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When exactly does winning start?

By Robert T. Smith
web posted March 27, 2017

President Trump infamously ensured us on many past occasions that we would win so much, we would get tired of winning.  Nobody I know who supported Mr. Trump is tired of winning yet, many are still waiting for that to start, and if we are in a period of winning it certainly feels strangely like losing.

Antithetical to the notion of winning, Chuck Schumer still seems to run the Senate schedule and activities as the minority leader.  Worse, the Democrat-lite establishment Republicans, aka Paul Ryan and his henchhorts still run the House legislative twig and continue to clearly be no fans of Mr. Trump and his base supporters.  Most egregiously, the denizens of the Washington swamp now appear even more animated, emboldend, and active, even crawling out of the darkness to thwart the will of we the people who just had an election to pick the direction our country may meander towards. 

The apparent trivial promise of building a great wall and Mexico will pay for it seems to have morphed into Americans paying for the wall in the President’s recently release budget, that may or may not happen since it is now in the legislative budgetary mix.  Sean Spicer is probably a nice fellow, but staggeringly ill-equipped with the necessary verbal communication skills to parry and thwart the Democrat party propaganda arm mainstream media.  The list can go on ad infinitum...not feeling the winning. 

We will repeal and replace Obamacare has been the mantra and a keystone promise for repetitive election victories handed to the Republicans by we the people.  Since semantics appears in play, synonyms for repeal include abolish, cancel, annul, revoke, the old pulled out root and branch approach we have heard talked about so much over the past number of years from our fearless representatives. The backroom deal Ryancare plan strangely does not seem to fit into the definition of repeal at all, even though we have a take it or leave it...only train leaving the station kind of offer from the now feckless chief administrator and the establishment Republicans.   

Worse than simply not repealing and replacing the Obamanation called the Affordable Care Act is the repulsive Democrat ploy of naming a law something that it in no way represents.  Ryancare is not repeal and replace.  Incapable of moving the ball forward now that we the people have provided the house, senate, and presidency, watching the antics of Paul Ryan actually losing ground on a Republican agenda is akin to watching his namesake in the Superbowl drop back to pass, scramble backwards and get sacked for a significant loss of yardage, and move out of range for any score at all, even a field goal.  The Republican Party is now the political equivalent of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons.  Still not feeling the winning.

As an alternative to losing, let’s demolition the failed edifice called Obamacare, haul off the pile of rubble and bury it in perpetuity in a waste landfill, perhaps in the Socialist Republic of California as a fitting end.  Being decent, caring people, we should allow the collectivist supporters a place on the ground to worship its demise.

In its place, we build a free market health care system for the vast majority of Americans who can afford health insurance.  For those minor number of Americans who have special considerations or financial issues, we certainly can provide for their care under something not called insurance, since it is not. 

Unlike the big thinkers in Washington, just spit-balling a plan we can use the model of our food supply system.  Imagine competing grocery stores who have various food products that consumers wish to buy.  The government does not dictate or force the grocery store to provide any item, the grocery store stocks and sells what the consumers want at a price they are willing to pay.  Even better, we the consumers have the ability of choosing which grocery store to get the best deal for ourselves individually, and what to buy or not buy, all without the benevolent help of a single government buerocrat.

But no, say the Republicans, we told you we had the house but needed the Senate, then we needed the presidency, but now we can’t do this because of Senate rules.  “We can’t do this because” is a phrase never said by any Democrat.  Obamacare was passed with bait and switch, underhanded dealings and likely even a stolen senate election. 

Put out the free-market Republican plan, pass it in the house, nuclear option it in the senate and let the Democrats remonstrate, wail and cry non-stop, until they realize that we the people like a bit of freedom and nobody is dying in the streets.  Then if the Democrats should ever regain control of the federal government, let it be on them to change a popular plan at their own risk.  How about we try it, let’s call it winning. ESR        

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.



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