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Blind Dog Democrats

By Robert T. Smith
web posted March 29, 2010

The Blue Dog Democrats have broken the leash of their defining characteristics and run among us now as a breed best described as Blind Dog Democrats.  We have been treated to the term Blue Dog Democrat for many years.  The Blue Dog Democrats are elected in conservative leaning districts, due to their campaigning as moderates.  When Rahm Emanuel was head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, he went out of his way to enlist and elect Democrats with just the right characteristics from districts that arguably lean Republican, many of the current Blue Dog Democrats. 

The Blue Dog Democrat's role ensuring the passage of health care reform makes clear that, as we say out here in America, that dog won't hunt.  It is evident from this time forward that the only dog in the Democrat party is a blind dog, waiting to be leashed and lead in the direction of its master's choosing.

As a health care bill yes voter, Bart Stupak is arguably now the poster child for Blind Dog Democrats.  As cover for his yes vote, Congressman Stupak would have us believe that the Executive Order signed by President Obama regarding abortion has actual weight in law.  Religious and other pro-life organizations disagree with Mr. Stupak's rationalization.  In his own defense, Congressman Stupak called the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and pro-life groups hypocrites because they supported then President George Bush's Embryonic Stem Cell Research Executive Order, but are outraged at President Obama's Executive Order.  Congressman Stupak apparently failed to notice that President Bush's Executive Order came as an adjunct to his veto of stem cell research, not in lieu of law. 

Knowing that Congressman Stupak likely is not this stupid, it can only be left to assume that he thinks we are this stupid.  Hopefully, those Michiganders who had supported Mr. Stupak as a Blue Dog Democrat will now more clearly see the Blind Dog Democrat they elected and unleashed in Congress.

One can only imagine the turmoil Congressman Stupak inflicted on his family by holding out for the sham of President Obama's Executive Order.  There were the reports of death threats and calls in the middle of the night.  Surely, at least Mrs. Stupak should be smart enough to discipline Bart the Blind Dog Democrat for having put her through that ordeal, knowing that he would flip his vote if only Speaker Pelosi or the President would throw him a bone; in this case a bone in the form of a sham Executive Order.  Imagine living in a conservative leaning district believing that Bart Stupak will adhere to his and your moral standards, and represents your interests as your representative in Congress.  "Bart Has Your Back" is not a campaign slogan for Mr. Stupak going forward.

As a contrasting health care bill no voter, consider the example of the Blind Dog Democrat from Pennsylvania, Jason Altmeyer, in Southwest Pennsylvania's 4th District.  As a Blind Dog Democrat, Jason has arguably been a back bencher until this most recent Health Bill.  Suddenly, Congressman Altmeyer was thrust into the limelight, provided many opportunities to bask in the national attention of his fence-sitting status as a Blind Dog Democrat.  The free publicity ran for many days on the local and national stage. 

As the health care bill vote counting drama unfolded, it became clear that the Democrats had more than enough votes to pass the health care bill, or they would never have brought it to the floor for the vote.  The only question then was which of the Blind Dog Democrats would be brought to leash, called upon to cast the yes vote needed for passage, and which would be left with the cover for this coming November's elections.  As an example of the Blind Dog Democrat provided cover by his party, Mr. Altmeyer was one of the lucky dogs.    

How bizarre it was to watch the Democrats purposefully strut through their fellow citizens to "rub their nose in it" on their way to vote for the health care bill.  A true Machiavellian move in the most pejorative sense.  With such a slim partisan margin, and the need for bribery, payoffs, and extortion to obtain the slim vote margin, the jubilation seems out of place and a bit twisted.  In response to this pyrrhic health care bill victory, let's resolve to bring both the Blind Dog Democrats and their chosen master to heal in November. ESR

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.







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