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Demos arrange DC military service ribbons

By Mark Alexander
web posted March 15, 2021

Since the January Capitol mini-riot, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) have delivered stellar political performances, even imposing a military occupation of our nation's capital and surrounding the Capitol building with high-security checkpoints through fences topped with concertina wire. Frankly, architect William Thornton's beautiful 19th-century neoclassic masterpiece now looks more like a maximum security prison — and given the felonious behavior of many leftist politicos occupying the building, that's altogether fitting.

The Pelosi-Schumer script is truly an award winner. In February, they disgracefully bookended their $500 million theatrical impeachment production with a Capitol Police officer's funeral on the front end and a Congressional Gold Medal for the entire department on the back end.

Of course, the $500 million was the taxpayer-funded tab for the security props around the movie set. The Demo cast is hoping for a big return at the (ballot) box office for their harrowing stories of hiding in bathrooms.

The political theater reconfirms the Demos' penchant for double standards, in this case regarding the condemnation of riots and the prosecution of rioters. As historian Victor Davis Hanson confirmed, the nation endured "100 days of torching federal court houses and police precincts, 700 policeman injured, 40 people dead, $4-$5 billion in damages..." That notwithstanding, not only was there not universal condemnation from Demos, but in many cases there was actually support for the violence — including from our current vice president, who this past summer said, "They're not gonna let up, and they should not."

However, on January 6th, the Demos finally found a riot they could condemn.

As I have previously observed, despite their incessant claims of "systemic racism" and relentless accusations that cops are racist — resulting in unprecedented violence against police — now, in addition to finding a police officer they could finally praise, the hate hustlers found an entire police department they could reward with a Congressional Gold Medal.

According to Pelosi, "That day, those men and women risked and gave their lives to save ours, becoming martyrs for our democracy."

Well, what about all the other police officers across the nation who have risked and given their lives in defense of the little people this past year — defending them against urban leftists who were incited to violence by Democrats? Again, "700 policeman injured, 40 people dead." What medals will they receive?

Regarding the lack of praise — the deafening silence of Demo support for federal, state, and local officers across the nation — Federal Protective Service officer Jeremy Russey says, "Mum's the word." He noted they have been protecting federal buildings in Portland, Washington, battling rioters constantly: "We're going on almost a year now."

According to former Trump administration Department of Homeland Security senior deputy Ken Cuccinelli, "When federal police officers protect against months of left wing assaults, they are Nazi 'storm troopers' to Nancy Pelosi, but when federal police officers protect Nancy Pelosi against right of center assault, they are heroes? I think they are all heroes..."

Capitol Police union head Gus Papathanasiou ads that "all of law enforcement needs to be recognized. Support for law enforcement should never be a political issue. We put our lives on the line every single day to serve and protect."

Waiting on Pelosi to amend her Gold Medal proposal... Still waiting...

Post-impeachment, in order to maintain their full-on marketing push to keep the DC mini-riot front and center, Pelosi announced a "9/11-Type commission," headed by an ultra-left lunatic, Russel Honoré.

Then came dire warnings of the 04 March "terrorist threat," when Pelosi and her cast canceled their session and fled the Capitol building.

But it was clear the Pelosi "Capitol threat" hype was, in the words of The Washington Post, "A mirage." According to WaPo: "Outside the fence, the neighborhood's streets were quiet. People walked their dogs in the morning sun and masked students sat on steps drinking coffee. ... The oppressive security measures have become increasingly controversial in recent weeks, particularly among the people who have to live with them every day." Once the charade was exposed, even Pelosi "played down the decision to suspend votes, arguing that the move was as much about accommodating Republicans attending an annual retreat as it was about any possible danger."

Apparently in WaPo-ese, "mirage" is a metaphor for "bulls—t."

That notwithstanding, this week the aforementioned hare-brained Honoré showed up on Capitol Hill to brief the thespians on imminent threats and necessary security measures, including options such as a military "quick reaction force" and "mobile fencing," and a host of other measures like adding 900 additional Capitol Police for daily operations.

Honoré also called for Capitol Police to conduct much better background checks, presumably so that Trump supporters like deceased officer Brian Sicknick would not pass muster.

Expressing the feelings of his fellow guild members, Rep. Peter Aguilar (D-CA) fearfully declared, "Clearly, the need to act soon is upon us."

Further, and much to the dismay of National Guard commanders, the Chicken Little Demo doomsayers used a Capitol Police request for cover to get Pentagon approval for a two-month extension of "military protection" in DC, reducing the number of personnel from 5,200 to 2,300.

For the record, I still believe Demos are baiting additional violence.

Finally, to elevate the theatrical optics of the Capitol military deployment, somebody in the Demo ranks arranged for some special military awards.

The director of Joint Task Force-DC Joint Information Center announced the issuance of new service ribbons for DC deployment: "In recognition of their service as part of the security mission at the U.S. Capitol and other facilities in Washington, D.C., before, during and after the 59th Presidential Inauguration, the District of Columbia National Guard plans to present all Soldiers and Airmen who took part in the mission one or both of the following decorations: the District of Columbia National Guard Presidential Inauguration Support Ribbon and/or the District of Columbia Emergency Service Ribbon." He added, "Plans for their presentation are not yet final. Other federal decorations are also being considered."

For the record, not one of the 73,000 Americans who landed or air-dropped at Normandy on D-Day, including the 2,503 soldiers killed and estimated 4,100 wounded, received a "D-Day" service ribbon.

Likewise, not one of the 110,000 American military personnel involved in the pivotal battle of Iwo Jima six months later, including the 6,871 Marines killed and estimated 19,200 wounded, received an "Iwo Jima" service ribbon.

I do not fault the uniformed men and women who are still on station in DC — most of whom likely share many of the views expressed herein. They are unwitting pawns in the Democrats' political charade.

However, the Demos behind the politicization of military service ribbons, which devalues all such ribbons and medals, deserve to be excoriated.

Get ready for the next melodramatic scene. ESR

Mark Alexander is the executive editor of the Patriot Post.




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