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Nothing is better than something

By M. Sidney Wallace 
web posted April 12, 2010

I was recently speaking with a nationally known political media commentator.  Right on cue, he parroted a statement that continues to dominate the liberal national propaganda media.  There entire problem comes from a severe and terminal case of mental myopia.  Incidentally, the new national health care program does not cover this malady.

Their socialist boy wonder and his mental midgets in the congress are constantly searching for more and more ways to have individual problems solved by the national government.  In years gone by Senator, I never knew, Dodd and Congressman, lolly-pop, Barney Franks pressured Ginnie Mae and Feddie Mac to issue mortgages to individuals because they were homeless.  It did not matter if they did not intend to pay for the mortgage or not.

When the banking system ended up with the worthless mortgages the federal government eagerly jumped in to bail them out, but with more strings on private business as a result. When the major American car companies entered into bankruptcy because of union contracts and governmental regulations, the federal government eagerly jumped into bail out the unions, and are adding more strings on private business as a result.  Now watch for more government regulation and active union involvement in coal mining activities.  In the words of a Washington insider, never let a disaster go to waste. These liberals cry about the national debt while repeatedly raising the national debt ceiling.  When their community organizer, boy wonder, in the White House, speaks the liberals in the national media swoon like love struck puppies.  These sane liberals look for more ways for the federal government to solve individual problems for the entire nation and they continue looking myopically inside the Washington beltway for their solutions.  These liberals cannot see past the end of their collective Washington noses. 

Now the non-stop propaganda slogan constantly offered up from the liberals of both national parties is the conservatives only want to say no.  They want to know what the conservatives would do with the Washington created national mess. 

The conservatives are saying no to inside the beltway dogma, ideas and solutions.  A responsible American does not need a government bureaucrat to tell him what kind of car to drive.  He buys what he can afford to drive to work.  A responsible American does not need a government bureaucrat to tell him the food he needs to eat.  He buys what he can afford to satisfy his hunger.  A responsible parent does not need a government bureaucrat to tell them that their children are not learning anything in the government schools.  They send their children to private schools or home school their children.   A responsible American does not need a government bureaucrat to tell him that his home is hot or cold.  He sets his home thermostat to a temperature that he can afford.  

The conservatives in America are not the party of no.  They are the party of Hell No; they do not need or desire an overreaching government telling them how to live their lives.  This nation was founded on limited national government.  From the late 1700's until the 1920's the free market allowed all the citizens of this nation to earn more wealth than the rest of the entire world.  From the 1920's until the 1960's the American standard of living out stripped every other nation on the planet.  Thanks to the free market concept and limited government, Americans citizens accomplished feats that were only dreams and ideas for all of mankind's history.

So in answer to the liberal media pundit's question:  what do the conservatives stand for?  Conservatives stand for individuals making their own decisions as to what is best for them. They need nothing from big brother except to provide for the nation's defense and to stay out of their lives.   No more cradle to the grave nursemaid government support.  Return to individuals making their own best decision in a free market place of ideas.  If an individual does not want to work, then let him go hungry.  If an individual does not want to eat a healthy diet, then let him die from coronary artery disease. If an individual wants to drop out of school, then let them suffer with a lower standard of living. If the government wants to feel important, then let them focus on applying equal justice under the law and stop the BS of the social justice fallacy.

Individuals are often amazed at how much they can accomplish when rewarded for their success while being held responsible for their actions.   Government cannot solve everyone's personal problems and continuing to try only makes the problem worse for all of us. ESR

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