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The great crap-weasel migration

By Robert T. Smith
web posted January 11, 2021

As the swamp waters begin to reclaim the small area of land that had been drained around the edges, the former denizens of the swamp have begun to scurry back for the dense cover and stagnant, stench of the swamp waters (McCarthy, Pence, Barr).

“We are a nation of laws,” or “this is beneath us” they squeaked as they began the run across the dry ground back to the comfort of the swamp.  Coming on the heels of the 4-year lie of Russia, Russia, Russia, the destruction of evidence by the Clinton cabal, illegal transmittal of false affidavits to the FISA court, kangaroo court proceedings against people associated with Trump, unprosecuted perjury under oath to FBI agents, and as the crowning achievement, the historical, blatant illegal theft of a national presidential election, their noble statements seem bizarre.  Small people who cast no shadow at any time of the day have suddenly decided that the solid ground, sunlight and free-range feeding outside the swamp no longer fits their needs (Chao, Devos, Kelly, Mulvaney). 

Who did he think he was?...crazy talk, like drain the swamp.  Standing on the stage with 17 alleged Republicans, Trump simply looked down on the floor and began picking up the pieces of gold laying at all their feet.  Illegal immigration draining our society resources and institutions, China’s theft or worse sale by the political class of our economic abundance and middle class, America as chump financier of the world’s safety and economic activity, ad infinitum.  The deplorables and irredeemables, now painted with the broad brush of riotous mob and domestic terrorists by the incoming regime did not really care for Trump the person, only his message.  We fear this was even lost on the Donald, who many times talked as if it was about him. 

As the poseur statesmen (Romney, Toomey, Sasse) scamper back to the darkness of the swamp to prostrate themselves before the now dominant swamp denizens in hopes of acceptance, who will stand for the 70 million or so fellow citizens who prefer Americanism and not the mushy bipartisanship of we will meet the Democrats half way over and over again to their goal (McConnell, Graham, Murkowski, Collins).  

“Fake news” and “enemy of the people” were bold and unfortunately correct statements.  Without their 24-7 liberal propaganda arm, the Democrat party would be a minor player in national politics.  Trump didn’t have to beat the corrupt and mentally diminished Joe Biden, he had to beat the propaganda that had been applied continuously for over 4-years.  Relying on the unknowing ignorance of the masses whose understanding of the issues is propelled by having their emotions triggered by their information sources, the Democrat party enjoys campaign contribution beyond measure.  As a tragic outcome of management change, the one and only alternative media outlet, Fox, turned on its audience as well to spew the liberal propaganda as an add-on feature of the enemy domestic (Wallace, Cavuto, Stirewalt).

All who have and will continue to attack Trump or Trumpism mostly hide behind their allegation that it is Trump they hate, but all know that Trump is simply the representative of us....they hate us.  The swamp denizens and cohorts in crime media, big business and U.S. Chamber of Commerce, social media masters of the universe cabal, RINOs and corrupt politicians all intend a return back to the good old swampy days that Trump and his supporters interrupted.  Now they have taught the uppity peasant class their lesson, stay away from the swamp and we will allow you to go about your little, insignificant lives as we, your betters, deem appropriate.  The crap-weasel migration is perhaps a fitting exclamation point at the end of the horrible year that was 2020. ESR

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.




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