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The Harvard godfather: Senator Barack Obama

By Michael Moriarty
web posted March 3, 2008

"Let us do unto gestating infants … what we would not want done unto our own gestating infancy!"

According to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, that defiant revision of the Golden Rule is Progress. Not only that, it's Progressive Christianity!!

For the Progressive Democratic Party, this shameless defiance of the Golden Rule is, in other, more famous words, a "giant leap for mankind". We are not on the moon, however, and such surgical disposal of ourselves by ourselves will prove to be even less than "one small step for man". Such de-sensitization, such increasingly callous disregard for human life, its denial of personal responsibility for our sex lives and the use of cold-blooded murder to dispense with the inconveniences of life itself … this is such an open-ended question, such a scientifically defended new direction for all of mankind, such an "about-face" to our civilization that its vaunted claims to Progress demand a profound re-examination. In other words, where will we end up with legalized abortion? Where will such mass infanticide take us?

The Progressive Everything and Progressive Everyone, including Progressive economics and economists, all point to the fastest lowering of poverty and crime rates in American history, and all due to legalized abortion.

Hmmm … those who don't even have to point to the effectiveness of murder when dealing with a problem, an obstacle to their own Progress, they are usually gangsters.

These gangsters, the Godfathers particularly, are in charge.

It is simply "Problem solved!"

Now, with Roe v. Wade, still a law of the land, the Progressives are in charge.

Not so long ago, we heard the Feminist Challenge: "What is this love affair America has with the fetus?!"

The Clinton administration's Surgeon General, Joycelyn Elders, said something like that. One obvious answer to the Surgeon General's question is, "What is this love affair that Progressives have with legalized murder?"

Should pro-life candidate for the Presidency, Senator John McCain, lose, and should Obama win the coming election, instead of Hillary Clinton, this troubling fact still remains: The last time the Democratic Party called inhumanity and inhumane behavior "Progress" was when slavery existed and that Party's sympathies were with the Southern Confederacy.

It is odd that a black man, Senator Barack Obama, is going to pick up where a Dixiecrat family, the Clintons, left off. However, when you consider the African American community's proven desire and ability to triumph in every walk of American life, it is no surprise that the rising tide of Progressive politics should now be led by an African American, a shining graduate of the Ivy League's most Progressive institution, Harvard University.

It was inevitable that Harvard Law would be the white tower that could produce a summa cum laude godfather. Obama has a mind so deft and graceful that it can rationalize mafia-style problem-solving, the Cosa Nostra's penchant for murder. He can persuade us that it is simply "a woman's right". Furthermore, if the lawyer building this "case", so to speak, this line of logic, this justification for murder, if this advocate is also a member of a minority group, as Barack Obama is, and speaks persuasively for women's rights, how can we possibly question him? How can we challenge him without feeling out of step with "Progress" and, to say the least, unpopularily opposed to human rights in general? How can we sanely object?

I came from Dartmouth College, Daniel Webster's old alma mater. Webster created a pretty good dictionary, but he also defended slavery in the South.

Hmmm … so much for the hero of my own alma mater.

Senator John McCain did his graduate study at Walo Prison in North Vietnam, the "Hanoi Hilton", as American prisoners of war called it, the prison camp that held all those American servicemen which our college and university students held in contempt. Some of the professors and Ivy League graduates were teaching our children to hate and abhor American soldiers, Marines and Navy pilots. America was the villain and Jane Fonda the global heroine at the time. She said that she would shoot down the likes of John McCain herself!

Hmmm … some College, the Hanoi Hilton, some graduate school. It certainly taught us, at least those of us who pondered the sacrifice of our military in Vietnam, a lesson or two about "the right stuff".

I had the privilege of portraying a captured Navy pilot in the film Hanoi Hilton. I recall a thank you note from the daughter of a Vietnam veteran of the Hanoi Hilton. She said her father would not talk of the experience.

Little wonder.

Senator John McCain never speaks of it. He doesn't have to. His military record and suffering in the Vietnam War were a training ground which no post-Vietnam, Ivy League graduate could possibly comprehend in full, even in his or her own imagination.

Now we are at war with as avowed an enemy as Communism itself: Islamic extremism. The Progressives would have us leave Iraq! Hillary Clinton says she would do it within "60 days"! She also sneers at the Republicans with the same contempt Jane Fonda showed for veterans of Vietnam.

The Harvard Godfather may think his intelligence and education can be victorious over simple goodness and courage; but, as I've said before about McCain and Obama, the brilliance of a military genius like General Robert E. Lee did not out-maneuver the simple goodness and courage of a flawed General Ulysses S. Grant fighting for a just cause and on the right side of the battle line.

After the American, bi-partisan, political "Machine" will have given Hillary her four years – yes, she's going to end up our President regardless of whom America actually votes for – after the Clintons' single term return, Senator McCain or a veteran of war like him will be there in the Oval Office to help America's revival of individual freedom and responsibility … William Colin Powell, perhaps, a veteran of war like McCain, rather like our first President, George Washington. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Moriarty is also running for President of the United States in 2008 as a candidate for the Realists Party. To find out more about Moriarty's presidential campaign, contact rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.





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