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Delusion without end: White supremacy in present-day America

By Greg Strange
web posted February 8, 2021

Who would like to have a very uncomfortable conversation about “white supremacy?”  Yeah, me neither.  Still, those of us who understand how that term is being used by the left to wage their destructive war against America need to start talking about it and refuting it more strongly.  Otherwise, whatever the left says about it sticks because virtually every institution in the country is now controlled by the left and they all march in goose-step – er, I mean, lockstep.

So, here’s a typical definition of white supremacy, this particular one coming from the Merriam-Webster dictionary: “the belief that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over people of other races.”  In addition, it is “the social, economic and political systems that collectively enable white people to maintain power over people of other races.”

The idea that such a state exists in present-day America is preposterous, but the claims from the left are ubiquitous and ceaseless, which is especially amusing given that, again, the left controls all our institutions.  That being the case, if white supremacy is everywhere like the left claims, then it is logically irrefutable that the left is promulgating it.  But it is all put off onto conservatives, who are now routinely and propagandistically referred to as “white supremacists.”

Thanks to the left and its gargantuan lies, the country is psychotically obsessed with “white supremacy.”  As just one of a gazillion examples, let’s talk about the “Reverend” Dr. Michael Eric Dyson for a moment.  Dyson is a professor of African American and Diaspora Studies and Ethics and Society [emphasis mine] at Vanderbilt University.  (If only the tedious length of one’s title had anything to do with depth or substance.)  The “Reverend” Dyson delivered a “sermon” on MLK Day which typified the aforementioned psychotic obsession with “white supremacy.  Here’s an illustrative excerpt:

“American exceptionalism is really white supremacy on the sly.  The men who founded your nation relished talk of God while holding black flesh in chains.  Many of those who say that God takes special pride in your nation seek to bless the blasphemy of white supremacy.  The American church has sinned by portraying truth as white.  Facts as white.  Reality as white.  Beauty as white.  Normal as white.  Moral as white.  Righteousness as white.  Theology as white.  Christ as white.  God as white.  And America as white.”

White, white, white, white, white!  Does this sound even remotely Christian-like to you?  Do you think Christ would be okay with this race-obsessed hate screed masquerading as a sermon?  But it’s just one more manifestation of our national psychosis over race.  It’s “white” this and “white” that until it all becomes a bunch of white noise.

Look, the “men who founded your nation,” as Dyson put it, were all born in a society where slavery was legal.  But guess what?  So was everyone else on earth at that time and the endless demonization of white people, as if they were somehow uniquely guilty, can’t change that fact.  There was nobody in Africa decrying the institution of slavery at that time.  They’re still trying to stamp it out to this day.

Most of the Founding Fathers were very troubled by slavery and wanted it gone, but they knew it couldn’t be done overnight.  Nonetheless, they concocted the most brilliant and moral political document in history, the Constitution.  Even though not immediately attainable, it set some lofty goals, the striving for which would define the country going forward.  Did anybody do that in Africa?

The “Reverend” Dyson, like all race-obsessed leftists, is incapable of putting anything into historical perspective.  As he put it in his sermon, “This is America and has been America since America became America.”  So, to Dyson, it will always be 1964 and “Mississippi Burning.”  It will always be the Jim Crow era.  Hell, it will always be 1619!

In other words, it will always be whenever or whatever it takes to demonize white people and their accursed “whiteness” until the end of time.

Let me address Dyson’s “sermon” in this way:  White supremacy in present-day America?  Don’t make me laugh!  There has never been less white supremacy in America and in the history of the world!  There has never been more freedom and opportunity for black people in the history of the world!  There has never been more governmental, educational, media and corporate support for black people in the history of the world!  There has never been more white guilt, taking a knee and apologies to black people in the history of the world!

White supremacy in present-day America?  B-a-a-a-h!  Yecch!  Ptooey!  It’s all a pack of filthy lies!  Does anybody remember George Floyd, the martyred thug whose demise launched a thousand riots?  Does anybody remember how so many of those riots were allowed to go on with little or no interference, all in the name of a black thug whose death-by-cop was a statistical aberration and whose life so typified the bad choices of ghetto culture?

Now, does anybody believe that such a national convulsion of violence, mayhem and looting would have been allowed to happen under a system of white supremacy?  All you have to do is look back at the pre-civil rights era – a time of actual white supremacy as opposed to the current make-believe version – and ask yourself the following question:  Would any authority within the confines of the United States have allowed such a rampage by black people (along with white radicals) to go on for more than five minutes?  Even during the civil rights era, local authorities often issued “shoot to kill” orders when riots broke out.

But now, in our time, it’s basically riot to your hearts’ content, because we deserve it!  Please forgive us, Black Lives Matter!  We praise you, we take a knee for you, we’re thrilled you’ve been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize!

White supremacy in present-day America?  Rubbish, balderdash, blatherskite!  Here’s a list of things, in descending order, that pose a greater danger to black Americans than white supremacy in present-day America:

1.) Other black people (see Department of Justice crime statistics).

2.) An invasion of Earth by space aliens.

3.) A zombie apocalypse.

And the list could go on virtually forever.

White supremacy in present-day America?  It’s as dead as Pontius Pilate.  It’s pushing up daisies, sleeping with the fishes.  But no amount of evidence will ever convince the Dysons of the world.  They are congenitally incapable of seeing any good or improvement in the country they so irrationally despise, but never, ever deign to leave.  Which begs a monumental question:  Why, in the name of God, “Reverend” Dyson, are you willing to continue living here?  If white supremacy is so unalterably pervasive after all these centuries, why would you not go to a place where there is no “whiteness,” like Africa, for instance?  In fact, why isn’t there a mass exodus to Africa?  Why, why, why?  I just want to know why, because it’s the most puzzling, incomprehensible and confounding mystery I have ever come upon.

But then, we actually know the answer, don’t we?  It’s because ungrateful malcontents like you absolutely have it made, right here in America, and you’re not about to mess that up by moving to some hellhole where there aren’t any white people.  So you stay here and you live off the fat of the land, which wouldn’t even exist without American exceptionalism, which has absolutely nothing to do with white supremacy.

Let’s just be honest, “Reverend” Dyson.  You wouldn’t be caught dead living in a country that isn’t majority white because you understand very well how good the “white” life is in comparison to other places.  You understand very well there’s nobody oppressing you here and you’re free to partake in that good life to your heart’s content.  There’s plenty of traffic between America and Africa, but it’s all moving in one direction: west.  If you were sincere about your complaints, you’d be screaming to incoming Africans, “Turn back!  There’s nothing here but white supremacy!  Save yourselves before it’s too late!”

But you’re a fraud.

White supremacy in present-day America, “Reverend” Dyson?  Of all the ungrateful bastards!  You don’t deserve to live in America, but you get to anyway because you won life’s lottery by being born here.  The big question is, where will you be spending eternity?  It’s hard to imagine how it could be the good place, unless the lord has an affirmative action program for unrepentant haters and race hustlers. ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2021 Greg Strange.




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