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National Review, the conservative war-horse launched by William F. Buckley Jr. continues to soldier on in the digital age. NR continues to fight the good fight but it may have possibly been supplanted as the premier voice of conservatism the day that its progeny National Review Online was launched.

National Review OnlineAt the risk of perhaps sounding like NRO's press agent, it would be difficult to find a more dynamic conservative web site. Outside of, Free Republic, and a few others, most web sites pale in comparison to the effort put into NRO's Internet presence. No other web site has managed to bring together a collection of talent like those of NRO, pundits that include Buckley himself, Jonah Goldberg, Larry Kudlow, Deroy Murdock, Ramesh Ponnuru, John Podhoretz, Stephen Moore and Rich Lowry.

Although NRO may have originally been conceived as the online counterpart of the magazine, it has become a force in its own right. It is, in essence, an alternate daily newspaper that combines breaking news, illuminating and enjoyable commentary and a combative spirit to the American political scene. And it's not standing still. On March 21, the web site will launch its latest version of NRO Weekend -- the site's roundup of conservative arts and culture reporting.

Combining a clean layout and an impressive breadth of content, it would be a fair statement that NRO is the standard by which all other online magazines should be judged. Given the pedigree that NRO enjoys, it's not surprising that the pioneering work undertaken by Buckley and NR should be continued by its online presence.

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