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The view from the left

By Lisa Fabrizio
web posted April 19, 2010

We find ourselves in the midst of the latest leftist media attempt to explain to us exactly who and what we conservatives are. You know the drill; racist, homophobic, bitter, gun-slingin', bible-totin' Neanderthals. This effort to define their enemies happens every time the Democratic Party perceives itself to be in trouble.

You may recall that when America endorsed the Contract with America by giving Republicans the House majority in 1994, the late ABC anchorman Peter Jennings famously attributed it to a "temper tantrum" by the electorate. Similarly, when their idol, Bill Clinton, faced removal from office, his allies in the media dutifully regurgitated the daily talking points emanating from his infamous War Room. Their demonization of mild-mannered men like Ken Starr and Henry Hyde would have been laughable were it not so scurrilously effective.

Yes, liberal media spinners have had their way with manipulating public opinion for quite some time. They have ruined the reputations of conservatives with everything from live-mike verbal slipups to obscure misspelling errors. Democrats can be found with thousands of dollars hidden in their freezers or stuffing sensitive security documents down their pants, but call somebody 'macacca' and prepare to face the lynch mob. So well have they honed their skill, that they even managed to select as the opposition for Barack Obama a man that almost no conservative could stand.

But while they are most effusive in pointing out the foibles of their opposition, they are not so forthcoming in addressing the rest of America. So, lest there be any confusion, or some among you who are still unable to read between the lines, let yours truly give a clear and concise encapsulation of just what the left really thinks of you.

African-Americans: No matter what liberals say, no matter how they try and spin it, they consider you to be lazy, stupid, slovenly and most importantly, prone to violence and crime. They love it when many of you revel in your victimhood and do all they can to encourage it. Their every action and piece of legislation they propose to pass for your benefit proves this over and over again. Even programs like affirmative action, although they seem high-minded and noble, only serve to taint any achievements you might have made without them.

They desperately want and need your children to embrace the gang and rap culture in order to keep them servile to 'the struggle', and so they throw more and more money at an education system which values diversity over any real learning. And when some of you wise up and demand things like school choice, you are deemed as no longer 'black' and therefore irrelevant.

Hispanics: Most everything liberals think about blacks applies to you, except that you have too many babies and therefore may have foreign attachments; not to your own native countries, but to Rome. Also, they feel that you came to this country, not to raise your children as Americans, but to enjoy living in your own little barrios--complete with all the poverty and devastation you fled--and be grateful to them for the opportunity to do so.

Senior citizens: Except for your slavish and misplaced devotion to them at the ballot box, liberals have viewed you as essentially useless since the 1960's. To them, you represent everything wrong with this country: you sacrificed all to ensure that your children would inherit the kind of America that would protect them from the same depredations of war and economic depression you lived through. And, reports to the contrary notwithstanding, Democrats have rewarded you by playing on your fears about Social Security for decades, all the while eating away at the financial security you worked your whole lives to build.

Younger Americans: In the minds of those on the left, you have two options; you can either enlist with many of your college classmates to worship at the shrine of socialism, or you can join the rest of us who can't be trusted with anything; whether it's raising your own children, providing for the medical and financial welfare of your family as you see fit, buying the products you desire, or most of all, feeling secure in any wealth or private property you may accumulate.

Middle-class white men: Those of you who still vote for Democrats must truly be as doltish as Hollywood movies and TV commercials make you out to be. Liberals demonize you every day and yet you keep coming back for more; from feminist women who seek to emasculate you to any and all victim-groups who seek reparations at your hands for the dastardly crimes of your forefathers.

Yes America, although they will vehemently deny it, this is what liberals truly think of you. And in the past, too many of you haven't seemed to care. But now that you've given them the power they've so ardently desired, their agenda is making all of the above crystal clear as the months roll on. You can either embrace 'the hope' or make a change come November. ESR

Lisa Fabrizio is a columnist who hails from Connecticut. You may write her at mailbox@lisafab.com.






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