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A petition for redress by the citizens of the United States

By J.J. Jackson
web posted March 29, 2010

We the posterity of our forefathers come before the government of these United States and all mankind in order that it should be made clear our grievances stemming forth from a long train of abuses of our inalienable rights and blatant violations of the federal Constitution of these United States which was signed, ratified and where was bound up the whole of what was to be our limited federal government and its structure.  No man rightfully wishes to contemplate the darkest of scenarios in which a government formed by the just consent of the people and constrained by chains of written words declared so boldly for all to witness no longer chooses to abide by said consent or words for reasons unjust and unholy while goaded on by the ravings of a portion of the populace coerced to abandon such confines.  Beware the time at which such an instance becomes true, any sane man would warn!  But what becomes when such a time is indeed upon us?  Would the sane man who warned us to beware of it say no more?  Indeed the answer cannot be reasoned to be anything other than a hearty and powerful, "No!" which must be shouted upon the land from the tallest peak so that it may echo in the valleys and be heard by all.  Sane men desirous of their liberty would never stop a step short of their goal and would never concede to such an outcome and would surely never be silenced when their freedoms are taken and the foundations of limited government violated.

It is not with a motivation beyond that of being simply and enthusiastically desirous for our God given liberties that this declaration comes forth at this time.  It only comes forth due to a need deep within the hearts of all freedom loving men and women.  Such is what drives this proclamation to the top of the minds of all mankind.

Through the long course of human events that have transpired since the late Convention that formed this nation into a representative Republic and unified us as a loose federalist society of independent States and sovereign citizens and the prior Continental Congress that brought us together in unity against oppression, it has become necessary and proper to petition those in charge with our most general of welfare for redress of grievances perpetrated upon the citizenry of the United States by such persons.  Such a petition is just and fair and rightfully the process by which all citizens of the United States must use to lay bear such objections to events and actions as have transpired to make such things transparent for all to see.

This must be done!  For should redress not be forthcoming and further actions must, in good conscious, be taken by men to reclaim their rightful liberty the groundwork must be firmly in place so that only those that desire to not loose their power and continue to the repressions of the current day could object.

Liberty and justice guides us all to declare that our grievances against this Republic are as follows. That broadly:

The Congress for many years with the aid of a succession of Presidents as well as the courts and judges upon them, approved and appointed by the previously mentioned elected officers of this nation, have exceeded so greatly the general and limited terms of the various Articles of our Federal Constitution.  In doing such they have produced far too much that was never envisioned under the auspices of promoting the general Welfare and that is neither necessary nor proper for government to fulfill its specific and defined obligations.

That more directly:

The federal government has instituted a form of taxation upon the citizenry which takes a greater share of the burden for funding the current government from those that it arbitrarily deems to earn too much while taking little or nothing from those that it deems to earn too little instead of a fair system of taxation that makes all citizens ultimately desirous for knowledge of the actions of their elected representatives and jealous of how each penny of their monies is to be spent and which requires all to bear the burden of the costs of government.

The federal government has, based on this system of taxation, instituted a further system of redistributing wealth from the former to the later and in doing so has made slaves of a portion of the American populace in a manner strictly forbidden by the ratification of the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution and which has been always an anathema to justice and the Laws of Nature's God.

The federal government has on purpose made this system of taxation blatantly confusing and overly complicated in order to instill within the populace a sense of fear; that the federal government has used this system of massive laws to harass the citizenry, make criminals of law abiding persons who seek no harm for their fellow Americans and ultimately wield it as a weapon arbitrarily against our liberties to coerce our actions.

The federal government has exceeded its mandate under Article I of the Constitution by instituting mandatory contributions through taxation of working Americans to pay for the retirement and old age pensions of both themselves and other Americans thus forcing them to acquire a good or service which they may not desire or face punishment as well as pick their pockets to pay the way of others.

The federal government has exceeded its mandate under Article I of the Constitution by instituting mandatory contributions through taxation of working Americans to pay for the health care costs of other Americans.  It has further instituted penalties for persons who do not want to purchase health insurance and are thus forcing the American public to enter into contracts against their will or face fines in blatant violation of our liberties.

The federal government has exceeded its mandate under Article I of the Constitution by taking contributions from working Americans to pay for the food of other Americans.

The federal government has exceeded its mandate under Article I of the Constitution by taking contributions from working Americans to pay for the housing and sundry creature comforts of other Americans.

The federal government has violated the First Amendment's prohibition on laws against freedom of speech by passing laws that directly dictate how citizens may communicate their ideas and beliefs, such as in the time prior to an election as but one glaring example and by harassing churches and their leaders that dare to speak on politics from the pulpit and against the policies of those in power as but another.

The federal government has violated the Second Amendment's spirit and clear wording by laying upon the law abiding people of this nation laws that prohibit the keeping and bearing of arms except those arms deemed by the government as acceptable and at times and places approved instead of at all times.

The Congress has abdicated unconstitutionally its responsibility solely entrusted to that body to make law and placed such authority in many instances upon unelected boards, departments and bureaus created as an attempt to skirt the Constitutional prohibitions and limits of their own power.

The federal government has placed resources which rightly belong to the independent people and States of this nation off limits through the use of superfluous designations such as national parks and which are found nowhere within their powers as clearly stated.  The use and abuse of eminent domain has also become a major problem that has been left to fester with the members of the Supreme Court wondrously affirming the ability of governments large and small to take land unjustly from the current holder of a property to grant the land to a new owner for the sake of increasing tax revenues or generating other benefits for said governments.

The federal government has and continues to seek to make the United States party to treaties which directly overwrite and amend the Constitution without using the prescribe process for doing such under Article V of the document.

The federal government has imparted its will into the right of all citizens to freely contract with one another by imposing regulations such as those pertaining to what wages must be paid by one to another as but one example and attempting to meddle in the terms of legally binding debts including mortgages and other loans as but one more.

The federal government has unconstitutionally acquired stake in many businesses including banks, other financial institutions and automobile manufacturers in excess of its Constitutional powers.

The federal government has abused its power to regulate the value of currency and has created a system of banks designed to manipulate and control the economy as the government believes such should be controlled at the abandonment of the personal liberty of the citizens.

The federal government has not adequately performed its duties under Article I of the Constitution to regulate immigration to the United States.  Although it has at times passed reasonable laws under such authority it has failed time and again to enforce them in a satisfactory manner and by correlation has failed to defend the United States from invasion by those who would not abide by such laws and that the federal government has left the citizenry of this nation vulnerable to assault, battery, theft and harassment by illegal foreign agents.

Presidents have appointed to the judiciary, and Congress has approved these appointments, at several levels an uncountable number of judges that have acted beyond their constitutional authority and created laws or even ignored the Constitution without being removed from their posts for acting in poor behavior and more hideously not denied such a post in the first place due to obvious hostility to our liberties and the clear wording of the Constitution.

Congress has failed to remove through Constitutional provisions members of its own body that have committed serious crimes which include but are not limited to tax fraud, bribery and the accepting of bribes and perjury and who have proven to be in violation of the public trust.  Instead such members are often allowed to remain in office and wield great power over the American people when their guilt in these matters is not in doubt.

The Congress has usurped numerous other and assorted rights withheld by the people and the States and done so by statute in blatant disregard for the tenth amendment including, but not limited to, the establishment of a federal department of education, a federal environmental protection agency, a federal communications commission and a federal department of health which all seek to wield unconstitutional powers over the people.

With this long and clear list of failures by our government now prominently lying prostrate before the people at large it is proudly declared that we must have redress and we must be made whole by the correction of these and other blatant wrongs; a complete list of which would take far too long to enumerate.  Justice by Almighty God dictates that we as free men and women have a privilege to our inalienable rights without interference from the governments of this Earth and that just governments must act only as they have instructed and within the bounds of respecting the inalienable rights of all.

For years we have informally called upon our elected federal representatives to right these errors.  For an equal amount of time citizens have attempted to use the established courts to do the same.  However, while from time to time minor victories in such venues have been won, the abuses continue to mount and our representatives continue to rework and reword the provisions deemed to go too far and return with yet another egregious attempt to violate our liberties time and again making this demand and petition for redress essential. 

We beg that this plea shall not fall upon deaf ears.  For history calls us to realize how sovereign souls desirous of liberty and pushed to extreme limits by a burgeoning tyranny upon said liberties should choose to react.  History also reveals how those within the tyranny and commanding its maw would also react to prevent such actions from transpiring and in the process imbue much further pain and suffering among the people to maintain their authority.  We do not wish to repeat the acts of the past for they are horrid and unneeded by all reasonable souls.  But in conclusion it should be known by those to whom this petition is duly directed that free persons will always fight fervently to remain free and sacrifice much in that pursuit.  Let us all knowing this not go down a path stained red by the blood of patriots and despots alike who have met upon it in battle.  Let us all live as free men and women under limited, just and restrained government.  And let us have redress for these grievances quickly.

By the Grace of Almighty God on this day, March the twenty-ninth, two-thousand and ten in the year of our Lord I do proudly and boldly attach my name and pledge as my forefathers did my life, my fortune and my sacred honor to see that this redress shall be done!

Laus Deo

Attest - J.J. Jackson ESR

J.J. Jackson is a libertarian conservative author from Pittsburgh, PA who has been writing and promoting individual liberty since 1993 and is President of Land of the Free Studios, Inc. He is the Pittsburgh Conservative Examiner for Examiner.com.  He is also the owner of The Right Things - Conservative T-shirts & Gifts. His weekly commentary along with exclusives not available anywhere else can be found at http://www.libertyreborn.com.






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