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Scott Brown for U.S. Senate

By Charles A. Morse
web posted January 11, 2010

Scott BrownScott Brown is a Massachusetts State Senator running for the U.S.Senate as a Republican in a special election to fill the vacancy left by the death of Senator Ted Kennedy. The Massachusetts special election to fill the seat is less than two weeks away and the polls indicate that the race is tightening. Scott Brown, who is a solid moderate Massachusetts Republican with a fiscally conservative record in the Massachusetts State House, stands poised to pull off what would be the upset of the century.

Think about it. State Senator Scott Brown, a Republican, elected to the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts, a state that is perceived to be the most liberal state in the nation. Imagine, Scott Brown, elected to a seat that has been held by either a Kennedy or by a Kennedy surrogate for over a half a century. Contemplate, if you will, what this would mean to the big spending liberal establishment in Washington led by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed. Scott Brown is the Minuteman standing at the Old North Bridge in Concord about to fire the shot heard around the world.

To the shock and dismay of the Massachusetts liberal establishment, Scott Brown is running as the rightful heir of the Kennedy Legacy. Not the legacy of the big spending liberal Senator Ted Kennedy, but rather the legacy of the conservative President John F. Kennedy the man who was the conservative in the race against Richard Nixon in 1960. As President, JFK signed into law the biggest tax cut in American history, a tax cut that led to the prosperity of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Scott Brown has been running a brilliant and indeed a game changing TV commercial showing a TV speech in which JFK unveils his tax cut by explaining the economic benefits of cutting taxes. The commercial than blends into the image of Scott Brown today, handsome and charismatic, stating in simple terms his intent to continue with those tax cutting policies if the voters of Massachusetts send him to Washington.

The nation needs a man like Scott Brown in the U.S. Senate, especially in these times in which the Democratic administration and Congress have borrowed over a trillion and a half dollars during a recession, a debt that is a mortgage on the future of working families and businesses. Brown’s opponent, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, answers every question posed to her during the several radio and TV debates between the candidates with the solution that the government needs to spend more money and to raise more taxes, which she euphemistically refers to as “investing in the future.”

Scott Brown as served nearly three decades in the Massachusetts National Guard and currently holds the rank of Lt. Colonial in the Judge Advocate Generals (JAG) Corp. Brown recently spent time in Paraguay advising their government in its transition toward a more democratic system. Besides serving in the Massachusetts Senate, Brown is a practicing attorney, a self employed businessman, who understands the realities of working in the private sector. Martha Coakley is a career politician who, as Middlesex District Attorney and as State Attorney General, developed a reputation as a political fixer for democratic scandals.

If Scott Brown is elected to the U.S. Senate, less than two weeks from now, Washington will experience a political earthquake the likes of which has not been felt in decades. The Democrats in the U.S. Senate will lose their 60 member majority which will mean that they will have to open the door and let the public in on their plans to take over the health care industry. Such issues as cap and trade, another stimulus bill, the right of union members to a private ballot, taxpayer money to groups like ACORN, and a host of other issues will be debated out in the open as befitting a democracy.
I have faith in the Massachusetts voter. We are not as dumb as the liberal elites think we are. I believe that the Massachusetts voter will elect Scott Brown for the same reason they elected Mitt Romney as Governor in 2002 and that was to create a more balanced and moderate government in the state. We need a return to that same balance today in Massachusetts and in Washington. In these perilous times we should demand nothing less. Electing Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate is the most sure-fire way of restoring that balance today. ESR

Charles A. Morse is a senior writer for Enter Stage Right and can be heard every day from 9:00am to 11:00am on WSMN in Nashua. His web site can be found at http://www.chuckmorse.com/ and his blog is located at http://www.morsescode.com/.




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