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Team Biden's Facebook protection squads

By Mark Alexander
web posted February 20, 2023

I've been on the road this week and was going to publish a stand-in column today, but something just happened that I couldn't leave unchallenged for another day.

For context, in 2020, as you well recall, just a month ahead of the presidential election, there was a blanket Leftmedia blackout of blockbuster evidence exposing Joe Biden's ties to the Red Chinese using Hunter Biden as his pay-to-play agent of influence.

The Democrat Party's mainstream media publicists and Big Tech collaborators actively and blatantly suppressed the First Amendment assurance of freedom of speech and the press by disputing the evidence and outright banning any mention of that evidence on mainstream and social media platforms.

That blackout constituted the most blatant political information suppression operation in our nation's history and, like the other deep state efforts to bring down Donald Trump, constituted a far more egregious political cover-up than the infamous Watergate break-in.

As New York Post chief political analyst Michael Goodwin rightly protested on the anniversary of that blackout: "Rather than do their own work on The Post reports, the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and others tried either to ignore the stories or knock them down. Without a shred of evidence, they swallowed whole the Biden campaign claim of 'Russian disinformation' advanced in a letter from their 'intelligence experts,' and then aided and abetted when Twitter, Facebook and YouTube blacked out The Post's reports. This was not an honest case of differing judgments about the laptop's contents. This was collusion of the worst kind to protect Joe Biden during the 2020 presidential ­campaign. It was not journalism. It was propaganda." (Reference links added.)

So, now that the truth has been exposed and all those "intel experts" shown to be the political fraudsters they were and are, will the Demos' Leftmedia outlets and social media platforms be less inclined to suppress information now?

Maybe under Elon Musk at Twitter.

But if the actions last week by Facebook are any indication, it's picking up where Twitter left off, and starting early. As a result, more than 750,000 followers of our Patriot Post Facebook page were deprived of a couple of humor posts because Facebook's leftist thugs are aggressively suppressing content that might be deemed critical of Biden.

Yes, I asserted last year ??? and stand by my assessment ??? Biden will NOT be the Demo presidential candidate in 2024. You can read my analysis on that here. But the Left's First Amendment suppressors are already out limiting and otherwise suppressing posts that are critical of Biden and, by extension, injurious to the Demos' 2024 election prospects.

For the record, on the heels of Red China's big balloon provocation last week to probe the Biden administration's ineptitude, I provided this strategic assessment: "The essential question about this provocation from the moment we began tracking the balloon at its launch has been this: What is the ChiComs' strategy? Given they assumed Biden would shoot this balloon down, their next provocative test of Biden's ineptitude may be to use this incident as justification for shooting down a U.S. satellite over China to demonstrate its anti-satellite capabilities, or perhaps a much greater provocation, shooting down a U.S. aircraft over what it claims as sovereign air space above the Straits of Taiwan. Indeed, China predictably issues retaliatory threats."

In other words, the ChiComs' objective was not to collect ground intelligence with a balloon; it was to collect strategic intelligence on the Biden administration's response.

So, taking a few humor jabs at the administration, we posted the meme below:


Yes, that is a bunch of balloons with a blurred image of Hunter Biden in one of his infamous "undies" selfies over the caption "Closeup of the Chinese Spy Balloon." It is clearly marked a "Humor" meme. Those Biden images are ubiquitously posted around the world.

How did Joe Biden's social media protectors respond? We received the following notice: "Your account is restricted. Your post didn't follow our community standards."

What standards, you ask? Well, apparently: "At Facebook we remove content that threatens or promotes sexual violence or exploitation. We also remove intimate photographs or videos..."

Well OK! Perhaps they are indicating that Hunter Biden is guilty of "sexual violence or exploitation," or somehow those selfies of his "intimate" moments with his crack pipe and prostitutes were taken by accident.

To prove just how deep the Facebook intrusion and suppression extends, I sent that meme to a friend through Facebook's "private" Messenger app from an account unrelated to our corporate page. It was picked up immediately, as I assumed it would be, and that account was issued a warning.

Amazingly, millions of people still don't understand that social media behemoths are, by design, global personal data collection platforms that aggregate data to sell it. That would include all those seemingly harmless posts questioning "what kind of flower are you" or "which of the seven dwarfs would you be" or "what is your mom motto." The data collection process would also include all kinds of revealing data, phone numbers, etc. sent in messenger apps that senders and receivers errantly assume are "private."

To drive home the point about these huge data collection operations, we also produced a meme with a photo of the real ChiCom spy balloon but emblazoned with an advertisement for TikTok, the ChiCom-owned data collection platform that is mindlessly used by tens of millions of Americans.

But wait, there's more.

Among other balloon humor, we posted the meme below. It's an F-22, the type of jet used to finally shoot down the first of the ChiCom intruders, with an obviously satirical "Balloon Kill" emblem on its side.


So, how did Facebook get that humor meme taken down?

Well, the second line of defense used by social media Big Tech to suppress free speech is the so-called "fact-check." Yes, USA Today felt it had a public interest obligation to expose the truth about this meme, noting, "The plane has a white decal below the cockpit that looks like a balloon with a payload suspended beneath it," and concluding: "The marking was digitally added to a photo of an F-22 originally published to social media in 2020. The marking depicted would not be allowed under Air Force regulations."

That would be the same USA Today rag that has targeted The Patriot Post previously using information in its own fact-check that had already been fact-checked as false by other media.

Gosh, I am so glad USA Today protected you from such an egregious example of false information. Despite the fact it was clearly marked "Humor," sometimes we forget that the Left is a depressed, humorless cult.

In this case, being a Facebook jail repeat offender is a badge of honor.

Fact is, these media platforms are themselves the primary purveyors of fake news and social media speech suppression is surging.

It is long past time that Congress take action against these social media monopolies and expose their election-influencing political agendas. ESR

Mark Alexander is the executive editor of the Patriot Post.


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