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Republican Leftism: Beans to our borders!

By Steve Farrell
web posted April 1, 2002

To the left, to the left, to the left the Republican Party goes.

Once upon a time, like many of you, this writer was of the opinion that the platform of the Republican Party was consistent with his moral and political view of the universe, that is, consistent with Christian and Constitutional values, those core values at the foundation of our great Republic and free government everywhere.

Was I ever deluded!

The proof is profuse. Daily it deepens. Republican duplicity, e.g. the party's pretended conservatism, its pretended constitutionalism, its pretended morality are fast becoming such a joke that it is no longer funny to relate - such a threat to our liberties that Osama bin Laden ought to be demoted to an also-ran.

I say pretended, and that is what I mean. Ever since the 1990's, when the Republican Party embraced the politics of the Third Way, Republican's have become convinced that their really is something as crazy as a safe middle-ground, no, a superior, progressive, avant-garde middle ground between Communism and Capitalism, a middle ground the Party strategically renamed in the year 2000 – "Compassionate Conservatism."

Now, write this down in stone: For educated men to believe in something as far-fetched as a safe, superior, progressive, avant-garde middle ground between Communism and Capitalism they must be willing to lie, and they must be in fact liars. Or to approach the object from another angle, the party which chooses to be ideologically in the middle must insure that every speech, every piece of legislation, dribbles out of both sides of the mouth, so as to appease Communist and Capitalist, Atheist and Christian, Alien and Citizen, Genius and Ignoramus.

Where am I going with this? The Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Act, is where. Proposed by the President, and passed in the House as H.R. 1885, and currently before the Senate, this bill has done what only a Republican Party dedicated to the Third Way could do: masquerade as a tighten up our borders national security enhancement bill (in response to September 11), while slipping in, that's right, slipping in a nefarious provision which undermines our security, opens up our borders, and spits on our laws.

Maybe you've heard about it already, but let me drive this home. Provision 245(i) grants amnesty to hundred of thousands of illegal immigrants, thus permitting illegals - read that lawbreakers, read that criminals, read that an unknown number of terrorists and sleepers, read that Freddy-the-freeloaders of the ilk who overload our prisons, our hospitals, our schools, and our social services at your expense, read that doctrinaire degenerates educated in the socialist philosophy of their homelands - permitting such as these, then, to stay in our country, to be granted full US citizenship, and to side-step, no, defy the law and the regular visa requirements everyone else must obey.

Or to put it as the American Conservative Union did: this provision "effectively reward[s] law-breakers, [and] is . . . contrary to the security precautions being taken by our government designed to ensure that a thorough background check is conducted on immigrants BEFORE they enter the country, not after." (1)

So what gives anyone the chutzpa, especially after September 11th, to call such a bill "The Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Act"? Well, here's the answer, though you may not like it. Compassionate Conservatives are liars. Let me say it again, Compassionate Conservatives are liars and deceivers. And I say that in earnest, because Compassionate Conservatism, you should remember, attempts to use capitalism's deep pocketbook to pay for communism's love for your neighbor, yes, your poor neighbor, yes, your poor socialist neighbor.

Now, I concede, such a proposal makes no sense; it defies logic; but it does make sense, and it is logical if you are a Marxist. It was communist founder Karl Marx who preached borderless societies because his dream was to have "the workers of the world unite." Few things serve that particular agenda better than making it illegal for a free state to regulate the flow and the quality of immigrants. Few things serve that agenda better than to flood a free nation with millions upon millions of people who do not share the common religious, cultural, and education values of that free nation.

Thank the GOP, the party of Grand Ole Prevaricators.

Action Footnote

Before the Senate votes, and/or, the President signs H.R. 1885 into law, let your Senator and your President know how you feel about provision 245(i) via www.conservative.org

Contact Steve at cyours76@yahoo.com.

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