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The fog of Marxist culture war

By Greg Strange
web posted January 18, 2021

Is any of this real?  The things that have happened in the last week, two weeks, two months, the last year, the last four years?  Have these things really happened in America?  I find myself in a weird hybrid state of bafflement and rage, tiptoeing, shell-shocked, through the moral, political and spiritual wreckage of a once great country.  Everything that once sustained it and made it great is being methodically dismantled by crazed Marxist destroyers who seem to have burst forth out of the very bowels of hell.

You know the litany.  There were the endless open coup attempts against Trump.  Civilization has been unprecedentedly shut down over a virus.  Endless riots and destructive chaos were allowed to happen nationwide, all in the name of a martyred thug and the lie of “systemic racism.”  The blatantly racist demonization of white people goes on unabated.  The “election” of an obviously intellectually impaired geezer who couldn’t draw flies to a political rally is a fait accompli, with a race-baiting Marxist waiting in the wings to take over.  There is an all-out attempt by Big Tech and the media to quash conservative dissent.  There was a senselessly hateful second impeachment of a sitting president with only days left in office.  And there is the looming specter of a “Great Reset” that could seal the deal for the entire planet for the foreseeable future.

Everywhere is the turning upside-down of all normalcy and all truth.  The Marxist left won’t even allow the immutable male-female binary to stand.  It must be destroyed, and in the name of tolerance, no less!  So the ultra-prestigious New England Journal of Medicine now recommends against putting sex designations on birth certificates because it’s just not right to saddle a newborn with something so burdensome that “it” might not be down with at some future date.  That’s an actual thing now, according to the “scientists” at the New England Journal of Medicine.

Obviously, no society can possibly survive the imposition of such insanity on such a large scale.  How did the most successful experiment in freedom, justice and prosperity come to this?  How did we go from courageous 18- and 19-year-old warriors storming the beaches at Normandy to . . .  To petulant, ungrateful social justice warriors, lacking even the most elemental skills of successful human existence, tearing down every civilizational and scientific norm under the sun?

We could go through a long and tedious explanation beginning with the French Revolution over two centuries ago.  We could then take up Karl Marx and his “Communist Manifesto,” which eventually led to the Russian Revolution.  We could tackle the Frankfurt School and the cultural Marxists and the “long march through the institutions” and the eventual social upheavals of the ‘60s and all the rest.

But the fundamental explanatory fact that undergirds everything mentioned above is this: man is a fallen creature and there is nothing, no matter how good or efficient, that he cannot corrupt or destroy.  Whether you believe in man’s fallen nature in a biblical sense or not, history is littered with the incontrovertible evidence.  For instance, in the early years of the 20th century, Germany was one of the most advanced nations on earth in terms of science, art, music, philosophy, etc.  And then it descended into madness and evil that was perhaps unequaled in history.  Well, except for Marxism, which has the highest body count of any ideology in history and is now, once again, all the rage – no pun intended – throughout the country formerly known as the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Most disturbing of all is that half of Americans are inexcusably clueless.  They actually believe that everything the Democrats/Marxists want is virtuous.  That’s because they are morally broken – and that’s because Judeo-Christian morality has been completely supplanted by “woke” morality.  It’s only a matter of time before any non-“woke” religion will be outlawed and many Christian churches are already being ruined as we speak by adopting “wokeism.”

So, what to do?  Is America, or any part of Western civilization, salvageable at this point?  The ideological cancer of leftism, “wokeism,” Marxism – call it what you like – is so advanced and has such momentum that it’s hard to imagine turning it all around at this point without some kind of cataclysmic event, like a war or an economic collapse or an asteroid strike.  But who wants a cataclysm?

It’s truly amazing how the left, which is a force for chaos, is paradoxically so well organized.  After George Floyd, in addition to the riots, the “peaceful protests” were everywhere, including small towns in every corner of every state, virtually overnight.  That is flabbergasting organization!  It was like a Marxist D-Day in terms of organization and logistics.  So . . . if the right were to somehow miraculously figure out how to organize even fractionally as well, could it stand up against the left’s onslaught?

Unfortunately, probably not.  Why?  Because every significant institution in the country is aligned with the left and that might very well be an insurmountable problem.  So, let’s say tens of thousands of conservative protestors show up at the headquarters of every tech tyrant guilty of censoring conservatives.  Leftists would immediately infiltrate such protests in order to start violence, which would turn the whole thing into what would appear to be a riot.  Then, their leftist media allies would label the conservatives as “domestic terrorists,” Biden would invoke the Insurrection Act, the military would be sent in and what should have been a “peaceful protest” against censorship would be quashed.

See how that works?  Of course you do, because something very similar to that just happened at the Capitol week before last, when all of a sudden, Democrats were opposed to riots.

The only hope for conservatives, short of violent civil war, might be the idea of a few unofficial “sanctuary states” where they might be able to live in relative freedom and sanity because the local leaders just don’t go along with the tide of leftism.  But would the power-crazed, hate-filled left be able to tolerate even that?  Who knows, they might put up military roadblocks on all incoming highways in order to stop shipments of food and supplies.  Would you put anything past them?  So, conservatives might have to go to war to have any sanctuary at all, even in a South Dakota or Wyoming.

In the meantime, best prepare yourself for the coming onslaught of Biden/Harris cray-cray.  It’s going to be masks forever, open borders, BLM and Antifa mobs roaming the streets at will, and a veritable slew of climate-fixing, economy-destroying, Iran-empowering, transgender-supporting and white-demonizing lunacy and destruction.

Sorry to be such a gloomy Gus, but hey, we’ll take the House back in the ’22 midterms, right?  Whoopee! ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2021 Greg Strange.




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