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The new Nazism

By Alisa Craddock
web posted March 10, 2008

Late last year, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the bombshell legislation known as SB777.  Far from simply protecting sexually confused or same sex attracted youth from harassment, the measure literally banned any language or condition which would be considered discriminatory to homosexuals, bisexuals and gender confused children.  ‘Mom' and ‘Dad' and ‘husband' and ‘wife', are out.  Bathrooms and locker rooms will no longer be segregated by sex if Johnny thinks he's really a girl inside.  Textbooks must be rewritten to eliminate any discriminatory bias against the "protected class", which means that they will all have to reflect positively on "GLBT's", even if prior to that no mention was made in them of anyone's sexual orientation or "gender identity" because of the inherent bias already within them by virtue of their traditional viewpoint and language.  Said Randy Thomasson, President of Campaign for Children and Families, "The so-called 'public schools' are no longer a safe emotional environment for children.  Under the new law, schoolchildren as young as kindergarten will be sexually indoctrinated and introduced to homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality, over the protests of parents, teachers and even school districts."  Children will be taught that the traditional view of marriage and Christian sexual mores they learned from their parents and pastors are discriminatory, and that they are wrong.  

This prompted a call from CCF and other pro-family groups for parents to pull their children out of public schools and either enroll them in private schools or home school them.  But it didn't take long for the courts to find a way to thwart that.  The case of a couple home schooling their eight children where abuse was suspected, the proceedings of which were confidential, became the case which by its ruling took aim directly at those currently home schooling, and those who may decide to do so in order to protect their children from homosexual indoctrination.  (This family were not associated with the Home School Legal Defense Association, and so, due to the confidentiality of the proceedings, HSLDA didn't find out about it until after the ruling had been made.) The ruling said that parents cannot educate their children at home unless they have the credentials to teach.  Even those working within established home school programs may find themselves being criminally liable under the new ruling.  Most onerous, however, was the judge's blanket ruling that "Parents do not have a constitutional right to home school their children." A petition being generated by the HSLDA states:  "The Court could have restricted its decision to the facts before it, but instead, it issued a broad ruling that effectively outlaws home education in California. The Court also certified its decision for publication, which means that the decision can now be cited as legal authority by all other courts in California."                                                                                                         

The president of the Pacific Justice Institute decries the decision which he says is "a direct hit against every home schooler in California.  If the state Supreme Court does not reverse this," he said, "there will be nothing to prevent home-school witch hunts from being implemented in every corner of the state of California." 

I have no doubt that a liberal judge had SB 777 in mind, and the pending exodus from public schools to escape it, when he made this far-reaching ruling.  So once again a liberal judge has paved the way for forced indoctrination of California's children.  Does the word "State Babies" mean anything to you?

And yet, Governor Schwarzenegger is shocked by this ruling.  Is he really that naïve?  "Every California child deserves a quality education and parents should have the right to decide what's best for their children," the governor said. "Parents should not be penalized for acting in the best interests of their children's education."  That's commendable, Governor, but don't you think you should have listened when all those pro-family groups were trying to tell you what would happen if you signed that bill?  Were they not also acting then in the best interests of their children?  This is indeed a Parents' Rights issue, but so is SB 777.  "This outrageous ruling [regarding homeschooling] must be overturned by the courts" said Gov. Schwarzenegger, "and if the courts don't protect parents' rights then, as elected officials, we will."

Oh, and just who is going to do that?  The state legislature?  Is that the same state legislature that foisted SB 777 on California families in the first place?  Do you really expect them to overturn the home school ruling?  How are you going to persuade them, Governor?  Threaten to not sign anymore gay friendly bills? 

One wonders if the ordeal of Melissa Busekros and her family in Germany last year is a forewarning of things to come in this country.  Under a law imposed by Adolf Hitler outlawing home schooling (German schools were indoctrination centers, too), Melissa was forcibly removed from her family by a squad of officials consisting of a family court judge, some child welfare workers, and fifteen armed police officers.  She was taken to a psychiatric facility, and a few days later disappeared from there, later to be found in foster care.  Though she was 15 and no longer required to attend school by law, because she had been attending, and because she was being tutored at home in some, and later all, of her subjects, she was forcibly removed, and the authorities were threatening to remove the other children as well, though they were all attending public school as she had been.

All of this is symptomatic of a larger issue that is being ignored:  The gay agenda is the new Nazism.  Christianity is the target.  Homosexuals and their allies have money, organization, and clout, enough power to cow the media, government, private corporations, schools and universities, everyone who might reveal the truth or stand up to  their twisted agenda.  Right now, their main weapon is the threat of lawsuit.  If they are successful in getting the laws passed that they want, ENDA and the Hate Crimes Bill, they will begin immediately to go after the individuals and organizations that have not caved to their agenda using the federal laws to force absolute submission.  The real goal, of course, is left-wing control of everything—in other words, totalitarianism.  But here, in free America, the weapon used to transform the culture and laws to the atheist, socialist dictatorship that is envisioned in the global government plan is homosexual "victimhood".  Under the pretext of protecting homosexuals from "abuse" (read "criticism"), little by little laws are imposed which close like jaws around our freedoms of speech, thought, conscience, religion, association… ESR

Alisa Craddock is a columnist and activist in the culture war, a convert to Catholicism, and describes herself as a Christian Libertarian.  She may be contacted at alisa.craddock at hushmail.com.





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