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The New World Order’s diabolical pilgrimage: Part Two

By Michael Moriarty
web posted January 2, 2017

I’ve been re-watching the mini-series Holocaust.

It’s been many years since I’ve done that.

My article, however, on The New World Order’s Diabolical Pilgrimage, demands it.


The New World Order and an increasingly visible appetite for “depopulation”

From the above mentioned link, there is this: “

For more than a century these globalists have been promoting their NWO eugenics plan for a sustainable earth population of about a half billion people. The UN Agenda 21 spells it all out in graphic detail. This means within the next several years they plan to kill 13 out of 14 of us 7.2 billion people currently living and breathing on this planet. For decades they’ve been busily deploying both slower, “soft kill” methods as well as their faster, “hard kill” methods to drastically reduce the world population. The hard kill scenario manifests through war and both manmade induced natural disasters as well as naturally occurring natural disasters with a recent noticeable crescendo of activity of all these cataclysmic events.”

Finding acceptable ways to get rid of as many human beings as possible?!

Nazi Germany’s task of exterminating all Jews, despite Hitler’s failure, is a simple walk in the park by comparison to the NWO and its ambition of cutting the human race’s population down to 1/14th of its present size which is well over 7 billion people.

A kill list of that size?!

Hitler’s “Final Solution” was a minor “wish list” by comparison.

However, if the future of the entire human race… if this future were completely in the hands of a mere but fully empowered oligarchy, working for the United Nations and a by then… or even by now, a mature depopulating program?!

A Holocaust killing machine!
An unrelenting stream of homicide-orders sent from this “governing body” to the “right people”?!


Holocaust Two

I remember the late Eli Wiesel fiercely criticizing NBC for its broadcasting the mini-series Holocaust. Eventually in his article, he dismisses the entire Holocaust television program as “kitsch”. As a debasement of the true meaning of suffering in the Holocaust.

Eli Wiesel was a frequent voice at the United Nations. I have no knowledge of what Elie Wiesel’s true feelings were about the United Nations and its present role as the virtual founder of a frighteningly Progressive New World Order.

Since, as I call these New World Order Salesmen, The Masters of Depopulation such as Ted Turner and an increasing numberof others… since such men and women are devoted Friends of The New World Order and the United Nations’ disturbing Agenda 21… I don’t know quite what to make of The Progressive Holocaust, the mass slaughter of human beings without mercy for anyone except the architects of this Armageddon.

Almost all humans on Earth, in the eyes of the NWO, will be and presently are eligible for extermination.

The friendship between Elie Wiesel and I began to end when he criticized the title of my 3 episode appearance on Fox News, Life Without Fear. I had no reply to his criticisms. I wasn’t prepared to defend the meaning of my title. I foolishly took it for granted that people would understand.

That was one of many mistakes I had made and for which I was given only a 3 episode appearance on Fox by the Chairman and CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes.

I’m prepared to defend the title of that show now.


and terror
are the precise objectives
 of an increasingly large corner
 of the human race.

Last night an assassin and possibly 3 cohorts were involved in the killing of 5 Dallas policemen and the wounding of seven other police officers and 2 civilians.

Acts like that, plus the growing number of senseless murders by ISIS? ISIL?!

At what point
Or in what realization
Must the fear
And terror

And a life

After years of meditating on Life Without Fear and the repercussions of that commitment of mine? They were my decisions to leave New York, divorce my Liberal 2nd wife and immediately leave my homeland of America.

With the loss of that treasured friendship, I now rely on the memory of another late friend, Stella Adler, and her own, divine perspective on the key to life: “Know the measure of things!”

The measure of things, after the last 7 ½ years, observing the Obama Nation and its brazen shamelessness?!  Its empowering anti-Semitic Iran with over one billion dollars and the freedom to continue with the Iran atomic power program?! While, at the same time, not demanding from Iran the end of its 444 days of holding American hostages?!?! The President’s initiating and agreeing to all of Iran’s demands, while Iran, this major author of world terrorism, captures 10 American sailors in the Mediterranean and holds them hostage for as much broadcast time as they can squeeze out of that nationally embarrassing nightmare?!

In a very real sense, President Barack Hussein Obama ended up rewarding Iran for all those atrocious demands and behavior.

In addition to that, what Part One of this series, The New World Order’s Diabolical Pilgrimage, has already discussed: the startling similarities between one of Barack Obama’s right hand men, Ben Rhodes, and my character of Eric Dorf in the NBC Mini-Series, Holocaust?!?!?!

There was a Holocaust Memorial event which both Elie Wiesel and I were attending. At that meeting he was quite specific that his criticisms of the program in the New York Times had nothing to do with the actors.

What he disliked, loathed, and, if you read his full editorial in the New York Times, clearly despised were anyone’s presumption that a fiction, a drama, film or play could possibly encompass a human event as enormously beyond words as the Holocaust.

He only applauds pure history and film documentaries:

“An authentic documentary like ‘The Final Solution’, by the four-time Oscar winner Arthur Cohn, cannot find a distributor…”

But an NBC series?!

“… people fall all over themselves for cheap and simplistic melodramas. They get a little history, a heavy dose of sentimentality and suspense, a little eroticism, a few daring sex scenes, a dash of theological rumination about the silence of God and there it is: let kitsch rule in the land of kitsch, where at the expense of truth, what counts is ratings and facile success.”

Of course, as he said, he’s not criticizing the actors.

Has he not criticized the German men and women who, like all actors in any play dealing with the Holocaust, such as The Diary of Anne Frank, just needed a job… and kept the Third Reich running?!


The Ideal within the possibilities of humanity has been something that men like Elie Wiesel never leave far out of their consciousness.

However, I have no doubt that Ben Rhodes is as committed an idealist as Eli Wiesel has been!

Fellow workers in the White House testify, in David Samuels article, to Ben Rhodes’ honesty and character.


Particularly in the case of defending the Obama deal with Iran?!

Lies, of course, are a means to the great end!

Toward the achievement of an ideal!

In Ben Rhodes case, that all-necessary objective is Barack Obama’s goal: A Radically Progressive New World Order Run By The United Nations!

Radically in its strongest sense means depopulating the human race.

And Barack Hussein Obama’s demand of the United Nations:

Be a major player
In the creation
A New World Order!!”

The answer to Obama from the United Nations?

You must convince America,
And all of its United States,
That Islam
As you say,
 A major part of
The New World Order!!”

“Barry’s” response:

“Just watch me!!!!”

So here we are, nearing the end of my Part Two for The New World Order’s Diabolical Pilgrimage.

Why must all human beings – not just Americans – but the entire human race begin to live Life Without Fear?! Because of what Stella Adler reminded me of: “Know the measure of things!”

When is it necessary to act without fear and not only risk your life but lose your life saving 1 or 10 or 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000 or 1 to 6 million or 6 ½ billion lives?!  To stop an evil brand of human being that computes human lives as if they were mere numbers.

And nothing else.

That, to me – and for certain – is, despite the terrifying odds of being killed, a time to begin “life without fear”.

And in the case of profoundly successful men like Ted Turner?!

Ted Turner’s plan
For depopulating
Over three fourths
Of the human race
 Is, above all else,
 Plain fucking evil!!!

Hitler helped create the Volkswagon!

And Ted Turner keeps me frequently entertained with the American Movie Classics.

And, perhaps, the generally and diabolically possessed  disrepute in which Adolf Hitler and his Final Solution have been placed by History?!

Perhaps the evidence of that has persuaded Mr. Turner to sweeten the cyanide of The Ted Turner Final Solution To Most of The Problems On Earth, his own, indisputably record-breaking solution, the deaths of  billions of human beings, mute its horror with Hollywood’s grandest distractions: most of the best films in the entire history of both Hollywood and world film.

Here he is in person on the subject of depopulation!

“Nazi-like policies!”

“Enemy of humanity!”

“Eugenics is no laughing matter, sir!!!”

“Yer no better than a Nazi!!!!!!!!”

“The U.S.’s largest land-owner!”

“What’s more important? The human race or bison?!”


Here’s Bill Gates on the same subject.

That’s enough, profoundly disturbing Truths for this, Part Two of The New World Order’s Diabolical Pilgrimage. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.





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