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What to do now that its been done

By Dr. Robert Owens
web posted January 4, 2010

You can't beat good political drama.  The Nuremberg rallies with all those glistening uniforms and snappy torch light marches.  The May Day Parades with the Soviet gerontocracy standing on Lenin's tomb smiling at the grandchildren of the people they tortured riding on their shiny tanks and missile launchers.  Even little North Korea stages some pretty impressive mass birthday parties for the Glorious Midget.  We may disagree with everything these totalitarian nightmare regimes stand for.  We may abhor their gangster tactics and hellish fantasies about conquering the world but you have to give them credit for knowing how to wow the crowd.  They know how to stage a scene and then walk on as the Luke Skywalker of megalomania, wave to the great unwashed return to their castle of doom and continue living life large like Dr. No or in Kim Jong-II' s case Mini-Me.

The Denver acceptance speech with its Styrofoam Acropolis gave us a hint of the political theater to come.  The Victory speech to the teaming masses in Grant Park let us know the curtain was rising.  Like the Perils of Pauline in a serial of sequels the suspense continues in the never-ending crisis.  We must have health care and we must have it now!  We're so far in debt we need to spend a massive amount quickly or we'll go bankrupt.  This is an emergency there's no time to read the bill hurry up and vote.  We need this now even though it won't be implemented until after the next presidential election.  Hurry up vote!!! 

There's nail-biting suspense and edge-of-the-seat excitement as the plot thickens.  What will it cost to buy Mary Landrieu's vote?  How much does Ben Nelson want for Nebraska's vote?   Ram it through no matter what the people want.  Our lawyer-infested government knows better.  Besides, who are we to question the only honest politician to emerge from the swamp of Chicago political corruption?  Want to wake up with a horse's head in our bed?  Just pay the big and shut up they obviously know what's best they've got 60 votes.

What a scene.  The courageous iron-willed Nobel-prize-laureate makes his adorable little girls wait for Christmas while Daddy bludgeons a compliant Congress to pass anything they can call heath care reform so the Cavalcade of Czars can fill in the blanks later. 

Every move they've taken since the November Revolution has been to seize control of the economy and society.  Following the insurance, banking, and auto coups the health care take-over delivers another 1/6 of the economy into their clutches.  Swiftly following will be Cap-n-Trade either by legislation or EPA mandate, Import-a-Voter-Immigration-Reform and watch for the regime to begin acting as if whatever that was the Boss agreed to in Copenhagen is a ratified treaty committing America to the UN administered shake-down carbon tax to help prop up statists around the world. 

The plan is to push through so many changes and to commit us to such enormous debt there will be no way back to the America we've known.  They're also planning on maintaining their power in perpetuity through Acorn voter registration, manipulation of the census and import-a-voter immigration reform.  Echoing the question I hear every day as I travel around the country, the question I receive every day in emails from concerned Americans from sea to shining sea, "What can we do?"

They organized their way into power and we need to organize their way out.  We laughed when someone had the audacity to list Community Organizer as their profession on a presidential résumé.  Now we know that wasn't a joke.  We couldn't believe it when someone from the most corrupt political machine in America was presented as hope for change.  But the Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media pulled it off.  Then after the Republican statists and their casino capitalist pals abandoned free market principles to save the free market it was anti-climatic when a majority of American voters elected a one party regime with unstoppable majorities.

We must organize.  We must remain peaceful but we must organize.  The Tea Party movement blazed the way.  Now a new organization, GOOOH, or Get Out of Our House is growing on the American political horizon with the intention of vetting and backing candidates across the political spectrum.  Others such as the Tea Party Patriots and the Tea Party Express are springing up bringing like-minded Americans together for education, encouragement and inspiration.  Using the Internet and the exploding social networks these innovative groups are leading the way.

Believers in free enterprise, personal liberty and individual freedom are coalescing to out-organize the organizers.  Constitutionally limited government will return to Washington for we shall not go silently into that long dark night.   The arrogant career politicians, their media fellow travelers and the entrenched technocrat bureaucracy may think they've won the final round.  They may think the America we've known and loved is down for the count but in reality all they've done is awaken a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.  Don't despair.  Keep the faith.  We shall overcome. ESR

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College and History for the American Public University Systemhttp://drrobertowens.com © 2009 Robert R. Owens dr.owens@comcast.net





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