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Amnesty is back

By John Bender
web posted March 22, 2010

Like the movie villain Jason Voorhees who seems dead at the end of every movie but comes back for the next horror show, amnesty for illegal aliens isn't dead.  It's back! 

Some people thought amnesty was dead when the people rose up against the Bush/Kennedy/McCain amnesty bill and kept it from becoming law.  But they were wrong.  The far left never gives up on a bad idea.  They just keep bringing it back until they can either implement their mischief piecemeal, or have enough scumbags in congress to ram it through.  To them the will of the people, like the Constitution, is just an obstacle to find a way around.

Some people who knew amnesty wasn't really dead thought it was at least dormant for this year.  George W. Bush off is living high on his government pension in Texas. Ted Kennedy is dead, and John McCain struggling to keep his seat in the Senate and Obama has little political capital after ramming socialized medicine down the country's throat. But the left is never lacking for sleazy hacks to push a bad program.  Bush/Kennedy/McCain is back as Obama/Schumer/Graham.

Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer are radical national socialists.  Schumer has a long record of radical anti-Bill of Rights activism and both showed their total distain for the will of the people and for the Constitution when imposing the socialized medicine on the people.

Lindsay Graham is just a political hack who is a disgrace to the Senate and a stain on the state of South Carolina. How this man got enough votes in a conservative state like South Carolina to get re-elected in 2008 running against a much more conservative challenger has to be due to the fact that Graham out spent his opponent; $6,596,229 to $15,202.

The Obama/Schumer/Graham amnesty bill is a particularly vicious attack on the people of the United States because of the dire economic straights the country is in.  These slime balls want to reward criminals who have taken American jobs with amnesty while citizens and legal immigrants are losing their homes, cars, retirement savings because they can't find jobs.

African-Americans and Hispanics are especially hard hit by the financial mess we are in and will suffer the most if Obama/Schumer/Graham passes and forces them to compete for the dwindling number of jobs with millions of criminals who get amnesty.  Legal older workers of all races are unemployed or under employed in greater numbers than younger workers and giving millions of criminals amnesty will make their situation even worse.

The only people who would be helped by the Obama/Schumer/Graham amnesty should there be enough sleazy members of Congress to pass it, are illegal aliens, the criminal employers who hire them instead of legal workers and the pro-criminal groups that harbor and support the criminals.  Everyone else will be hurt to some extent.

Cesar Chavez, the founder of the National Farm Workers Association which later was called the United Farm Workers, knew that legal Hispanics are among the people who are hurt the most by illegal aliens.  Mr. Chavez and the UFW picketed the offices of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, demanding that the INS crack down on illegal aliens.  He encouraged union members to report illegal aliens to law enforcement.

He also had Mexican-Americans patrol the border between Mexico and the U.S. and to encourage people they caught entering the country illegally to turn from their crimes and to go back where they belong.  On at least one occasion, the criminals attacked a patrol group led by Cesar's brother, Manuel Chavez, and the Americans had to launch a counterattack on the criminals. 

Mr. Chavez knew that illegal aliens hurt legal workers by driving down wages and increasing unemployment.  But they also hurt the economy by using more services than they pay taxes for.  Amnesty would increase the drain on our already faltering economy.  One of the most comprehensive studies of the subject showed that just at the federal level illegal aliens cost the economy $10 billion in 2002.  Giving these criminals amnesty would have raised that burden to $29 billion.

That amount is higher today given the increases in so called entitlements since then.  Given the state of the economy, the negative economic impact of amnesty would heap more of a burden on legal workers of all economic levels.

Congress has just raised the length of time people can collect unemployment because the economy is bleeding jobs and legal workers can't find work.  Now these sleazy political hacks want to reward people who broke our laws with amnesty and thereby make it even harder for legal residents to find work.

Americans are losing their homes and depleting their savings because they can't find work.  Americans and legal residents are draining their retirement accounts because they can't find work. Social Security is going broke.  ObamaCare is ripping $500 billion out of the already faltering Medicare program and now these clowns want to make things worse by giving amnesty to illegal aliens.

The American people rose up and stopped the Bush/Kennedy/McCain amnesty from passing.  It's time to rise up and stop the Obama/Schumer/Graham amnesty from passing. ESR

John Bender is a freelance writer living in Texas.






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