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Obama's Napoleonic bunker

By Michael Moriarty
web posted April 5, 2010

I'm sharing nothing new when I say categorically that there is absolutely nothing Judeo-Christian within the soul of Barack Obama.

If you assume that his two, main, not-so-polar heroes are Marx and Mao, and his enemies are the quintessential victors of English-speaking militarism: Wellington and Churchill, his actions become much more comprehensible and eventually predictable.

Let's take, for example, the dilemma he faces with Iran.

Given the Islamic roots to the President's origins, background and influences, his diplomatic policies in general should not be surprising.

Why does he bend over backwards to give Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the benefit of the doubt?

In his mind, the ultimate triumph, worldwide, will be Marx's, Mao's and Mohammed's.

His bizarre connections to Christianity are singularly through, at best, the rather Black Panther Revisionism of Rev. Wright.

Add to that the Mecca of Black Muslim Power in Chicago and, with Obama's radical white connections through Bill Ayers and the Marxism of Saul Alinsky, you have the "transformative" essence of ACORN and the bullying influences of SEIU.

Erase basketball and a certain Chicago street-wise hipness, talents we've rarely seen these days, and you have an Islamic Talleyrand with decidedly Marxist/Leninist/Maoist ambitions.

Since there would be no Karl Marx without the flaming evidence of "Revolutionary Transformations" that had exploded out of the French Revolution, I sense the great but unspoken-of-hero in Obama's mind is not the Talleyrand he often tries to mimic but Napoleon Bonaparte himself.

Yes … a rather unsettling notion.

As for the "greatness" of men such as Bonaparte, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Hitler?

Infamous is more to the point.

Instead of the Messianic impulses attributed to Obama by the Jerusalem Post I would say, given my belief that the furthest thing from Obama's mind is anything Judeo-Christian, that if the President's well-known and well-corroborated grandiosity is bent in any direction it is Napoleonic.

Therefore I'm betting he will invade or attack Iran in some way before the Spring is over … and do so in the same way Bonaparte would lose his patience with anyone in the world that would not bend to his will.

Here is one of Napoleon's more telling, post-defeat commentaries on a former friendship:

"I have made two mistakes with Talleyrand – first

I did not take his good advice,

And second, I did not have him hanged when

I did not follow his ideas."

Here is the Talleyrand side of Obama's words. Smooth, eh?

His Napoleonic side can quickly be found in his Health Care invasion of half a continent called the United States; and then, of course, the sudden and terminating accuracy of his middle-eastern snipers.

So much for Islamic Somalians!

At one time, Barack and Michelle Obama could have very well passed as America's own version of the latter day, Communist Tallyrands for Soviet Russia: Mr. and Mrs. Mikhail Gorbachev.

You know how charming and stylish the former Soviet leader and his wife always seemed.

So eloquent and worldly!

Unfortunately, the Obama belligerence over Health Care and the frigid arrogance of the Progressive victory leave little hope that either the White House or any member of  the Pelosi/Reid Progressive Congress would even lunch with Ronald Reagan, let alone come to any solution to end a long and arduous Cold War that now shivers its way through Congress and the American body politic.

The President wouldn't lunch with Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu, would he?

Nor with any of Netanyahu's sympathizers, one of which would most certainly have been Ronald Reagan.

No, a Berlin Wall is being reconstructed with Leninist implacability and Maoist decisiveness.

In Washington, D.C., no less.

This swiftly forming, domestic Cold War almost seems to have a mythically Iron Curtain around the White House, loyally constructed by the mainstream media.

Yes, the Obama Bunker.

After a brief and, yes, chilly attempt to jump start popularity for his signed but still controversial Health Care Bill, the President fled … or rather flew to Afghanistan and then to a meeting with President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Is this meeting to inspire the troops and then to "reset" his Franco-American alliance merely a way to change the subject from Health Care controversy to possible war … or has this "Bonaparte's" patience run out and Iran, rather like a duplicitous Tallyrand, has been a Napoleonic target for some time now?

Perhaps the highly publicized falling out with Netanyahu and Israel was staged purposely and publicized widely in order to give Iran a false sense of confidence.

Meanwhile, in the White House, the intellectually elite inhabitants and their guests, in order to keep the fires of the Obama Bunker burning, exchange bon mots about how utterly stupid … or rather … uh … unsophisticated the fans of their domestic enemies, the profoundly bourgeois Fox Network and Bill O'Reilly are.

No matter how generous Mr. O'Reilly gets with his estimate of the Obama Magic I am certain that his respectful opinions will never be returned in kind.

The President's idea of "hands across the table" was revealed in the Health Care Summit during which Obama filibustered, much in the same way he drowned out his most recent Fox News interviewer, Bret Baier.

Bonaparte, with Talleyrand at his side, could not have done it better, nor more arrogantly.

No wonder the President's opposition is left with only one alternative, shouting "You lie" in the middle of the Obama's State of the Union Message.

Also during that yearly Presidential Filibuster, how about the vision of the entire Supreme Court – in their robes no less – being lectured to, or perhaps being generously granted, by the Commander-in Chief, a "teachable moment"?

Lip-reading is required then, though the disgruntled heads above those robes, all nine of them, projected more than a "teachable moment" right back at the President.

"Cold" is indeed the most descriptive word for the atmosphere on the Beltway.

No, not "chilling" but downright Arctic.

The Washington Cold War has just begun with the official launching of the Progressives' Presidential War Ship, "Health Care".

Perhaps if the White House actually "dolled up" some revered tin can of an aircraft carrier and, after re-christening it as "The Obama" – note the traditional, feminine ending –  gave it the send-off to the Communist Orient.

It would be much the same loving launch the President has just given the troops in Afghanistan; and then he might engage in what neo-Soviet Russia has been doing for quite awhile: participate in the Red War Games that Putin enjoys with Red China and other Communist satellites.

A first-hand, teachable moment!

Americans, are you listening to your increasingly Eurasian Professor?!

Joint military maneuvers with the Venezuela of Hugo Chavez!

A clear message about why there will continue to be growing, Cold War tensions within the very government we had once called the leader of the Free World.

Isn't this terrific?!

All this potentially explosive drama, I mean!

By comparison, even George Bush was a bore!

No true Napoleon, he!!

It's obvious that, for the Obama Nation, the only road to World Peace is the complete capitulation of the United States to a Communist … oops … no … it is rather a joyous surrender to true victory, after the Obama/Pelosi/Reid blitzkrieg, and a willing and ecstatic submission to the Progressive and now increasingly Napoleonic, New World Order.

Oh, there are counter-revolutionary rumblings in the Tea Party Movement and Glenn Beck, noises of all that unjustified admiration for candidates like Sarah Palin!

However, as long as Mitt Romney of the Progressive Bipartisan Movement, like the entire Bush Family, remains in the GOP's lead as the Presidential candidate, the New World Order Movement has absolutely nothing to worry about.

Americans will feel so grateful for their idea of sanity, a fraudulent replica of Ronald Reagan in the White House!


Isn't that how they played it with the double-team, 20 year end-run around American individual freedom?

The Bush/Clinton/Bush version of bipartisan Progress?

The virtual bankrupting of America?

Its complete, financial emasculation?!

The bipartisan, Progressive humiliation of the United States??!!

An unquestionably corrupted America, like the decadent monarchies of France, just waiting for its Napoleon to show up.

Therefore we now have the Obama Drama, the literal indoctrination of America, leading its citizens in that now, wonderfully patient, "evolutionary" – not "revolutionary" – trajectory toward a New World Order's profoundly "Progressively Collective Utopia"!

Possibly, however, the Obama Drama is a bit "over-the-top" for a majority of Americans, and therefore, we have a Cold War in Washington.

Some fear violence.

The possibly more prophetic of us, like Glenn Beck, infer that the only clear response to this virtual, bipartisan surrender to a Marxist New World Order is a profoundly American Third Party.

If Romney's repetitive sales pitch sounds increasingly like more of the same Bush duplicity, perhaps the Third Party Advocates are right and I've been wrong.

My objection to a Third Party was under my possibly false assumption that Sarah Palin and her indispensably pro-life legend would be the Republican nominee.

With Romney as that nominee, we're merely slowing down the political euthanasia that the Progressives want to feed traditional America.

Obama and Romney both bring a New World Order.

The former for a second term would be much more dramatic, Marxist, ruthless and, possibly … quite possibly, the certain provocation to a Second American Civil War.

In which case, Sarah Palin could, indeed, become America's own Joan of Arc.

That martyr of France, if you'll remember, had won.

France remained free, French and in possession of her own integrity.

Fifteenth Century France's version of the Communist Party or a New World Order, however, was the Catholic Church.

The hierarchy of that empire burned her alive in a kind of Catholic Progressive justice.

Now we hear the Progressive New World Order, bipartisan mind you, branding Sarah Palin as too stupid to be almost any kind of leader.

To them she is a peasant.

As Joan of Arc was a peasant.

With Sarah Palin, America, traditional America, old-fashioned, individually free, pro-life America will win.

Will always win.

No wonder the wall of the Obama Bunker grows thicker with each passing day.

Barack and Michelle are clearly not the American Gorbachevs, and they and their propagandists in the MSM are actually terrified of this millennium's St. Sarah.

The Gorbachevs were never built to be the crowned, imperial heads of any form of New World Order.

The Obamas, however?

For them the sky's the limit to not only the power they crave but also the certainty with which they push an increasingly reluctant America into the growing nightmare of a Marxist/Leninist/Maoist and so-called Progressive New World Order.

With all of his Eurasian inspirations, our Napoleonic President will still be faced with Waterloo.

He will be left to defend himself out of that decidedly diminished but increasingly infamous Obama Bunker. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.






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