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Lies, damn lies, and Hillary Clinton

By J.J. Jackson
web posted April 14, 2008

Liberals are still out there fighting hard for socialized medicine because it is just one more way for them to get their hands in your pockets and micromanage your life.  And what is wrong with a little, itsy bitsy, teeny-weenie white lie along the way to help further their goal right?

Hillary ClintonBryan Holman was just trying to do his part for the motherland when he hosted Hillary Clinton at his home in Pomeroy, Ohio.  And he had his tale of woe all ready for when she walked through his door and graced him with her presence.  His story, which he had heard second hand and which he relayed to Clinton, was a tear jerking tale of a pregnant woman turned away by a cruel hospital for not having insurance, being unable to fork over $100 and who eventually lost her child due to complications after being rushed back in an ambulance.  And what is worse, she died herself.

Right now you have to wonder what is really so wrong with this story from a liberal's point of view.  They don't believe that there is anything wrong with murdering children as they are active proponents of abortion on demand.  Many of them also run around talking about how we have too many people on this planet and, like Ted Turner, think we'll have to turn to cannibalism when the population bomb goes off.  So rather than lamenting these losses logically they should be celebrating it and offering the hospital the keys to the city for aiding in the pending population crisis.

Instead however they are up in arms.  Rather than rejoicing they are angry because being angry in their mind is a reason to promote the caring, bloated hand of government intruding into our health care system.  Consistency be damned.  Politics and power are more important.

But there is a problem with the story in that the story was downright false.  What's that you say?  A liberal lying for the sake of power?  No, you have to be joking!  They would never, ever do that!

In the latest tall tale of Hillary Clinton and hot on the heels of her fictitious story about dodging sniper fire, she has been caught once again with a nose longer than Pinocchio after a night of ruckus fun and then trying to deny his whereabouts to Gepetto.  Yes, Hillary has been jetting around the campaign trail telling this latest fish story for no other reason than it fits the narrative she wants to tell.  Such a narrative is one of an impending disaster, evil HMOs, wicked hospitals and millions of people suffering and even dying left and right because they don't have health insurance that will cover every booboo they might get.

Steve Brusk of CNN however did a fine job of solidifying his position as a member of the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" by daring to defy Clinton, actually tracking down the truth of a story that Hillary Clinton called "so wrong" and, even worse, reporting on it.  How prophetic, because indeed the story did in fact turn out to be "so wrong".

In fact the woman, Trina Bachtel, did indeed have insurance and, according to the hospital, was under care for her pregnancy.  It was before she was pregnant that she was denied service at a private clinic because she was not paying her bills which were in the thousands of dollars.

Perish the thought that we don't live in a socialist workers paradise where you are forced to give someone your ingenuity and time right?  Well, when she could not pay at that time she was advised to go to the hospital emergency room since hospitals are not allowed to refuse patients for failure to pay.  And of course remember you pay for that "charity" out of your pocket when you, as a responsible person, go to the hospital.

But it is all ok.  Because Clinton knows that nearly everyone she has told this story to isn't paying attention and won't ever find out that she was weaving a fictitious yarn where a poor, sweet, innocent person died because of what is inarguably the best healthcare system in the world.

These people will go about their merry lives and share this story with their horrified friends who also will not know that it was all a lie.  And they will all head off to the polls blissfully ignorant on Election Day actually believing that a woman without insurance and her child died because a hospital refused service to her.  They will pull the lever for whomever has the big "D" next to their name actually believing that there is an epidemic of uninsured people being tossed out on their butts by vile, corporate run hospitals.

And just wait.  There will be plenty of more stories to crop up over the next couple months that tell this same narrative too.  Count on anecdotal accounts hurled at us all left and further left of how people have made choices to go without health insurance only to suffer when they are actually expected to pay out of pocket in a cruel capitalist America.  And every one of them will be pitched from a vantage point of how having health insurance is a "right" which the government must provided.

Don't worry if you missed the enumeration of insurance as an inalienable right and having it paid for by your fellow tax payers as a duty of government during the cursory glossing over of the Constitution and our founding fathers provided in the government funded schools.  Just trust and believe that it is really there.

Then open up your wallets because ... well because there are plenty of fake cases about people that are dying from not having health insurance to go around.  There are also a ton of sob stories about people who decided that they would rather spend their money on something other than health insurance as well only to be shocked when they are told to pay up and settle their bills.

There is however a sad reality in all of this.  Yes, there are actually people that fall through the cracks of our current healthcare system.  These are, almost to a person, those that are too proud to ask for help and seek out any one of numerous charities and free clinics that aid people who don't have the means to actually pay their bills.  But their folly is no reason for government to get involved, take over such a large part of our economy and give us a healthcare and insurance system as pathetic as those in other countries like Canada, England, or even Cuba. ESR

J.J. Jackson is a libertarian conservative author who has been writing and promoting individual liberty since 1993 and is President of Land of the Free Studios, Inc. He is the lead editor of Conservative News & Opinion – The Land of the Free and also the owner of The Right Things – Conservative T-shirts & Gifts. His weekly commentary along with exclusives not available anywhere else can be found at http://www.libertyreborn.com





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