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Wanted: community organizers…No experience needed

By Dr. Robert Owens
web posted January 18, 2010

Talk about a man-caused disaster have you looked at the recovery lately?  The Republicans under the Bush dynasty and the Clinton “interlewd” paved the way for the current debacle of fiscal debauchery.  The only thing growing is the government.  Have the Liberals staged a second revolution?  Khrushchev predicted the Soviet Union would bury us and since they’re now on the trash heap of history is the Liberal Politburo of leftwing academics, corrupt politicians and their lamestream propaganda machine digging the grave instead?

The Obama administration’s takeover of America’s health care system, the financial industry, the biggest player in the insurance industry, major manufacturing the coming Cap-N-Trade boondoggle, and the soon-to-be-launched drive for import-a-voter immigration reform is a direct assault upon the productive designed to hobble their economic power and limit their personal freedom.  The statists know the economically prosperous and individually free people of America stand in the way of their plans to create a centrally-planned economy and the regimented society it requires. 

The Cloward-Piven Strategy for overwhelming the American constitutional system of limited government was formulated in the game-changing 60s.  The leading tactician of the left, Saul Alinsky embraced and promoted this strategy.  President Obama taught Alinsky’s principles at the University of Chicago and recently Christ Matthews in one of his softball interviews with a fellow liberal hailed Alinsky as one of “our” heroes.  Applying Alinsky’s methods the cabal of liberal community organizers, corrupt politicians, unions and thinly veiled criminal organizations such as ACORN labor to bring our system to its knees.  America is staggering under runaway spending while the Fed turns the dollar into monopoly money.  The TARP rip-off has turned into an inexhaustible slush fund of crony capitalist corruption, the stimulus bill isn’t stimulating  and the uncertainty of future governmental action discourages anyone from investing anything anywhere.  Why would anyone want to overwhelm the system?  So they can re-boot the system in their own image. 

The contempt the party in power has for the American people and the process of a free people seems to know no bounds.  Our president believes the Constitution is a flawed document because it doesn’t deal with the re-distribution of wealth.   Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi thinks it’s a joke when asked where in the Constitution she finds the authority for her actions.  Henry Waxman a leading Democrat Congressman mocked people who dared ask that their representatives read the bank-busting game-changing bills they are passing in the middle of the night, saying unless you have two lawyers and two days you can’t understand them anyway.  In his contempt for the American people Waxman even went so far as to hire a speed reader to read a bill in Congress to the laughter of his colleagues.  Harry Reid the majority leader of the party that invented Jim Crow Laws and separate but equal the party of Bull Connor has the nerve to compare anyone resisting his attempt to nationalize the greatest medical system in the world with those who opposed the end of slavery.  As the country sinks into the economic chaos their spending and regulatory strangulation cause they’ll cast themselves as the framers of a new vision, a new re-made America.  

While its Democrats currently shoving collectivism down America’s throat.  Remember McCain advocates health care reform, cap-n-trade, and immigration reform.  The two major parties are two heads of the same bird of prey an oligarchy of power elites with its foot on the throat of America’s traditional meritocracy. The Republicrats are both run by Progressives dedicated to the transformation of America.

If these agents of change succeed in destroying the economy and neutering the Constitution what will protect the freedom and opportunity of America?  How do we save the Constitution, re-institute capitalism and stop our slide into the incentive-killing swamp of collectivism?  We need to organize.  Use the social networks to communicate and connect.  Support local patriot groups.  It’s critical that we remain peaceful but it’s just as critical that we use our constitutional rights of assembly and petition to gather our strength and present our case for the traditional American system of limited government, individual freedom and economic opportunity. 

Providentially at this fateful juncture we have an articulate spokesman with a national megaphone.  Glenn Beck broadcasts every day on hundreds of radio stations and on the Fox News Channel.  He launched the 9-12 Project providing a virtual gathering place for all Americans who seek the unity of 9-12-01.  Of course Rush Limbaugh is the founding father of conservative talk and always a guiding light and the most respected political commentator and theoretician.  Others such as  Coulter, Hannity, Ingrahm, Dobbs and Savage are inspiring and educational.  The Tea Party Movement is morphing into hundreds of local variants.  Get Out of Our House (GOOOH) is building a grass-roots base for political activism.  Sara Palin provides some political visibility for the average American.  Yet it’s Beck leading the way.   If you aren’t watching his daily television program you’re missing some of the best researched and in-depth investigative reporting ever presented.  Tune in.  Turn on.  And throw the bums out! ESR

Dr. Robert Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College and History for the American Public University System. © 2009 Robert R. Owens dr.owens@comcast.net






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