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Advice to Joe Biden

By J.K. Baltzersen
web posted January 11, 2021

The President of the Senate has according to the federal Constitution of the United States in the presence of both houses of Congress counted the electoral votes for President and Vice President of the United States. Joseph Robinette Biden jr. will be President; Kamala Devi Harris will be Vice President.

The President elect has said he is bringing America back to normal and reducing polarization. I've got some advice for the upcoming President to achieve just that:

Use the Senate President as tiebreaker to ram more politics down people's throats.

Unite the establishment. Don't give a damn about including anyone else.

Appoint only Keynesians to the Federal Reserve. Harris already did a fine job in November blocking an alternative.

Continue watering down the wages of the working class by monetary inflation. Continue asset inflation to widen the gap.

Blame the Republicans for reducing government, despite your knowing they did the opposite.

Expand government further, to alienate further Americans who believe in small government.

Expand the war on poverty. It has been such a success.

Eat the rich. Eat anyone trying to make a good living for themselves who get in the way of your eating the rich.

Pack the Supreme Court.

Pretend there is no genuine mistrust in the election system. Pretend Donald Trump created voter fraud allegations out of thin air.

Close as many international deals as possible without involving ratification by the Senate by qualified majority.

Pretend economic inequality is all that creates polarization.

Let yourself be pressured by the left in the Democratic Party to implement their policies.

Implement a Green New Deal.

Label anyone slightly critical of the IPCC a climate and science denier.

Label anyone remotely critical of pandemic measures a virus and science denier.

Pass as many executive orders as possible that border on or challenge Congressional authority.

Do lots of things that are constitutionally dubious or worse, but just do it, don't say that you are.

Tell everyone who is opposing your administration that it's not rational, and that the only grounds for it can be racism and misogyny against VP Harris.

If that doesn't work, tell all opposition they're like the rioters on January 6.

Tell all opposition to bow completely for policies and laws passed, lest they are disrespecting democracy and majority rule.

Use the rioting on January 6 to curb all skepticism and criticism of democracy.

Keep talking about the invasion of Congress on January 6, while never talking about the riots through parts of 2020, affecting people's lives, health, and property.

Give statehood to the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Give amnesty to all illegal immigrants and open the gates fully for immigration.

Go way beyond Donald Trump's "lock her up," and prosecute everyone in the Trump administration for any crime possible.

Bring Julian Assange and Edward Snowden to the U.S. and prosecute them as harshly as possible.

Tell tens of millions of people that their opinions are deplorable and not welcome in politics or public discourse. ESR

J.K. Baltzersen writes from the capital of the Oil Kingdom of Norway. He is the editor of the book Grunnlov og frihet: turtelduer eller erkefiender? (in Norwegian and Swedish; translated title: Constitution and Liberty: Lovebirds or Archenemies?), with Cato Institute’s Johan Norberg amongst the contributors.




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