New World Order point to a drop in crime rates and attribute that to the dwindling population in poor areas. This, as with both Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, is tangible evidence of the growing efficiency within the State.

This is when the closing fist of the Progressive New World Order makes those still living feel good.

"Sanity at last!" they cry.

"What could have made you so afraid of Big Government, children?"

The closing fist that just won't stop closing.

It was in the name of German purity or, in Stalin's case, Leninist Purity!

Now it is all in the name of Progress. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.







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