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Chapter Twenty-Four of An Ecstatic Loneliness: The Red Game of Crocodile Tears

By Michael Moriarty
web posted February 4, 2013


I begin with this simplest of beginnings because, in addition to moving my life story in Canada forward, I'm having to translate "rocket science".

Why? I spent over ten years in Canada running away from America's political "rocket science".

Before I know it, there's a British "naturalist" horning in on President Obama's "teachable moments" with his own form of a naturalist's "rocket science".

I know a bully when I see one; but when the bully reaches high office and you need to be a "rocket scientist" or a seasoned psychiatrist to understand what the bully is saying?

I leave for Canada.

From my seventeen year perch in the bleachers of North America's chillier half, what "medication" did I race to for solace from the "rocket science" of American, intellectual bullies such as Harvard's Dr. Henry Kissinger and his adoring disciple, President Richard Nixon, to the Yale/Harvard brace of presidents, from the entire Bush family to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama?

Alcohol. Beer and wine mainly.

I settled in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I already knew I was an alcoholic. You always are an alcoholic. Not even sobriety changes that. So I sought psychiatric counseling in Halifax, forgetting that the only successful antidote to alcoholism is Alcoholics Anonymous.

The psychiatrist warned me: "One patient of mine whose wife asked me to sober her husband up? The wife then told me she's learned to prefer her husband drunk."

Oh, well… I don't think my third wife and I even knew, at that time, how to "prefer" each other so I left Halifax in a blazing lost weekend that seemed to last over ten years.

I must say, with profound thanks to God for letting me survive such an extended "lost weekend", that during those days I was introduced to a slow suicide. At the same time, I found myself saying a very brief Mass with my morning wine. I do believe that little ritual short-hand was central to my ultimate victory: still sober for eight years and counting.

My former homeland, America, however, is now in profoundly worse shape than even I had been at my worst in the drunken and hung-over years.

The "fundamental transformation of America" that President Obama promises the world is actually the product of a Progressively Marxist/Leninist, increasingly Lost, Forty Years, from Roe v Wade's 1973 to today's 2013 Nightmare.

So, with that introduction's addition to my life story, I begin the essence of this week's editorial: The Red Game of Crocodile Tears.

David Attenborough's Professorial tone does not
and cannot veil
the violent solutions
contained in his words,
"We (humans) are a plague on the earth!"

As perhaps the central meaning within last week's Chapter Twenty-Three, From The Dictating Professor To The Professorial Dictator,
those words also embody "The Veil" itself.

What is that "Veil itself"?

The professorial cap-and-gown delivery.

President Barack Hussein Obama is the Ivy League leader and the coolest Professorial maestro of Magically Veiled Violence.

Here is Professor Obama's "magic" in one sentence: "I'm not sure it's an intellectual exercise as much as it is reminding myself of why I ran for president and tapping into what I consider to be the innate common sense of the American people."

The common sense of the American people is exactly what President Obama does not wish to hear.

Therefore this opening sentence to his interview with one of the Left's oldest bibles, the New Republic, is a splendidly bold lie. A flamingly Marxist deception that he could only get away with in the New Republic.

The cover photo and title alone are boldly reminiscent of a number of 20th Century bullies.

Obama NR cover
Are these the eyes of common sense?

"Common sense" is precisely Barack Obama's greatest enemy.

Giving a "narcissistic sociopath", as Mary Matalin describes President Obama, giving him more than enough running room is precisely what makes this interview so boldly a confidence game that it is ultimately unreadable.

You learn not to trust a syllable of what the man is saying.

As a psychiatrist once shared with me: "The ultimate blessing of psychosis is that a psychotic leader inevitably becomes unswervingly predictable."

Each paragraph of the interview with Obama is, despite the President's denial, the "rocket science" he says it is not.

One must translate what he really means.

About his first term, he regrets "spending less time communicating with the American people about why we were doing what we were doing and how it tied together with our overarching desire of strengthening our middle class and making the economy work."

Now comes the "rocket science". Given the record-breaking debt he has single-handedly accumulated, plus the "debt ceiling" he wishes to put into outer space, and incurably out of all realm of "common sense", he trots out shamelessly the Republican talking points as if they were his own.

"We know that to fix our economy, we've got to make sure: that we have the most competitive workforce in the world, that we have a better education system… "

We have the "rocket science" of bald-faced lies.

A formula of obfuscation so all-encompassing and so dense, it would take a whole herd of rocket scientists to decipher; but because they are, like Dr. Henry Kissinger, "rocket scientists" from Harvard, they don't want rocket science translated to common sense.

Obama does not want a "competitive working force". He wants a Unionized Working Force. An army of Obamabots that will understand what it means when The One himself and his personal news-letter, New Republic, declares:"Barack Obama is not pleased!"

However, this Marxist double-talk, two-faced, Communist version of East Indian divinities is the very "rocket science" that convinces all Marxist devotees that most Americans are "useful idiots".

Why? Americans will eventually reject Marxist "rocket science".

Why? American "Fundamentalism" doesn't like either lies, liars and/or enlightened despots.

Here's an American fundamentalist speaking on the President's deceit. Please watch his video.

Eventually the entire human race will understand that Communist "rocket science" is, indeed, an obligatory shell game. A magic act of hide and seek. A catch-as-catch-can pastime of telling Mankind absolutely everything except the Truth.

Tragically The Red Game is being taught not only in our halls of higher learning but the "Public School System" is intentionally breeding a legion of "Useful Idiots".

When the Progressively Communist New World Order "transforms" the entire meaning of money?!

All will be well and there will be no debt!!!

Why?We just do what The Boss tells us to do!

We are utterly in debt to The Boss for our lives!!

Under those conditions, what could possibly go wrong?!

Nothing can go wrong if The Boss can sell his crocodile tears this shamelessly. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.





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