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The inevitable fate of the Marx-Mammon double-team

By Michael Moriarty
web posted April 26, 2010

The oldest and most ominous war of modern history appears to have been Marx v. Mammon.

"Modern history", in this context, is any time following the French Revolution.

I say "appears to have been" because … well … read on.

France's civil war not only inaugurated The Commune, The Guillotine and Enlightened Despotism but infiltrated the American Revolution with a corporate elitism born of secret societies.

Free Masonry, in which an impressive number of Renaissance and Classical geniuses played a part, predated both the French and American Revolutions and, one assumes, would inevitably infiltrate not only Europe but the new American colonies as well.

Obviously the elite among the Colonial Americans might have shared, amidst their own revolution, a kindred spirit with the elitists behind the French adventure.

These were the intellectual tyrants and know-it-alls, i. e. Danton and Robespierre, that instituted the ruthlessly bloody purge of monarchists and bourgeoisie that swept us into a modern and inevitably Marxist world.
Robert Minor cartoon

Cartoon by Robert Minor in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 1911. Karl Marx surrounded by an appreciative audience of Wall Street financiers: John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, John D. Ryan of National City Bank and Morgan partner George W. Perkins. Immediately behind Marx is Teddy Roosevelt, leader of the Progressive Party.

Cutting to the chase, this ominous, 1911 cartoon by Robert Minor,  shows how the elitism of both French Revolutionary Marxists and American Revolutionary Mammons came together in a power sharing plan, their combined visions of an entirely elitist, New World Tyranny.

The fruit of those efforts can now be seen in the Bush/Clinton/Obama Nightmare which Americans are now drowning in.

Marx and Mammon have come to some sort of an arrangement.

Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and the Tea Partiers, however, don't seem to agree with the outcome.

A third and potentially powerful Third Party Movement has been born.

The Republican Party, with George W. Bush as its previous monarch, repeatedly wallowed in its joy over the glories of oil and massive wealth. One would almost think these garish celebrations of Mammon were a charade, a purposefully infuriating irritant to insure the election of what all assumed would be a Clinton.

Behold the Marx/Mammon Double-Teaming … or, if you will, double-crossing of the American people!

Time Magazine photo articles about what I call the Bill and George Tag Team are needless to say puzzling.

Clinton and Bush Sr. appear to be the best of friends … and for very good and increasingly obvious reasons.

The two families are both Progressive.

Their combined, bipartisan tours around disasters of the world?

The dual Caesarean Emperors of the Bush Pax Americana, better known as the Progressive idea of a New World Order, or, as Clinton prefers to put it, a Global Initiative.

Or, perhaps, so we don't get too personal about this, the desecration of the American Constitution, that apparently seless piece of toilet paper bipartisan know-it-alls have been rolling out in the Supreme Court and the bathrooms of the Justice Department.

However, were either George H. W. Bush or William Clinton really ready for the likes of Barack Obama to take their place, pick up the American Double-Cross with such Marxist, ideological ferocity?!

I haven't come to a complete conclusion about that yet.

Both are well aware of the unconstitutionality of their empire building, their mutually shared, on-going "Global Initiatives".

Obama's treatment of Bill Clinton at their first and so far their only, highly publicized meeting, post Obama's election … well!!

Treating the former President of the United States, William Clinton, as an almost useless court wannabe … well again!!

One fourth of the human race, the Communist/Islamic corner, seems to have put its now very Red Chinese sandal down, demanded and received a representative in the Oval Office.

The Republican leadership has pretended a decades-long fear of the United Nations and its one-world-government idea but, indeed, the advisory committee for the Marx/Mammon, New World Order – men like Henry Kissinger and George Soros – with their Marxist wealth and undoubtedly Red Chinese connections – knew full well that they'd have to toss more than a bone to Beijing.

They conceded the Presidency to Barack Hussein Obama.

His election would, however, not have been possible without the invaluable loyalty of our new Jane Fonda, Oprah Winfrey.

Without her, Obama's support team of George Soros and Henry Kissinger would have been as sturdy as a two-legged table.

No wonder Obama bowed to the Red Chinese President!

Perhaps it was the Chinese Politburo who, through an increasingly expert communications system, convinced Ms. Winfrey to risk her entire Oprah Legacy and endorse the most indisputably and radically Left President in the history of the United States.

Here is where the Devil … yes, Lucifer enters.

Here is when the Biblical warnings about Ahab and Jezebel take effect.

Somewhere in the womb of that angel-of-demonic-light's inferno, this dreamed of Communist Savior was begotten.

His finger pointing at the relatively centrist Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, in the now increasingly ubiquitous photo of them at the Nuclear Security Summit … says it all!

"Heel, urchin of Canadian moderation!!!"

Canadian/American relations have not yet become as bad as Israeli/American relations, but, considering Canada's well-known and repeatedly but pointlessly tested integrity, things could get a lot worse.

Most Americans do not know Canadians as well as I do.

Certainly not those questionably American Elitists in the White House.

Canada has yet to throw the Queen of England out, despite bothThe Pierre Trudeau and Obama Nations' insolent and so-called revolutionary dreams of doing so.

"A redistribution of wealth" is what Barack Obama promised America and, indeed, he's keeping that promise with blitzkrieg speed.

In this Russian Revolution Redux, to use a classically elitist's phrase, the Tea Partiers were, at one time, the Mensheviks, twenty percent of which actually voted for Barack Obama, our new Leninist/Stalinist/Maoist wunderkind.

A genius at turning white guilt into a kind of slow, white suicide, Obama is proclaiming with each of his high level appearances through photo op and telling gesture, the actual pecking-order within the Radically Redesigned, Progressively Red New World Order.

Julius Martov of the Russian Revolution has been resurrected by the entire Bush family and, oddly enough, being gently but ominously recalled in President Obama's rather Leninist attitude toward these previously Presidential authorities, including the Clintons.

Whether or not the Bushes and the Clintons finally receive the questionable honor that Leon Trotsky did remains to be seen.

I highly doubt it.

The Bush/Clinton Coalition and its volleyball games with the White House are beyond a thing of the past and George Jr. knows it. Bush Jr.'s silence, following his exit from office, has been more than deafening.

It initiates a death-march for those Wall Street Mammons who thought they could cut a deal with Karl Marx.

Stalin, the basic henchman for Lenin and Marx, had Trotsky assassinated at his home of exile in Mexico.

The quiet and well-behaved Bush and Clinton families are very aware of the New Mao, Barack Obama, and his dream of running an entirely Obamist New World Order.

The Bush/Clinton version of Bolshevism knows all-too-well what happened to Leon Trotsky and his dream of starting another version of a Softer Communist New World Order.

The death of the entire Progressive Movement began with President Obama's patronizing tap on William Clinton's shoulder with the words, "We'll find something for you to do."

Oh, in service to the main objective of my life, I must remind you that the building block, yea, cornerstone for America's surrender to an inevitably Communist New World Order was her Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade Decision.

It legalized abortion and therefore institutionalized cold-blooded murder.

Ergo, President Obama's telling admiration for Francis Ford Coppola's film series, Godfather.

A Constitutional Amendment overturning the Roe v. Wade Decision and forbidding any other such decisions which deal death to innocent human beings would not only end the New World Order in America but show the path to the rest of the world for how to throw this basically Communist tyranny off of its shoulders as well.

However, the New World Order's resistance to such efforts would and most certainly will be homicidal.

Welcome to the last chapter of the Bible. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.






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