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A skeptic asks: In our global energy crisis, who speaks for mankind?

By Charlotte B. Cerminaro
web posted March 11, 2024

Nikola TeslaIn 2018, nearly 75 years after the death of Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla, portions of the documents, schematics and machinery seized from his residence were finally declassified by the FBI and released to the public. One of the most prolific inventors and influential scientists in history, he transformed many theoretical ideas into technological advancement. Among his countless inventions: The first AC electrical system (more efficient than Edison's direct current); AC powered generators and motors; machinery that uses rotating magnetic field currents (early MRI technology); practical applications for x-rays in medical science; transmitting electromagnetic energy to broadcast on infinite wireless channels, for remote guidance systems and of course, the Tesla coil. Of a practical nature, these designs were intended to benefit humanity.

With the advent of quantum theory by physicist Max Planck in 1900, the working scientific model of the universe was completely upended. Neils Bohr was famously quoted, "If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you, you haven't understood it yet." The theory explains what we already seem to know: The universe isn't just teeming with energy, it is energy. In their elemental state, matter and energy are identical and interchangeable, the perpetual motion of interactive particle-waves. Infinitesimal subatomic particles – known as quanta – uniformly comprise all matter and energy in the known universe. Like some primordial substance of creation itself, they lack differentiation and locality. Thus, it is everywhere...and nowhere.

Now understood as more than a theoretical constant, energy is a ubiquitous commodity. Quantum physicists such as Richard Feynman and John Wheeler have calculated the electromagnetic (EM) energy emitted by common subatomic particles such as photons and electrons. One of the first scientists to recognize the staggering implications of quantum mechanics – specifically, Zero-point energy, Tesla's intuitive grasp of these strange new concepts put him in a rare position to design and engineer groundbreaking technological applications.

The term 'Zero-point energy' refers to "ground state", an atom or compound's most stable form. In this state, all electrons are in the lowest possible orbit, close to the nucleus. They do not emit excess energy and therefore, energy levels are safe and not prone to instability or decay. As we approach Zero-point energy, a single grain of table salt can power a large household for several years. This simple compound of sodium and chloride ions (Na+ Cl-) contains clean EM energy from its orbiting electrons. The crystalline form is highly stable; decay is negligible. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. With the technological capability to safely harness subatomic energy, there is an incomprehensibility about our nuclear power program – particularly the utilization of massive radioactive isotopes that produce dangerously unstable energy.

One area of particular interest in the search for clean energy is quantum electrodynamics, a branch of quantum theory specific to atmospheric energy and motion. Late in the 1920's, Tesla discovered that there are infinite EM interactions between photons, electrons, and atmospheric nitrogen and oxygen. These subatomic particles in the atmosphere are in constant motion, also interacting with natural geomagnetic forces to create oscillations and waves of even higher intensity.

After countless experiments, Tesla had blueprints for a feat of technological engineering that we still consider impossible today. Funded by JP Morgan and several other wealthy nvestors, he built "conduction poles" that naturally attracted the abundant atmospheric energy and transmitted it wirelessly to other poles containing AC circuits. He effectively created a working power grid with virtually unlimited clean energy. The funding also included a large broadcasting tower on Long Island for wireless transmission and communication on unlimited channels.

With further refinement of these designs, our global energy problems – costly, limited resources, market instability, polluting byproducts, damage to ecosystems, the exploitation and often unsafe modes of resource extraction – would probably be nonexistent. Unfortunately, during WWII there was increasing fear within the US government that these structures were being used by the Germans, or that the technology would fall into German hands. The prototypes were leveled and their schematics are among the hundreds of documents that the FBI has reported as "missing".

It would be easy to write off as yet another conspiracy theory, but I am reminded of President John F. Kennedy's words, from one of his most famous speeches. The gravity of this message is further weighed by his educated and well-informed intellect; it must give us pause. An imponderable specter is raised, and it beckons us to look. To see. Only one question comes to mind, its relevance now all-too-clear: Who speaks for mankind? ESR

Charlotte B. Cerminaro is a Juilliard-trained classical musician  and recording artist. In her free time she enjoys writing and regularly  contributes to Enter Stage Right and she attained a Bachelor's Degree in Molecular Biology.


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