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What are you prepared to do?

By Robert T. Smith
web posted January 28, 2013

We are confronted by our President with the meme of the incorruptible good guys facing down the bad guys.  The scene for our times is from the film The Untouchables

In this scene, Sean Connery's character, the incorruptible, no-nonsense police officer Jim Malone, has just been ambushed by the gangster enforcer Frank Nitti.  As officer Malone lies dying, he goads the main character Elliot Ness, played by Kevin Costner, with the rhetorical, "What are you prepared to do?"  Eerily reminiscent of our very own Chicago grifter and his gang who have taken over our nation's capital, The Untouchables is set in Chicago's prohibition era and plays out the good guys facing down the bad guy gangsters of Chicago.

We are in a battle for the trajectory of our country.  We compete with a party which is willing to break the law, flee a state, allow innocents to be killed, or utilize any means of propaganda to achieve their objectives, as some of many examples.  As officer Jim Malone would implore us, what are you prepared to do?

Fast and Furious is notoriously transparent, intended to fulfill the President's gun control agenda by allowing illegal guns to be transported across the border into Mexico.  The lie of this program is that it was simply a continuation of the prior administration's program, and this lie is sufficient to give cover to the organ of Democrat propaganda, the mainstream media.  In the prior administration's version, guns were tracked seamlessly from purchase to destination on both sides of the border and recovered.  In the President's Fast and Furious program, guns were tracked at purchase and then not again until being picked up at the arrest or crime scene on the other side of the border, with no coordination with law enforcement in Mexico.   

The death and carnage wrought by this criminally insane Fast and Furious activity was apparently justified by attempting to meet the President's anti-second amendment-gun control objective.  Unfortunately, on the way to achieving the President's objective, a border patrol agent was killed by a Fast and Furious program gun and the President's program was exposed to the light of day.  The President's attempt to hide the details and evidence of this program by Executive Privilege clearly makes the President's administration complicit, otherwise, Executive Privilege would not apply.  Never mind the death of the U.S. agent and hundreds of Mexicans dead as a result of this impeachable activity, Mr. Obama's vision and job status must be maintained by the Democrats at any cost.  As officer Jim Malone would ask in the face of such callous lawlessness, what are you prepared to do?

Famously in the budget debate prior to the passage of Wisconsin's law that also had the effect of curtailing certain union favoritism detrimental to the state's budget, the Democrat legislators fled the state.  In addition, the Democrat-affiliated union thugs took over and damaged the capital building, and went to great extents to threaten physical and financial harm to any in opposition to their agenda.  As officer Jim Malone would implore, what are you prepared to do?

The Benghazi debacle is another example of the lengths the Democrats are willing to go to win their vision for our country.  Innocent Americans were left to die in a prolonged terror attack without benefit of military relief, while those in power refused to provide such relief, apparently for fear of affecting the President's election prospects.  The details, excuses, half-truths or other explanations aren't even required to evaluate this incident and will likely never be known.  The essence of this event is that a conscious decision was made that American citizens would be left to be murdered to protect the President's election prospects.  As officer Jim Malone would implore, what are you prepared to do? 

The Democrats are willing to make words have no meaning.  Killing babies in the womb becomes a woman's right to choose.  The second amendment guaranteeing our right to kill those in government should they become tyrannical becomes an allowance provided to hunt deer or simply called gun safety.  President Obama's Affordable Care Act will do nothing to stop the spiraling cost of health care and will eventually help to bankrupt our country...not so affordable.  As officer Jim Malone would ask, what are you prepared to do?

Unfortunately, the loyal opposition is prepared in many instances to try to be more like the President's party.  The allure of popularity, re-election, fawning media appearances, or some other self-centered defect seems to drive many Republicans to the Democrat way of thinking, or at best offer feigned opposition and tacit approval. 

The President and his ilk are prepared to do whatever it takes to win; break the law, allow innocents to be killed, lie, cheat, steal, obfuscate...whatever.  The Republican Party is prepared to do...apparently not so much.  So the question comes to each of us as Americans confronted by our own criminal class of rulers, in the classic good guy versus bad guy meme...what are you prepared to do? ESR

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.





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