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The divine inertia of democracy

By Michael Moriarty
web posted March 1, 2010

I found the filibustering in what will eventually be known as the healthiest revelation of Obama transparency within the obligatory meeting on health care, I finally, after many moments of outraged impatience, found the whole drama quite a revelation about the divinity of democracy.

I personally could not have lasted more than ten minutes in that room. Yes, I would have burst out with an inflammatory set of accusations reminiscent of the legendary "You lie" outburst during President Obama's State of the Union Message.

The five thousand pound gorilla that is, indeed, American democracy is a most splendid, if indeed, corpulently lazy angel.

I couldn't help being reminded of one of the most vocal enemies of democracy in America, Glenn Beck.

He, I expect, would have had more than blood shooting out of his eyes at the Democrats filibustering their way through the meeting, monopolizing the floor time wise – the President himself being the Great Filibusterer – and no substantive resolutions possibly within reach.

That was not the point of the meeting.

All three,  major participants involved – the Democrats, Republicans and the viewing American audience – knew beforehand that the entire encounter was a bipartisan audition for the American People.

The most transparent statement or rather the most revealing remark of the day was the President's admission that the American People are fairly fed-up with Washington!

It was out of that unavoidable admission by the Progressives particularly that this open and universally televised encounter between the two major parties in the Blair House became a reality.

God bless Democracy!!

I feel obliged to pay this tribute because of the skyrocketing popularity of Glenn Beck and his disdain for democracy.

He applauds and cheers an increasingly pure Republic!

Literally translated, Republic means "regarding or in reference to or applicable to the people.

It does not mean that the People are the aristocracy which is what Democracy means.

Republic actually infers an elitism which Glenn Beck always mocks but in actuality profoundly shares with President Obama.

A Republican says, "We will keep the People in mind … but they do not always determine this government's decisions."

Democracy, however, assures the People the ability to fire such a Pure Republican or Progressive – which is just another version of the same elitism – after the Elitist has proven himself to be, rather like both Obama and Beck, looking down on the People.

Beck, like the Democrat Obama, is not what he says he is.

Obama, like Clinton and according to the armor piercing investigations of Glenn Beck, is not a Democrat. He is, to a varying degrees, Radical Progressive – Clinton with a much softer and more persuasively patient touch than Obama.

Beck is not what he says he is, "A libertarian independent."

He's a Radical Republican, a purist when it comes to a ruling elite that he might find acceptable.

Ronald Reagan, of course, would be among the acceptable but not the President because, well, he just wasn't a pure enough Republican.

"Only Glenn Beck is qualified to build a True Republic."

That is the creed lying beneath all of Glenn Beck's Blackboard Lectures.

Here is where our impure, rebellious and bastardized nation called America trumps every purist and kicks them out of office.

If there is one thing all Americans, and I mean all of them, including the Communist Americans, loathe and it is a Purist seeking to implement some kind of Paradigm.

"Join the human race!" seems to be America's unrelentingly repeated message to the rest of the world.

Beck remarked that democracy doesn't really last.

I beg to differ.

Out of all the seesawing, back and forth of Free World politics, the one constant in the tumult is the seesawing itself which is the ultimate essence of any democracy.

Beck obviously feels that the radical swing to the Left with Obama absolutely demands a Beckian Presidency to the Pure Republican Right!

Hmmm … I'm not only not so sure, I do believe the essential necessity is a President such as Sarah Palin whose love of Democracy equals her love of conservative principles.

Voices such as Glenn Beck's and that of the Founding Father whom he most reminds me of, John Adams … "Ouch" cries Mr. Beck, a Jeffersonian … these have made and most certainly keep our country great.

However, voices like Lincoln's and Reagan's and Palin's are what make the United States the most irresistibly firm but loving nation in the history of the entire human race.

God bless the divine inertia of Democracy.

Out of that womb of infuriating stagnation are born the greatness of a Lincoln, a Reagan and what I am most certain will become an historical fact, of President Sarah Palin. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.







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