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Biden's cadres of censors and free speech suppressors

By Mark Alexander
web posted February 12, 2024

I recently listened to Joe Biden's jackass parrot, Karine Jean-Pierre, trying to one-up Biden's non compos mentis rambling. KJP was doing her theatrical best to feign grief about our Soldiers killed by Iranian proxies, declaring, "Our heartfelt condolences go out to the families who lost three, three brave, three brave, three brave of three folks who are military, folks who are brave, who are always fighting, who are fighting on behalf of this administration..." WRONG.

This woman has the cognitive processing capability of a mop head. Memo to Karine: Our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines do not take their oath "to support and defend" the Biden administration. Look it up, you dullard imbecile.

So, now that I got that out of my system, this is not how I intended to start this column — but for the exigencies of our times...

Let me begin again.

After our daybreak editors call to discuss the morning topic lineup, it is always a treat to see what's in my email inbox awaiting my attention, and often amusement. I was not disappointed! Interested in competitor intel, what the enemies of American Liberty are up to, I first opened my daily Communist Party USA email. No, I am not talking about an email from the socialist Democrat Party; I actually get the CPUSA's comrade communiques. (Yeah, I know, a distinction without a difference.)

I am pleased to report that the CPUSA is pleading for funds to provide much-needed psychological and psychiatric care for its activists. The group wanted to know if I was "interested in working to promote mental health for activists." Not to belittle those with mental health issues (I get labeled "nuts" with regularity), but everyone in the CPUSA has a mental health problem, so how could they possibly distinguish who needs help? Maybe the key word delineating who gets help is "activist" because as degrees of behavioral and emotional disorders go, the activists certainly manifest the worst. But that seems to violate the party's standard for "equality."

No, I did not donate, but I did sign up for more mental health updates.

Next in the queue was an urgent email from one of my favorite leftist hate-hustling groups, the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center, which has nothing to do with poverty and everything to do with extorting corporations and foundations in what amounts to a protection racket.

In his prime, the SPLC's corrupt founder, Morris Dees, was national finance director for leftist presidential candidate George McGovern and later the national finance chairman for uber-leftist Ted Kennedy. Dees was an expert yarn spinner and money collector, and despite his social justice crusader cape, his former law partner, Millard Fuller, said of their years in business: "Morris and I shared the overriding purpose of making a pile of money. We were not particular about how we did it; we just wanted to be independently rich."

Dees perfected the Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton race-bait shakedown model and pulled in hundreds of millions for SPLC. JoAnn Wypijewski of the leftist Nation magazine described him as a "millionaire huckster." According to Harper's Ken Silverstein, the SPLC exists "to separate wealthy liberals from their money." And Dees used those funds to build his "Poverty Palace" offices and exotic luxury home.

Dees is an archetypal "useful idiot," a hypocrite who lives high on the hog while embracing Marxist-Leninist-Maoist collectivism.

And it was going great until his house of cards collapsed and he was fired. Apparently, two dozen employees sent a letter to the SPLC board concerned that internal "allegations of mistreatment, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and racism threaten the moral authority of this organization and our integrity along with it."

"The moral authority of this organization and our integrity"? Well, OK. So with Dees out, what has the SPLC been up to over the last four years?

Well, naturally, it continued doing what it does best: fomenting hate and division. When Biden unleashed his 2020 election year race-bait "summer of rage" and the surge of violence that continues unabated today, the SPLC could have written the script.

Like Biden, his SPLC surrogates empowered their Marxist Black Lives Matter thugs and their anarchist antifa legions to riotous violence in the name of "social justice," in response to what they errantly claimed was "systemic racism."

The Demos' BLM extortion racket largely imploded under its own corrupt weight, but the SPLC's association with antifa is still rolling. Last year, one of the SPLC's lawyers was even arrested in Atlanta riots — unusual because generally, the SPLC hacks don't get their hands dirty.

But the "hate profiteering business" is waning, and the FBI's reports on so-called "hate crimes" indicate there is no epidemic of white supremacy, despite Biden's claims to the contrary. Turns out most of the haters are associated with the SPLC and other hate-hustling outfits.

That is not good for the race-extortion scam.

Notably, according to its latest 990 report, the SPLC took in more than $140 million and has an accumulated endowment of more than $730 million.

To keep the graft pouring in, last October, Biden, in an effort to cover up the epidemic of black-on-black violence, tossed the SPLC a pandering bone by issuing a national proclamation on the birthday of drug thug George Floyd. That immediately prompted the SPLC to issue a plea: "Please make a special gift today to ensure the SPLC can continue to fight for those harmed by hate, violence and white supremacy."

So, what is next for the SPLC if the race-extortion model is failing?

Well, the socialist Big Tech oligarchs, and their social media and Leftmedia platforms, including the behemoth Facebook, are now using the SPLC as an arbiter of what constitutes "hate speech" in order to justify their unmitigated suppression of free (conservative) speech.

Speech suppression at Twitter was just as bad until Elon Musk took over. "There was basically oppression of any views that, even I would say, be considered middle-of-the-road, certainly, anything on the Right, and I'm not talking about far-right, I'm just talking mildly right," he said. "Republicans were suppressed at 10 times the rate of Democrats. That's because old Twitter was fundamentally controlled ... completely controlled by the far-left."

Given the SPLC's rising status with media platforms, it has become an insidiously dangerous organization as a censorship surrogate of the Democrat Party, and these platforms regularly target The Patriot Post in order to dictate what news and commentary you can see.

Last week, the SPLC declared it is setting its sights on a new role promoting gun control, announcing a "study" to "deepen our understanding of the myths, narratives and disinformation that are informing young people's attitudes about guns." It notes further, "Assumptions about gender, race and class all impacted young Americans' beliefs about the root causes of gun violence and their impressions of when, where and for whom gun ownership is acceptable."

In other words, while the SPLC is busy with its speech suppression efforts, it is now promoting disinformation about who is committing most violent crime across our nation.

And to further its corrupt political collaboration with the Biden regime, the administration has now tapped SPLC as an advisor on domestic terrorism. That has not gone unnoticed. Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) condemned Biden, saying his "administration has routinely worked with radical individuals and groups like Randi Weingarten and the SPLC to shape dangerous policy that targets Americans based on their religion [or] political views ... dangerously using the same tactics to weaponize government against its people that we see in Communist China, Venezuela and Cuba."

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) added: "The SPLC, which masquerades as a civil rights organization, is a far-left activist group that has smeared countless conservatives, including religious and parental rights group. It is deeply disturbing that the Biden administration would enlist its help to target conservatives as domestic terrorists, marking just the latest example of this administration's two-tiered system of justice."

Saddle up, America!

Fact is, the real fascists in America are on the Left.

Back to my email inbox: It is notable that no matter how many times I "whitelist" (racist, I know) the SPLC emails, they often end up in my spam folder. Not sure why because the chronic funding appeals close with, "Your friends at the Southern Poverty Law Center." ESR

Mark Alexander is the executive editor of the Patriot Post.


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