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Angry voters track RINOs and incumbents

By Henry Lamb
web posted February 1, 2010

Barack Obama told reporters that he rode the same wave of public anger into office that brought Scott Brown into Ted Kennedy's Senate seat.  Not quite.  The wave of public anger that elected Scott Brown is focused on Barack Obama and the Congressional Democrats who are pushing his policies.

The public anger is more than justified.  Both the President and Congress have turned a deaf ear to the expressed will of the people throughout the first year of the new administration.  Even after the candidates Obama endorsed and campaigned for in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts all lost convincingly, Democrat strategists are advising the leadership to "show character" by  fighting even harder to impose government-controlled health care.

They would, were it not for the inconvenient fact that every Representative and 33 Senators must face the "angry public" at the polls this year.

All across the country, local, state, and national organizations are preparing to choose a new future for America.  The future America wants is controlled by neither Democrats nor Republicans, but by elected officials who honor their pledge to "…preserve, protect, and defend" the U.S. Constitution.

Instead of its eleventh annual national conference this year, one national grassroots organization is scheduling regional, state, and local conferences around the country, focusing on ways to elect only those representatives who will publicly sign a pledge that includes ideas such as these:

I will vote for only that legislation which contains a citation to the specific authority granted in Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.

 I will vote against any legislation that infringes the individual right to keep and bear arms.

 I will vote for legislation that allows the use of domestic resources to achieve energy and food independence.

 I will vote against any legislation that results in a federal takeover of any private corporation, institution, or entity.

 I will vote against any legislation that authorizes the United Nations to impose a tax, levy, fee or royalty on the United States or any of its citizens.

These are basic Constitutional principles that the federal government has forgotten over the years.   The current leadership routinely ignores the limitation of power imposed upon Congress by the Constitution.   This is the source of much of the public anger that has become so visible.

Another national organization is organizing from the precinct level on up through the state party machinery.   Their goal is essentially to take over the Republican Party by replacing RINO party official at the lower levels in order to send delegates to the state level who will oust RINO state officials.  This strategy has worked quite well in Nevada and is currently being implemented in several other states.

These activities reflect the growth of last year's Tea Party movement.  This year, in addition to planning a variety of public events, Tea Party activists are getting involved in local and state organizations that are working behind the scenes to elect a new crop of officials at every level of government.

Congressional incumbents are vulnerable, especially those who voted for the so-called stimulus bill, or the Cap-and-Trade bill, or the notorious health care bills.  These bills blatantly ignore the Constitutional limitation of Congressional power and would go a long way toward fundamentally transforming the country into what would look like a socialist state.

Under socialist rule, the government decides how much payment an individual will receive for his labor, and what services the individual will receive from the government.   Should  Obama's agenda be enacted, the taxes required would, in effect, dictate how much payment an individual would be allowed to keep, while the government takes whatever portion it needs.  The government would dictate how much energy a consumer might use, and the level of quality and quantity of health care a person might receive.       

The vast majority of Americans want no part of socialist government control.  The Tea Party movement is evidence of their resistance.  Their organization into action groups is evidence of their strategy and their voting record in Virginia, New Jersey, and now in Massachusetts, is evidence of their effectiveness.

It's too late for the Democratic leadership to say "excuse me," and back up and pretend to be concerned about what the people want.  They have already shown their true color and their true agenda.  Americans who are grounded in the U.S. Constitution will have no part of it.    The rebellion that began last year is mounting, getting better organized, and is taking aim at the November elections. 

The November election, at best, is just a start at restoring the principles of freedom in the federal government.  The campaign must continue through 2012, and beyond.   Americans must never forget: freedom is not a destination; it is a hard, never-ending journey. ESR

Henry Lamb is the author of "The Rise of Global Governance,"  Chairman of Sovereignty International , and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc.







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