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Barack Obama is a condescending, paternalistic, liberal elitist

By Charles Bloomer
web posted April 21, 2008

Barack ObamaWho would have guessed?

Recently, presidential candidate Barack Obama made a statement that further revealed that he is an elitist Liberal.  At a private fundraiser in Liberal Marin County, California, Obama stated that in reaction to economic difficulties and job loss, Americans "get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them…."   Harsh criticism was swift in coming from, of all people, Hillary Clinton.  Clinton called Obama's statement "elitist" and "condescending".

What I don't understand is why anyone was surprised that a hardcore Liberal like Obama would make such a statement.  What Obama actually did was express the basic, fundamental philosophy of Liberalism, a philosophy that believes that Big Government is a better solution to every human problem, better than God, religion, or individual self-reliance.

Liberals are so convinced of the rightness of their position and way of thinking, they cannot conceive of any way anyone could think differently  Liberals are so convinced of their own concept of "general welfare", they can't imagine why people aren't standing in line waiting for the benevolent nanny-state to give them what they need to cure all their ills.  Liberals are at a loss to understand why some people would want to be self-reliant individuals, independent and free, instead of relying on the elitist do-gooders in government to solve all their problems.  Liberals are absolutely convinced that they know best what is good for you – and that Big Government is the best vehicle with which to deliver all this goodness.

Every good Liberal knows that God Himself is not going to personally show up at your doorstep when you run into problems.  The Good Lord is not going to deposit money into your bank account when you experience economic hardship.

So why "cling" to your religion when the benevolent nanny-state government is right here, right now, ready to extend a helping had to lift you from your trials and tribulation?  All you have to do is ask – and fill out a few forms and wait in a few lines and deal with a few sympathetic bureaucrats.

Why "cling" to your religion in the face of a changing economy?  It is a basic tenet of Liberal philosophy that government is more effective at helping people than are the churches – mainly because the government does not have to rely on voluntary donations.  The government just makes the "rich" pay more taxes.  Paying taxes is not voluntary (despite what Sen. Harry Reid says).

"Cling" to your guns?  How sacrilegious!  (Well, sacrilegious only in that it violates the Left's religion of do-gooder Liberalism.)  Liberals know you don't need guns, only the chosen elite should have guns (just ask Sarah Brady or Rosie O'Donnell).  The same benevolent government that cares for you during economic difficulties also benevolently protects you.  The local police, sheriff, state police, the FBI, U.S. Marshals all carry guns so that you don't need to.  What about the Second Amendment?  Quaint and out-dated.  Besides, that relic only applies to state-run militias.  Just ask the mayors of Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York.  "The people" don't really have a right to own guns.  Only the elite have that right.

Obama believes, as do other Liberals, that when the going gets tough, Americans "cling" to antipathy toward people who aren't like them.  To Liberals, life is always "us versus them", oppressed and oppressors, victims and victimizers.  Hardships don't just happen.  Every bad thing that befalls us is the fault of someone else.  And that someone else is always someone different from us.  Liberals such as Obama believe it is perfectly normal to stereotype others, to dislike other groups and blame them for problems.  Maybe it is Obama's clinging to antipathy of people who aren't like him that explains why Obama has attended the same all Black church for the past 20 years.

Barack Obama's elitist, paternalistic, condescending statement could have come from any modern Liberal.  Howard Dean made a similar statement during his run  for the presidency.  When discussing how to appeal to Southern voters – those rednecks with "Confederate flags on their pick-ups" – Dean said you have to address their issues of "God, guns, and gays".  Dean did not understand why those rubes down south couldn't be won over by such brilliant Liberal ideas such as more Big Government, abortion on demand, and generous social welfare programs.  He never understood that people in the South and the rest of fly-over country didn't want a nanny-state to take care of them.  He never grasped the concept of respect for the Constitution and the protections of religion and gun ownership.

As president, Bill Clinton opened the window on the Liberal elitist mindset when he declared that Americans wouldn't get a tax cut because Clinton couldn't be sure  Americans would use the money the "right way".  Putting Hillary in charge of the attempted take-over of the US healthcare system is classic Liberal do-gooder elitism, as are today's plans for "universal" healthcare.

What Barack Obama has done is shined a bright light on Liberal thinking.  First, you are too stupid to take care of yourself.  Don't worry, we will give you free healthcare and bail you out of your foreclosure.  We'll protect you from evil corporations, greedy oil companies, and mean pharmaceutical gougers.  Second, don't cling to religion.  You don't need religion or churches when you have problems.  All you need is us, the elites who run the government.  Third, don't cling to your guns.  Guns are bad.  You might hurt yourself.  Fourth, antipathy is not good.  Hanging out with people similar to yourself is not good.  We will provide all the sensitivity training to make you appreciate diversity and multi-culturalism.  We should all celebrate our differences.

In a nutshell, the Liberal credo is:  We are Elites.  Trust us, we know what's best for you – because you are stupid. ESR

Charles Bloomer is a Contributing Editor for Enter Stage Right.  His website is Liberty Call U.S. © 2008 by Charles Bloomer





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