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Irreconcilable differences

By Robert T. Smith
web posted January 14, 2013

Irreconcilable differences have existed for some time between traditional Americans and the big government practitioners.  The differences between "constitutional" Americans and "progressive" Americans are sufficiently significant to make continued governance as usual increasingly difficult.  Rancor, turmoil, and partisanship are the political and social conditions du jour, pending the oxymoronic notion of resolving the irreconcilable differences between these two factions. 

Similarly as its term of art use in no-fault divorce, irreconcilable differences typically do not require the differences to be subject to scrutiny, and in a sense that is the case in this situation.  We the people for decades have voted our own demise.  The criminal class who pack payoffs into their freezers, adulterers and other less savory sexual deviants, tax scoff-laws, and poseurs are far too often found in the halls of congress and the White House. 

Those that We the People have empowered contemplate Guam capsizing should too many military personnel and equipment mobilize to that island, a la Congressman Hank Johnson, the insane notion that we can spend our way out of debt as pontificated by the VP Joe Biden and others of his ilk, that voting on legislation unread is a responsible means of law making, according to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi...among the infinite list of insanity.

President Obama's "progressivism" appears a whole lot more like regressivism, mimicking the failed history of his socialist forefather(s).  As practiced most clearly by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in essence, manipulate the currency and economy to control the people.  As historically and currently practiced, push for a scheme of taxation, class and group subsidies and Federal aid designed to redistribute the national wealth for social justice, but calculated to reduce a sufficient number of citizens to subservience; a guaranteed voting block awaiting their distribution of largesse from the federal government, who has confiscated private property through taxes for public use. 

The overall plan appears driven to create a supreme Federal government with extensive new powers, including the power to make its own laws by simply publishing from the various Federal Departments rules and regulations having the force of law; disobedience punishable by fine or imprisonment.  Sound familiar…so does the term national socialism, fascism, or whatever form of collectivism one wants to tag to Mr. Obama's form of government.  Mr. Obama's life experience is well documented to have been influenced by his radical parents, friends, acquaintances, mentors.  The typical American experience is foreign to our President; he has no concept of the ideals of Americanism.  The fact is that we intuitively already know America's President abhors the exceptionalism of America. 

The federal government has grown extra-constitutionally large and unsustainable over the decades. The function of a constitutional republic is really just forgotten history to most in our country. It's over, and Americanism lost. If a restoration is to occur, a new Republic is needed, because the thoughts and character of the former framers and the conditions that gave rise to our once-great Republic no longer exist.

Collectivism cannot stand individualism. The collective cannot allow competition from sovereign individuals. All square pegs must fit in the round holes of the society for the collective to be managed and operated. Once, sovereign citizens instituted government; now, We the People are the responsibility of the government. The pot has taken control over the potter. The government will control our banks, businesses, use of energy, and apparently now, even the care of our very bodies.  Little is left of the American paradigm of the sovereign individual.

Based on the generally even popular vote count in most recent Presidential elections, the country teeters between the left and the right; "traditional" America and "progressive" America.  Neither side can tolerate the basic premise of each other's political platforms.  Irreconcilable differences have existed for some time, with the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness promise of Americanism held captive in the balance. ESR

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family. He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.





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