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Chapter Twenty Six Of An Ecstatic Loneliness: Abe Lincoln or Scarlett O'Hara?

By Michael Moriarty
web posted February 18, 2013

Could the one-hundred-year-old Progressive Daydream of A Marxist/Leninist New World Order actually be a replica of America's eighty-nine-year-old Southern Confederacy?

Could President Barack Hussein Obama not be what Time Magazine, at one point during his role as Senator of Illinois,inferred him to be: the second Abraham Lincoln?

Could "The One" actually be the central figure in a Marxist Melodrama that has been "Gone With The Wind" for quite some time? Or, as Margaret Mitchell herself wrote, could such a relatively brief, slave-holding tyranny like Communism be a "civilization" that has "gone with the wind"?!

I know it is difficult to imagine Karl Marx's century-old ideology, the one that now controls the three major capitals of the world – Moscow, Beijing and Washington, D. C. – I can understand why my pessimism about Communism might disturb a surprising number of American Democrats.

However, it would seem that Barack Obama and the Progressively Marxist New World Order are romancing a mutually shared daydream.

With only one of the major three Communist capitals, Beijing, possessing a fully recognizable tyranny?! The other two, Moscow and Washington, are somewhat obliged to pretend they are democracies?!

With such a situation, isn't Communism akin to the slave-holding South of Margaret Mitchell?

Ostensibly civilized?

While all three have instituted wholesale abortion for quite some time?

"Do unto gestating infants what you would not want done to your own gestating infancy?!"

That order is the Progressively Marxist/Leninist Golden Rule!

Ironically the surprising leader of pro-life sentiment is actually the former Stalinist tyranny of Russia!

This neo-Soviet nation has had a declining birthrate for some time.

"In hopes of reversing these trends, (Vladimir) Putin introduced a series of measures during his first two terms as president. These include huge cash bonuses — typically about $10,000, enough to buy a small flat in a provincial Russian town — for women who have more than two children, and generous resettlement programs for ethnic Russians who choose to be repatriated from former Soviet republics in the Baltics and central Asia."

Nothing like racial nationalism to accompany Putin's dream of an Eurasian Union!

Putin's former KGB lost Middle Europe, so why not expand throughout the Orient?! What will China's Maoist Legacy plan to do with Putin's faintly Stalinist ambitions?

Meanwhile, The Obama Nation, after kicking the Catholic Church out of all American hospitals,  flexes its muscles in "Drones Over America"!

A "surveillance society"… or a pilotless, American KGB with wings.

Meanwhile in the farthest point East but West of America, we have the Red Chinese attack dog, North Korea.

Can the Marxist Triumvirate of Beijing, Moscow and The Obama Nation of Washington really install a Progressively Communist New World Order? Certainly looks like it!

The problem?

Progressively Leninist Communism.

When the Red Fist, aided and abetted by a few Islamic fingers, continues to close around the human race?

People don't know it?! Of course they do. And Progressively Leninist Communism is the only possible direction for any tyranny. With obligatory tyranny, if you spare the rod, you spoil the population.

This is all a "teachable moment", remember?

Selling "Progressive" tyranny as enlightenment has been the magic act of professorial despots ever since the French Revolution and the guillotine as a learning tool.

Will Obama's Progressive Revolution, like the megalomaniacal daydreams of 18th Century France, actually prepare America for chronic defeats and surrenders to Red China? Must America mirror Europe's nightmare under Hitler?

It would seem so.

However a worldwide dictatorship under Red China can easily be sold to the human race as The United Nations' New World Order.

It is still Big Fish/Little Fish, isn't it? Yes, but it's also the inevitable Demise of The Fat Cats.

Whether it's the Soviet Union or the cultural Empire of America, "all good things come to a frequently horrifying end".

World Communism under the leadership of Moscow, Beijing and The Obama Nation's Washington D. C.?!

How long will it last? With America's Obama Nation as The New World Order's lynchpin?

With Abe Lincoln leading the United States, The New World Order would have an entirely different complexion to it than it does now under Barack Hussein Obama.

The two, Lincoln and Obama, would inevitably cross swords over abortion. Lincoln would at least realize that the Declaration of Independence does not mean "all men are created as possible candidates for abortion, victims of immediate extermination".

Neither the Declaration of Independence nor the American Constitution mean much of anything to Barack Hussein Obama.

His mind and imagination have been eternally swimming in his own, very personal version of the Progressively Marxist/Leninist New World Order, his "Dreams For My Father".

Will Obama's "Dreams" actually prove to be a substantial reality? Or is Obama, as the perennial sophomore of "teachable moments", a daydreamer? He must know that a Second Civil War is coming to America. He must know that he is obliged to make the Civil War happen!


There's no other way Obama can institute the New World Order that is expected of him. Nor can he become the President For Life that he so voraciously dreams of.

"Martial law" can end American traditions! All of them! Instantly! Including Presidential and Senatorial term limitations.

Scarlett O'Hara dreamed of an eternal Confederacy in which she would forever be blissfully in love and married to Ashley Wilkes.

Gone With the Wind
The Fundamental Transformation of The United States and Obama?


Wasn't it the Southern Confederacy's daydream to believe that slavery would last forever? Of course it was.

With the exception of Mao's Red China, hasn't it been Communism's daydream to think it could rule the entire world forever?

With Red China so economically on top, it would appear that total Communist victory, with Putin and Obama in charge of Russia and The Obama Nation, that the triumphs of Marx/Lenin/Stalin and Mao are at hand!

Until the Battle of Gettysburg, General Robert E. Lee and the Confederacy seemed to have defeated every Union general that the North could throw at him.

Until, however…. The Battle of Gettysburg.

Will Barack Obama… or perhaps our latter-day dreamer of "Fundamental Transformations of the United States of America"… meet his Gettysburg eventually?

Wasn't the entire Southern Confederacy more an image of Scarlett O'Hara than of, say, either Ashley Wilkes or Rhett Butler?

Weren't the illusions of Southern but slave-holding "gentility" festering in a mild but virulently expansive self-delusion? Don't the Obama/Scarlett daydreams demand that American troops eventually fire on their fellow American citizens?

Will the "Silent Majority", the American Middle-Class, just roll-over and surrender to not only Obamacare but every demand of The Obama Nation?

I doubt it.

Will Red China be willing to play dependable "back-up" to the increasingly bottomless greed of The Obama Nation?

Will Red China, after the experience of Mao Zedong, be willing to toss its fortunes in with a similarly megalomaniacal "Daydreamer" like Barack Obama?

Will the "Communist Politburos of the World" risk defeat in order to prop up this Scarlett O'Hara's Daydreams?


Why? Abortion.

The Communist World, including Putin's desperation over a shrinking Russian population, is obligatorily pro-abortion.

The New World Order has plans akin to the daydreams of that other homicidal Scarlett O'Hara, Adolf Hitler.

"Climate Change" has become the threatening backbone of a propaganda scheme not unlike Hitler's anti-Semitism. No, it doesn't initially imprison anything or anyone except an increasing number of American industries.

If you look the other way while The Obama Nation prosecutes its war on the Causes of Climate Change, you'll be amazed at how the Obama Nation's fist can close around you with its "teachable moments".

That Obama's American Communism has clearly agreed to a secretive, non-aggression pact with The Arab Spring… yet Vladimir Putin of the neo-Soviet Union won't entirely end his support for Assad's Syria?!

Meanwhile Red China and its need for oil has a growing stake in the Middle East?!

As far as I am concerned, the entire, Third Millennium Communist Enterprise Worldwide is akin to the efforts of a Worldwide Southern Confederacy selling the inhumanity of abortion.

The pro-abortion, Feminist Vote is the heart of The Obama Nation's Scarlett O'Hara.

It takes abortion for granted in the same way Scarlett O'Hara took slavery for granted.

Legalized abortion is forty years old in America. Southern slavery lasted 89 years. Both had the approval of the American Supreme Court.

Legalized abortion won't last any longer than legalized slavery lasted in America.

On top of that, the Supreme Court's final approval of Obamacare with all of its blazingly un-Constitutional invasions of individual freedom?!

All three: legalized slavery, legalized abortion and legalized Obamacare… all confirmed by the American Supreme Court?!

They are, as they say, inevitably "goin' down"!

Poor Scarlett.

Oh, well, she'll worry about that tomorrow.

Right now, she'd rather play golf. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.







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