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The Crown: Part Four

By Michael Moriarty
web posted January 6, 2020

The Prince, of Wales mind you, has admiring friends who also know how touchy the return of a disgraced nobleman can be but, indeed, these friends know, with most expert skill, how to “work ‘round such inconveniences”.

Cecil Beaton and Noel Coward have arranged a special supper party for the Prince!

Meanwhile, the other Prince, now referred to as “his Royal Highness”, no fan of the Duke of Windsor, suggests, upon the Duke of Windsor’s arrival at Buckingham Palace, “Can you just make up an excuse and say I’m off sinning somewhere?”

“No,” says the Queen.

You can’t ask, beg or pray for better soap opera than this!

Suddenly we are back under the spell of the Reverend Billy Graham.

He is preaching to the Royal Family.

Only Queen Elizabeth is enthralled!

Undeniably, at least according to this telling of the tale, in love with the Reverend Billy Graham.

But also, madly in love with Christianity!

Both the Queen and the Evangelist confess to being shy children.

The first time Graham spoke publically, however, he was 12 years old and told immediately, after that, “he had a gift!”

The undeniably romantic feelings that Queen Elizabeth feels, while watching Billy Graham’s car drive away?!

They do not go unnoticed by her husband.

However, Vergangenheit is the title of the episode and back to the Duke of Windsor we must hasten!

He’s collected quite a group of supporters by now, to whom he appeals for help in his desire to be reinstated as a major player in the future of the British Empire… or is it Commonweallth?

Perhaps the military!

A guest suggests the Board of Trade!

“Helping England’s interests abroad.”

“No,” replies the Duke rather firmly.

He “rather” prefers a “liason post”!

Someone else suggests, “What about a diplomatic post?!”

The Prince quite enjoys that suggestion.

“A roving Ambassador”, adds another guest at the dinner table.

“Something like that,” smiles the Duke, “would be ideal!”

The entire assembly at the dinner table?!

They are left shouldering the questionable honor of politely, diplomatically landing the Duke of Windsor an actual job as ambassador of some sort!

Yet it is not long before his former “Royal Highness” is, as the Americans might say, “dissing” the Reverend Billy Graham.

“What has happened to the people of this country?! Turning like lemmings to this crusading showman from Charlotte for their inspiration.”

He goes on in his diary to call the thought of Shirley Temple visiting with Billy Graham a “grotesque” event!

Ever returning are “The Marburg Files”!

The Adviser, former Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth are assembled to deal with The Marburg Files.

The Adviser, once allowed to, seats himself at the table occupied by the two Queens of England.

He then begins the tale of “The Marburg Files.”

The Nazi plan was to dispose of all the top-secret papers.

To burn them.

The most valuable material, however, was kept by, yes, this Translator for Adolf Hitler.

He, the Translator, would use the material to negotiate his freedom with the Allies.

One file dealt with Anglo-German relations.

With, in particular, His Majesty, the Royal Duke of Windsor, and the Nazi High Command.

Queen Mary, of course, always the bearer of bad tidings and condemnations, says to Queen Elizabeth, “And this is the man you let back into the country!”

Mary adds, “I hope you have a strong stomach!”

While Elizabeth reads the Marburg File, in particular, that portion dealing with the Duke of Windsor’s relations with the Nazis, the Duke of Windsor is being offered possible jobs in the British government, not the least of which is Ambassador to France!

He is now being referred to, by of course his closest friends, as “his Royal Highness”!

As he begins his all-important visit with the Queen?!

The Duke of Windsor, now, among friends, “His Royal Highness”, refers to the Queen’s dwelling as “that miserable mausoleum! Buckingham Palace!”

Both a masterful actor and actress, Alex Jennings and Claire Foy, the scene they play together now is, quite symbolically, a dance of death.


The defense of himself!

Sounds nauseatingly like the American Democrat Party defending its dreams of a New World Order!!!

In the end, Windsor dismisses what the Queen tells him about his past, and labels them “baseless rumors and German propaganda!”

Oh, my God!

In the next scene?

Between Elizabeth and her husband?!

She wants, even after reading the Marburg File on the Duke of Winsor, to forgive him.

The Prince asks his wife, the Queen, to consult Tommy Lascelles before she actually forgives the Duke of Windsor and finds him a post in the government.

Tommy Lascelles was the private secretary to the Duke of Windsor when he was King of England.

Mr. Lascelles wants the Queen to be in “full possession of the facts” which apparently go way beyond the Marburg File.


The soon-to-be, during the Duke of Windsor’s reign as King, Duchess of Windsor, had previously or perhaps simultaneously been having an affair with the German Amabassador, Herr Ribbentop!

Meanwhile, the King of England was packing his court with a new and very German set of couriers!

Once the King, David as he is informally known, abdicated to marry what is now known as the Duchess of Windsor?!

They both visited Hitler in Germany.

The Fuhrer labeled the trip “Unofficial State Visit”!

On that trip to Germany, “Dave” met with Herr Hess and… “The Plan” was hatched!

A plan
to re-instate
 the Duke of Windsor
 as King of England!

According to Mr. Lascelles, “The plan would depose Elizabeth’s father as King of England and, in short, would give German forces free reign across Europe.

“German troops were even promised to quell a colonial rebellion.

“And there were visits to SS training schools and the early concentration camps.

“The full horrors were yet to come!

“Nonetheless, he visited.”

Into the war with Germany, Windsor gave vital information about allied plans and forces to the Nazis who, of course, altered their strategies accordingly!

Partly because of the Duke’s invaluable assistance, Paris fell to German occupation.

“Worst of all?!?!”

The Duke of Windsor told the Nazis that their bombardment of London, because of it, the British resolve was weakening!

Germany, with that information, continued bombing!

How many Londoners would have lived if the Duke had been a British Patriot rather than becoming Britain’s Benedict Arnold.

The Duke of Windsor’s objective during World War II: “Soon make ready Britain for peace!”

Claire Foy’s expression at the end of this scene?!

A profound shock almost beyond description.

What will Queen Elizabeth do now?!

She again banishes the Duke of Windsor, with no permission to return.

There’s no possibility of The Crown ever forgiving the Duke of Windsor!

Her final question to the “David”?!

“How on earth can you forgive yourself?!”

Troubled by her decision to not forgive the Duke of Windsor, the Queen seeks advice again from Reverend Billy Graham.

He tells her, “No one is beneath forgiveness!”

The reverend adds, “One prays for those one cannot forgive!”

What a great performance by Ms, Foy!

And what a divine image of the Queen at the end, praying at Westminster Abbey for the soul of : ”David”, the Duke of Windsor.

Now, without a doubt, the greatest leader of both the 20th Century and now, at the beginning of the Third Millennium?!

Unless Donald Trump softens his unforgiving style, it will be Queen Elizabeth and not President Trump who will be known as the greatest leader of the Free World. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.




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