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Alec Baldwin: The never-ending moron

By Murray Soupcoff
web posted March 11, 2002

What more can America do to rid itself of the irritating, self-important bore and moron known as Alec Baldwin? Previously, the washed-up Hollywood thespian promised that he would leave the country if George W. Bush were elected President. But sad to say, this would-be male Jane Fonda was not a man of his word and is still with us, as reported by several Florida newspapers on Friday March 8th.

Alec BaldwinBaldwin told a Florida A&M University audience that memories of September 11 have overshadowed public doubts about the 36-day recount of Florida presidential ballots. He said the war makes it hard for Bush critics to remind voters of "this other disaster that we faced in this country - a disaster that ... has done as much damage to our country as any terrorist attack could do."

Yes indeed, a year and a half after the event, Americans are still secretly obsessing about the "unjust" Florida recount and questioning the election of George W. Bush as their President. And like Alec Baldwin, they know in their hearts that what the country really needed after September 11 was Al Gore as their commander in chief.

Oh dear, talk about living in an alternate reality. How he can say with a straight face that "this other disaster that we faced in this country" -- namely the 32-day Florida Presidential recount (now completely forgotten by 99.9 per cent of the planet, excepting Alec, Frank Rich, Norman Lear and Tipper Gore) -- "has done as much damage to our country as any terrorist attack could do".

Oh yes, terrible damage. The American nation has responded almost as one, under the leadership of a determined President Dubyah, to counter the terrorist threat from afar. And despite the terrible destruction and loss of life on September 11, morale is high again, optimism is returning to the lives of everyday Americans, and even the moribund economy is beginning to stir.

But an isolated, bitter few -- like the moronic Baldwin brothers and the likes of Bill Press, Frank Rich and the New York Times editorial board -- cannot let go of their 'Gore was robbed' fantasy. In their hearts, they know that only an "informed, enlightened" elite like themselves know what is best for the American people. And to put the matter crudely, it simply pisses them off that the American people won't abide by the judgment of their "betters" and realize that they are missing out on the many, many benefits a "progressive" Gore presidency would have brought. Instead, the Great Unwashed, displaying their typical gullibility and ignorance, have affirmed the legitimacy of the Bush Presidency by steadily bestowing record approval ratings on their commander in chief.

What Alec Baldwin and his ilk can't seem to realize is that the memories of September 11 haven't clouded the judgment of the American people. Rather, it's opened up their eyes to the corrupt, morally-enervating reality that was eight years of the Clinton "progressive" presidency. And it's made them realize how very lucky America was in November 2000 that a principled, straight-talking guy like Dubya became their leader, rather than the calculating, indecisive and morally bankrupt human robot called Al Gore.

Murray Soupcoff is a former radio and television producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He also was Executive Editor of We Compute Magazine for several years, and is now the Managing Editor of the popular Iconoclast Canadian conservative Web site (www.iconoclast.ca).

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