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On gun control and birth control: The danger of legislating misplaced ideology and stunning ignorance

By Charlotte B. Cerminaro
web posted March 15, 2021

If a large nationwide sample of people could be polled and those who self-identify as "Pro Gun Control" were asked why, specifically, they want further restrictions placed on law-abiding owners and buyers, we would get thousands of different answers. Their bias is based on leftist "sound-byte rhetoric", on false statistics and not facts. When students and teachers at a large, public university were asked why they wanted a total ban on assault rifles, not one of them could even describe an assault rifle, let alone why they wanted them banned. They couldn't cite one firearm fact or crime statistic.

In a recent experiment, a group of actors who all claimed to be "anti-gun" activists did a casting call in front of a camera. They read lines that were actually facts and figures on national and global crime, specifically gun crimes. The statistics from the CDC and WHO were surprising and as the facts began to spill out, the actors' shocked reactions reflected the complete ignorance of so many militant idealists lately, with no sense of responsibility or knowledge of the facts in their strongly-held, dogmatic beliefs.

The glaringly simple and stark evidence--ignored by politicians and activists--bears a cautionary tale: The vast majority of gun violence worldwide occurs in "gun free" zones. In Switzerland there is virtually no gun legislation at all. About a third of its citizens have firearms, yet each year their gun violence statistics are pretty much the same: 0%. In the US, according to the CDC the number of murders committed with knives is five times the number from guns. Between 1993-2003, there was a 56% increase in gun ownership and a 50% drop in gun violence. The US is ranked first place, globally, for gun ownership and ranks 28th place for gun violence. If we look at worldwide trends in mass violence, especially countries where there are draconian laws and gun bans like China, the perspective is alarming. Since 2010 the number of deadly attacks on Chinese schoolchildren has continued to climb. In the year 2020 there were two separate incidents, (attackers wielding items like hammers, cleavers and knives) one in which seven people were killed, including teachers, administrators and students, seven others severely injured. Over this past decade, knife wielding attackers have done unthinkable damage in Chinese elementary schools without using one firearm, sometimes killing and injuring three dozen adults and children in one 15 minute attack.

The topic of birth control, or rather abortion as a means of birth control, has a number of strange parallels to gun control. The first is ignorance, mostly but not exclusively of its proponents. The second is increasingly complex legislation as a futile and misplaced attempt to "protect" people. What is ultimately a moral and medical issue has become, like almost everything else, political. There are many very effective means of birth control and, that being said, abortion should not be considered first-line contraception.If, instead of drag queen day and pole dancing, practical and comprehensive biology was taught in public schools, females (and their mates) would have a working knowledge of their body functions and reactions. Protection from unwanted pregnancy and STIs would be automatic, natural behavior. They wouldn't have to rely on the government or Planned Parenthood before they're even ready to start their own families. In the days when teenage girls were told, "Nice girls don't want that!" such was the shame and fear, the lies that led to back-room abortions in the first place. This kind of superstitious, backward-thinking denial is what modern science has worked hard to dispel; the deep, muddy waters of government legislation is a new threat, branching out and reaching into areas considered sacrosanct.

Since old testament times the understanding of various life cycles, from the lower creatures to humans, was quite sophisticated. Monthly cycles of fertility and desire were carefully tracked and followed, to either achieve or avoid conception. We now know that there is a biological, hormonal basis for this which benefits reproductive health and overall wellbeing.

For some women who find that synthetic hormones used for birth control have problematic side effects, there are non-invasive ways to avoid conception and keep track of fertility. Around 5 or 6 days before ovulating, the blood levels of a potent steroid, Estradiol, start rising quickly. The elevated hormones (around 300% higher) during this week cause interest in sexual activity to increase and corresponds to a peak in fertility. Knowing this, couples can abstain for a week, but many prefer to engage in "safe" sexual activity that cannot cause conception. A small spike in body temperature precedes the follicle burst, which is usually accompanied by Mittelschmertz (ovulation pain). Within ~24 hrs, the fertile window is closed. The physical signs are quite recognizable and simple to follow. Taking a pill every day is simple and highly effective as well--occasional side effects notwithstanding. For birth control, preventive options are easier and safer than elective abortion.

Before every major geopolitical revolution and subsequent war in the past century, the same pattern of draconian laws and tighter restrictions played out. It was always, ostensibly, for the "safety" and "protection" of the citizens, while ignoring or closing down all debate and any other reasonable alternatives. Without showing any benefit to the general public and its citizens, laws are now enacted without a vote, recourse or exception. Such totalitarianism, whether beneficial or not, is the defining feature of a "non-Republic" state and leadership.

The overarching responsibility of government is to protect certain rights. Repeated in the Bill of Rights are the phrases, shall make no law, prohibiting the free exercise thereof, and these rights shall not be infringed. According to Constitutional and Biblical law, our rights are granted by our Creator, not by any government or other human institution. They are a birthright, a sacred responsibility that is unique to, and inseparable from, our nature and place in this world.

Knowledge of this responsibility is a guard against ignorance and a protection for our posterity. ESR

Charlotte B. Cerminaro is a Juilliard-trained classical musician who, in addition to being a studio and orchestral musician, enjoys writing and has a degree in Molecular Biology. © 2021




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