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Heroes vs. statists

By John Bender
web posted March 11, 2013

Three Florida high school students riding the school bus home from their government school disarmed a thug who was pointing a loaded gun at a fellow student and threatening to kill him.  The three heroes were suspended by the air-head bureaucrat the school calls a principal.

The story isn't getting any attention in the establishment media.  It doesn't advance their anti-Bill of Rights agenda.  There is no bloody body to exploit to advance their radical campaign against the Second Amendment.   The leftists don't care about the reprehensible injustice done these young heroes. 

The statist, establishment media and statist politicians love stories with dead bodies, especially ones with dead children.  Some of the worst hacks in both the political class and their toadies in the establishment media are almost orgasmic when they have a multiple killing they can exploit to advance their radical agenda.  They need those stories to advance their war on the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.  Stories about incidents like the Cypress Lake High School students in Fort Myers, Florida who disarmed the thug aren't of any interest to the statist media or the radical politicians and bureaucrats. 

 Sure, the local establishment media outlets will mention the story.  Too many local people know about it or will hear about it to just ignore it.  The new media will also cover it.  The well informed populous who gets their news online will know about the story.  The low information population who still gets their news from the establishment networks and print media will never hear about a story like this.

It is those low information individuals who the statists depend on for their power and to advance their radical agenda.  It is the ill-informed, low information, population that believes gun control makes them safe, still believes the global warming hoax, believes the TSA makes flying safer, believes the government can borrow its way out of debt,  believes the "employees must wash hands" signs keeps flecks of pee off their cheeseburgers, and believes that Anna Nicole Smith married for love.

But there is more to this story.   For the statist these heroes' crime was taking responsibility for their own safety and the safety of another rather than passively doing nothing until a government employee took care of the situation.  That type of mindset cannot be tolerated in the statist utopia.  Their suspensions are not just punishment for saving another child's life.  The suspensions are a warning to the rest of the students in the district who might harbor ideas of personal responsibility or self-defense.

People like these three heroes do not need a bureaucrat to take care of them.  Therefore, people like these boys are a threat to the nanny state and to the power it bestows on the ruling political class and their operatives working in the government agencies.  People like these young heroes are not just a threat to the statists' anti-Second Amendment agenda they are a potential threat to the entire nanny state.

Another example of the statists' fight against developing individuals who take personal responsibility for their lives is the new hand wringing over bullying and the ridiculous way the statists want children to handle bullies.  Children are told to tell a classroom bureaucrat or administrative bureaucrat if they are bullied in a government school.  In their down the rabbit hole world if a child is attacked and fights back to defend himself, government school bureaucrats punish the victim the same way they punish the attacker.

This does nothing to stop bullying.  The policy isn't intended to stop it.  Contrary to what the bureaucrats claim, the policy is intended to condition children to depend on government agents for their wellbeing and safety.

Growing up in the 50's we handled bullies without involving the government.  We fought back.

Bullies in my inner-city neighborhood either changed their ways or had to continually find new targets as guys got sick of being pushed around and gave them a sound beating.  Back then, even in our government school kids didn't get in trouble for defending themselves.  When there was a fight at school, only the person who started the fight got in any trouble.

But getting back to our three young heroes, I'd like to see Governor Rick Scott invite those boys to Tallahassee and give them an award for bravery and civic service by saving another student's life.  Governor Scott should have full press coverage of the awards ceremony and should use his influence to get Disney World to invite the boys and their parents to spend three days at the park as honored guests.

Glenn Beck, Hannity, Mark Levin, and other new media journalists should invite these young heroes to appear on their shows and hold them up as examples of responsible youth.  The NRA and other civil rights groups should invite them to their national conventions.  CPAC should give them free tickets to their convention.

I'd also like to see the parents whose children attend Cypress Lake High School demand that the school board fire the airhead principal, Tracy Perkins.  Their kids deserve someone with more sense than she has to run the school.  The parents should let the board members know that anyone who votes to retain Perkins on the government payroll will be voted out in the next election.

These young heroes should be held up as examples of good citizenship.  Tracy Perkins should become the poster child example of one of the things wrong in government schools.  No child should have to attend an institution run be someone who thinks saving a life deserves punishment. ESR

John Bender is a freelance writer living in Dallas, Texas.  He is a former staff writer for EtherZone.com and his columns have appeared in various print and internet publications. His work has been cited by Rush Limbaugh and he has been a guest on various radio talk shows including the David Gold Show, the Mark Davis Show, and the Armstrong Williams show. John Bender can be reached at: bender@texas.usa.com.





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