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Chapter Twenty Three of An Ecstatic Loneliness: From the Dictating Professor to the Professorial Dictator

By Michael Moriarty
web posted January 28, 2013

I had originally planned to title this chapter Cutting My Umbilical Cord To Manhattan.

You will soon see my thoughts begin with that idea in mind but end with the present title: From The Dictating Professor To The Professorial Dictator.

I trust you will see how my personal life is so closely tied to the third millennium fate of America. The direction of one is the absolute opposite of the other. I am, in short, a brief and perhaps meaningless anti-thesis to the Progressively Marxist New World Order.

What was the most deciding factor for my leaving New York City, New York State and the United States of America? My Canadian third wife.

Though that marriage didn't last long – one year – my love for her and for Canada remains. The ultimate life styles of my third wife and I, neither of which need be discussed here, have proven to be utterly incompatible.

My fifth wife, Irene Mettler, has proven to be my lifelong destination.

Why did it take so long to find her? Perfection… takes the time it takes.

Cutting The Umbilical Cord To Manhattan, however?

That took its own, sweet and inevitably humiliating time.

Is political intensity the increasing density of meaning in everyone's politics? The depth to which a person's politics reveal to me who they are?

That became the ultimate blessing in a horrid personal destiny I call Cutting The Umbilical Cord To Manhattan.

Having been physically born in Detroit, the gestating connection to New York came with my vocation as an actor. It was either California or New York and I chose Broadway.

Ultimately and spiritually I ended any meaningful relationship with acting when I left New York.  My later Emmy Award for portraying the father of James Dean?

Merely a nostalgic look back at my own teenage years and their brief obsession with the star of Rebel Without A Cause. JamesDean had become a God of my Nineteen Fifties, teenage generation. I had even worn a red jacket as the mourning symbol for that Deity of Generous Narcissism, James Dean.

Dean and Moriarty
A long-delayed honesty with my boyhood idol, James Dean

To play a father-figure who could have the selfish gall to disown James Dean?! Such shameful arrogance can ultimately put one easily into tears.

The phrase "generous narcissism" as a description of acting came from a New York Times article. I'm sorry to not be able to remember its author's name. His label for the thespian's vocation has become endlessly resonant.

"Generous narcissism" is not to be confused with Mary Matalin's description of President Barack Obama and his "narcissistic socio-pathology". Ms. Matalin's lethally insightful elaboration, this brilliant barb… or hammer… nails Obama's character to his genius for "leveraging fear and ignorance"!

Leveraging both America's and the whole world's fear and ignorance.

With that said… and the thought's origins duly noted… I wish to examine in this article a few of the "threads" within my spiritual umbilical cord's attachment to not only New York but the history of America and its tragedy, the one leading up to that country's presently tragic state of decay.



The United States had, without question, been the greatest, freest and most self-reliant nation in the history of the world. It's only so-called "Empire" had been its cultural influence upon the entire human race. I wasn't the only one sporting James Dean's red jacket. Generation after generation of teenagers throughout the world were trying to imitate a pantheon of Hollywood stars.

Cultural Imperialism is how Europe defined America's cultural hegemony.

So, what exactly, in 1993, exploded my awareness of the cliff that the great nation of America seemed determined to leap off of? William Clinton's Attorney General, Janet Reno.

The very fear and ignorance that Obama wants to "leverage"? That fear and ignorance was both embodied but also exploited by the character of Janet Reno.

Her paranoia about television?! Her belief that even just talking about violence during shows such as Murder She Wrote was a major reason for crime in America?!

I beg your pardon?!

A television show starring Angela Lansbury can be blamed for crime and violence in America?!

After my encounter with Janet Reno as the most powerful law enforcement officer in the world?!

The likes of Eric Holder in the same, ominously powerful position, seemed inevitable.

Janet Reno's debacle in Waco, Texas just had to have a competitive successor in the lunacy of Eric Holder's gunwalking scandal, his presumptuously lunatic operation which his Department of Justice labeled "Fast and Furious".

That, however, proved to be merely a prelude to the nightmare of Benghazi. Which may, in turn, be dwarfed by the Algerian hostage crisis.

If a new Janet Reno is chosen for Attorney General, we can just imagine what kind of "New Bill Clinton" that Eric Holder's boss, President Barack Hussein Obama, might become.

Obama as a "New Bill Clinton" is a criminally weak description of the worst and most damaging President that the United States has ever been afflicted with.

Our presently disastrous President has warned the world of such an Obama Nation, such an unavoidably American, suicidal fate. Obama prophesied it all with these words: "Fundamental transformation of the United States!"

"The inalienable right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?!"

There's no "right to life" with the Obamacare hospitals, devoid of not only the pro-life Catholic Church but the very essence of the Hippocratic Oath: "Do no harm!"

Do no harm?! Abortion is not murder?! Gestating human beings are not made dead by Roe v Wade?!

As for the "inalienable right to Liberty?"

Once Obama began with his "teachable moments", the United States ended being a nation of individual freedom and personal responsibility andbegan transforming itself into an Obama University classroom, with this Ivy League Know-It-All being not only the head master and dean but, indeed, the Presidential dictator of all major curriculum.

Most disturbing, however, is the recent appearance in the headlines of Professor David Attenborough's declaration: "Humans are a plague on earth!"

It is so noble of him to include himself in the proclamation, "We are a plague on the Earth!"

Basically he says, "There are already too many of us!"

David Attenborough
frogs… and other animal life… are equally as important as human beings


The "Scientists" don't merely have their "day in court".

Then what?



Barack Obama's whole approach to the vocation of the United States Presidency has been that of, say, Dr. Henry Kissinger, a former Professor of Obama's alma mater, Harvard.

With Attenborough's "humans are a plague on earth" in mind, Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich once declared, "Jews are a plague on Earth!!"

If indeed "Humans are a plague on Earth!!!"… who knows?! the Progressively Marxist President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, may cure the problem.

Hmmm… I suspect, for a naturalist such as David Attenborough, his belief that "humans are a plague on Earth" was not so much a scientific conclusion but rather an increasingly serious, a priori assumption during his decades-long investigations, his now, rather complete, 24 disk, now-very-public search for "the beginning of life on earth."

No wonder the Jesuits warned me about an Ivy League education. It's the closest thing to the rather lordly "English Enlightenment" (as versus the 18th Century French "Enlightenment") going on within the Oxford/Cambridge pedigree surrounding the "Posh" sets. The families whose calling in life appears to be setting standards for the rest of the world.

As for the insights into intellectual supremacy?

These aristocratic certainties are an almost immediate assumption going on within Downton Abbey, the exceptionally impressive television series that is having a well-deserved, worldwide success.

Downtown Abbey
England's contribution to humanity as a "plague on earth"?

The entire Crawley Family, from the Dowager, Violet Crawley, down to her youngest grandchild, Sybil Crawley Branson, have numerous "Realities" to face and to, as even Professor Attenborough might say, "adapt to", if only for mere survival before the criticisms Professor Attenborough would certainly have for "the hunting set".

The unquestionably Intellectual Supremacy within the British Aristocracy, mirrored by the impeccably highest of Standard English dictions, is… well… exquisitely represented, with equally impeccable diction and certainty, by Professor Attenborough's own, distinctly "upper-class" delivery.

Does it at all compare with, say, the divine articulations of a once lowly Irish Rebel such as Peter O'Toole?

I dare say, "No."

Who, in the whole world, speaks the King's and Queen's English best?

Peter O'Toole and a Welshman named Sir Anthony Hopkins. Neither O'Toole nor Hopkins were born in England. Why does their English triumph?

Their poetically Irish and Welsh souls aren't burdened with the class self-consciousness within the British heritage. Both could run you through England's entire class system and with shiningly lyrical utterances to support their flawless radar.

Is it possible that these two geniuses are possibly part of a "plague on earth"?!

Do you think it would be possible for the likes of David Attenborough to clone the likes of O'Toole and Hopkins? Or to be able to determine which feti in the wombs of the world are fit to live and which fit to die by abortion?!

Such inferences are not only contained within Attenborough's presumptions as a "Scientist", the Attenborough certainty that Man is a "plague on Earth"; this "Environmentalist's" Hitlerian condemnation of Humanity as life on Earth's greatest liability?! To speak mildly and understate what World History has repeatedly proven, such a judgment will rank with Joseph Stalin's self-justifications for his "Purge" and Mao Zedong's inner monologues during the 50 million deaths by starvation and the cold-blooded executions ordered by Mao during the "Great Leap Forward".

"It is all", Stalin, Mao and Attenborough might declare, "in the name of a Progressively Marxist or Scientific New World Order!"

Karl Marx himself had stated unequivocally that "economics" is a "Science"! With a Marxist's "Scientific" approach to the monetary nightmare of America, from 2010 to 2013, President Barack Hussein Obama seems to have been making matters, "economically speaking", worse!

It is, however, the Judeo-Christian belief and consummate faith – within a culture that is now some 5,000 years old – that Man is, indeed, the penultimate achievement of this "Thing" the World calls "Evolution"!

What if Man's present and surely destined "overpopulation", as both the Progressive Barack Obama and the Progressive David Attenborough might put it, what if "overpopulation" was an absolute necessity as part of Mankind's Destiny?

What if Man's Destiny were no different than the Destiny of 15th Century Europeans: to enter, explore and populate the New World of the America's?! In the present instance, however, it may very well be Man's Destiny to investigate all the other, possibly inhabitable planets in the as-yet-unexplored Universe?!

In the present instance, it may also be Man's Destiny to invent the tools that would help his Fellow Man to survive for a lifetime on, say, Mars… or any of the other, possibly trillion planets within a Universe that, to this point in time, might be of infinite size?!

It's entirely possible that, in some future point in time, that Mankind has actually not propagated himself enough!!

That the number of people in the Universe cannot fill all the new planets made habitable by Science?!

What if, in the future, that proved to be the case?!

Where would Human History then place the likes of David Attenborough and his human-race hating, Depopulation Policy?!

In what category would "The David" find himself in, if indeed the New World Order initiated a massive and ruthlessly instituted Depopulation Policy?! What legacy would "The David" leave his family and friends with?!

The near-homicidal pessimism surrounding David Attenborough's certainty that "humans are a plague on earth"?! That bleak horizon "The David" has painted?!

When compared to the exploratory optimism of Stanley and Livingstone or America's Lewis and Clark?!

What would World History think of the entire Progressive Movement?!

The Progressive Movement's actual hatred and the Progressive Environmentalist's prejudice against Mankind?!

The Attenborough Syndrome, its favoritism for any other species of life on earth except that of Mankind?! The Progressively Rigid Environmentalist's obsessive love affair with the Spotted Owl! Or the possibly endangered alligators of Florida's Everglades?!

A decidedly questionable and rather disturbing preference for reptiles over homo sapiens?!

Is this indeed the Attenborough Measuring Rod, the Attenborough Acme for Life's most perfect "Balance of Nature"?!

I prefer to think that the Bible was and is still right and that David Attenborough is decidedly wrong!

You "do unto others" what you would want "done unto yourself"!

You don't do unto others and certainly not do unto gestating infants what you would not want done either to yourself or your own gestating infancy.

Where is David Attenborough going to find volunteers for his increasingly radical "Depopulation Program".

Who would or will be willing to die for the sake of David Attenborough's certainty about Humanity as a "plague on earth"?!

"Do I hear any takers"?!


Therefore, must we conclude that a Progressive Government, rather like the recent Obama administrations of America, in order to heed David Attenborough's warnings and fulfill his Scientific, Naturalist's and Environmentalist's need for a decidedly smaller, human population?!

In order to meet the Attenborough Challenge to an overpopulated and overpopulating humanity?!

A disgusting human race as a matter of Attenborough Opinion?!

Must our governments, or the eventual oligarchy running the entire New World Order, rise to the Attenborough Challenge and begin its own, new version of a "Purge", or a "Great Leap Forward"?!

Or, to put it more bluntly, a "New World Order Holocaust"?!

"Surely you jest, Mr. Moriarty!"

I wish I were jesting.

Instead of "reading between the lines".

Instead of examining the repercussions, the consequences, the fallout from a belief, such as David Attenborough's, that "humans are a plague on the earth!"

Please examine this video which shows the Muslims of Dearborn violently telling the world, "Christians are a plague on the earth!!!"

David Attenborough's Professorial tone does not and cannot veil the violent solutions contained in his words, "We (humans) are a plague on the earth!"

The message from Barack Obama's visit to Dearborn?

"People who don't support and vote for Professor Barack Hussein Obama are a plague on the earth!"

The Professorial Harvard/Oxford academic tones from both Obama and Attenborough and their "teachable moments" belie the street-level violence within their "Progressive" message. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.






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