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Red China

By Michael Moriarty
web posted March 22, 2010

My series on Big Hollywood, Marlon's Mao, has lifted my focus, from the obvious dangers that Obamanomics is placing my former homeland in, to the world's most substantive foe of both Democracy and individual freedom: Red China.

Of course, the self-proclaimed Maoists and Reds within the Obama administration are at the heart of America's most long-term problem: Communism's unrelenting dedication to destroying the West, the Free Market and individual freedom itself.

I have watched as America has responded to this domestic threat, most noticeably in Glenn Beck's intensive series of lessons on the fundamentals of the American Republic, its founding and its history with America's greatest domestic enemy, the 100 year-old, tragically American, Progressive Movement.

With that most prestigious admirer of both Mao Tse Tung and Red China, Dr. Henry Kissinger, the Elitists of Washington Progressivism maintain their "evolutionary" push toward what they obviously consider an acceptable dictatorship now known as The Progressive New Word Order.

With Red China as America's biggest creditor, the entire Free World knows it is increasingly being held by the short-hairs and manipulated by the all-too-willing, Leftist sympathies of America's most radically "Progressive" President, Barack Obama.

At times it seems like a singularly mortal combat between Beck and Obama.

Though I have voiced my concerns, and still will, over the growing possibility of a Third Party Movement spawned by Beckomania, I realize increasingly that it is only Glenn Beck who has placed sufficient gravity within America's truly dire plight and that only he realizes a miracle of God will be required to face a Progressive enemy that not only surrounds the world but has now inhabited the White House.

In all embarrassing honesty, we, the American People, invited the Obama Nation in.

The consequences could prove virtually suicidal, not only to American individual freedom, but world freedom in general.

Hovering over all this, of course, is Red China.

It reminds me of how the imperious French might have viewed the American situation at the Alamo.

There the Mexicans ran over our best and bravest Americans in much the same way Progressives from Wilson to FDR to Clinton to Obama have been reeking havoc on the Declaration of Independence by legalizing abortion and ending the American "inalienable right to life". Then please add to the list of victims, the Constitution of the United States and our traditional concept of state's rights. Finally there is the war-weary Bill of Rights and its continually battered Second Amendment, the right to bear arms which the Progressives repeatedly claim can only apply to government-appointed militia.

As the French cheered on the Mexicans, Red China secretly applauds Obama's virtual disembowelment of the American economy.

If, however, we could survive the Alamo, we can even endure one hundred years of Progressive Elitism.

We lived with 89 years of slavery.

It cost us a Civil War to rid ourselves of it and live up to our original principles, but we paid the price with interest still being paid in white guilt, out of which we were sandbagged by the Marxist, Barack Obama.

The unfortunate new development by the Elitists, however, is their increasing use of bullying, bribery and, in an increasing number of cases, threats of violence, as in ACORN's and SEIU's behavior at peaceful protests.

Returning to my central theme of Red China, this combination of intellectual elitism and violence was best mastered by the greatest butcher of China, Mao Tse Tung, who, in turn, had looked back, not merely at the Russian Revolution, but, even more importantly, at the French Revolution and its liberal use of the guillotine.

The American Revolution versus the French Revolution, their major differences, comprise the clear antagonisms and incipiently violent confrontations between the United States and Red China.

While France's major revolt tore down its connections to Judeo-Christianity, Mao Tse Tung, without even an ounce of Christianity in his background, took his increasingly singular version of Communism and mounted a challenge not just to America but the world and the human race in general.

What is hopeful for the Free World is that during all these decades of Cold War tension between Communism and America, the Red Chinese have not invaded Taiwan.

Kim Jong Il's bellicose North Korea has a history of provocative forays into a free South Korea.

However, for some, possibly Confucian reason, Beijing has left that little, still free island off her southern coast alone.

Meanwhile, the Chinese are no longer starving as they did under Mao particularly, when he chose to steal his nation's rice crops out from under the Chinese farmers' care and sell them to the Soviet Union for weapons to terrify the rest of the world.

Like the thug's vindication because "da world don't give me no respect!" Mao, with Buddhist and Confucian veneer, had even America fawning, particularly one of the greatest admirers of Mao, Dr. Henry Kissinger. So, in light of these repeatedly insistent connections between Mao and Kissinger, my ESR series on Red China, rather like my Big Hollywood series on Marlon's Mao might have been called Mao's Kissinger.

On the other hand, simply Red China encompasses not only the subject but the solution as well.

Eliminate the Red and we joyously, triumphantly celebrate the rebirth of an eventually free, self-sufficient and proud nation of over one billion, independent and resilient human beings: China! ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.






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