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Chapter Thirty Three of An Ecstatic Loneliness: The Proven Messiah of American Marxism, Bill Clinton, The Red Spider

By Michael  Moriarty
web posted April 8, 2013

Years ago, during my stay with Law & Order and while on my summer break, I bumped into Dustin Hoffman as he was passing through my favorite vacation spot: Positano, Italy. While chatting he ventured into politics and the subject of Bill Clinton.

"What," he asked, "is the word for anyone who thinks he's Mankind's Savior?"

"Messianic?" I replied.

"Right. Don't you think Bill Clinton is Messianic?"

At that point I had yet to meet Clinton's Attorney General, Janet Reno, and was still a "useful idiot" of the International Communist Party. In other words, I was, somewhat like Dustin himself, a Liberal.

Dustin Hoffman, on the other hand, though a contributing participant in the Democrat Party, had actually met and observed Bill Clinton at a fundraiser in the home of Barbra Streisand.

Apparently Bill Clinton had been all smiles and folksy friendly when greeting the incoming guests. After their contributions to the Clinton campaign, the guests' checks had been collected, Bill Clinton's exit was the fastest and coldest thing Dustin Hoffman had seen in Southern California for quite some time.

From that rather startling experience with the next President of the United States, Dustin felt unnerved enough to ponder Bill Clinton's profoundest ambitions.

The rest of this analysis is entirely my own series of connections and doesn't include any further opinions, yea or nay, from Dustin Hoffman whom I haven't seen since 1990's Italy.

However, Bill Clinton's repeated attempts at legalizing a third Presidential term for himself, his willingness to volunteer for the job of the United Nation's Secretary General and his long reach around the world with his Clinton Global Initiative?!

Created, as Clinton says, to "strengthen the capacity of people throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence," I felt the same romantic ambition that must have simultaneously warmed his Messianic heart. The young Bill Clinton with his Rhodes Scholarship, traveling from Finland to Leningrad in exactly the same way Vladimir Lenin himself had journeyed over half a century before. Further explorations of the Soviet Union and Lenin's legacy continued in Moscow.

For Bill Clinton, it would seem, a Progressively Marxist/Leninist New World Order is inevitable.

It wouldn't take Clinton long to side-step and do an Arkansas hoedown ‘round that opinion of mine. The Reds or Commies just don't sound as down-to-earth and "folksy" as a Bill Clinton, do they?

Or do they?

Well, yes. Bill Clinton does; and that is why the former Governor and President has been one-of-a-kind ever since he left Hope, Arkansas for bigger and better things.

Bill has the Big Vision.

Or, as George Bush Sr. conveniently noted, Bill Clinton "has the Vision Thing!"

Why not? He is, indeed, Messianic. But then again, so is President Barack Hussein Obama. Both are Marxist Messiahs.

Obviously and not so comfortably, competing Messiahs.

America's "Cultural Imperialism", the speed and depth to which American lifestyle, music and favorite pastimes have invaded the human race is actually insufficient for both Clinton and Obama.

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton
Dueling Marxist Messiahs

They are both Marxists and they both, now in tandem after Clinton's ingenious love song to President Obama at the DNC Convention, are hell bent upon constructing a Progressively Marxist New World Order.

Trying to paint an American, double-coated image around what is basically the initial dream of Soviet Imperialism … is … well … quite an impressive, though rather unpatriotic achievement.

Clinton, of course, does this sleight of mouth and brain best and in more seeming detail than the by-now, very tired Barack Hussein Obama.

Clinton became Obama's Cavalry and road in with his almost 50 minute speech to pore facts and figures all over the mesmerized audience in South Carolina.

One could not avoid seeing Clinton's speech for the Barn-Burning Lecture to Barack Obama that it was.

He was rarely addressing Mitt Romney. His two main targets were not only Paul Ryan's "arithmetic" but Barack Obama's savagely embarrassing lack of "arithmetic".

The point was made: "Barack, if the Obama Nation is going to win in November, I, Bill Bubba Clinton, am the undeniable Party Leader!"

Obama's fatigued and evasive, 40 minute speech following Bubba's 49 minute "Introduction" told us everything. The Clinton Global Initiative had worn down the entire Obama Nation into an indelible surrender before the entire American public.

Who's the more mountainous Messiah?

Bill Clinton.

Barack ain't Bubba!

"There's sumpin' I've noticed," says Bubba, and goes on, in his Slick and Cunningly Willy and wily way, to charge the Republicans with racism.

Huge applause!

He would never say, "Romney's a racist!"

Nope, he says, "I've noticed somethin' …"

No politician in the world has spoken "code" more deftly than William Jefferson Clinton.

Bubba's list of targets for his speeches are clear – if you know Bubba – but immediately after the list comes Slick Willy's political genius: "How do I aim this arrow without looking cruel. Without losing my charm?"


He brings up Dwight Eisenhower to praise. Then Ronald Reagan. Then George H. W. Bush.

Clinton's own record of bipartisan cooperation – and he certainly knows this – is the main talent that Barack Obama is not only bereft of but this Obama limitation is something the entire Obama Nation is arrogantly proud of.

No one knows Obama's arrogance more first hand or more personally than Bill Clinton. When Obama, following his election, patted Clinton on the shoulder and said, "We'll find something for you to do", Clinton smiled with gritted teeth.

"There'll be payback for that, son."

And the payback began on September 6th, 2012 at the DNC Convention in South Carolina. Half of Clinton's lecture was directed at Obama himself.

Not since Shakespeare's Marc Antony and his famous speech over the dead body of Julius Caesar, has such complimentary tributes such as "Brutus is an honorable man" carried such secret but profoundly patronizing compliments.


The political reality of bipartisan cooperation. None of which Obama ever offered to Republicans. If Obama had to "cooperate", the concessions were delivered through Joe Biden.

Then came the shamelessly proud advertisement of the Bush/Clinton/Bush Volley Ball Game with the White House and how their agreement to toss the Presidency back and forth actually meant great bipartisan "cooperation" on what both Clinton and George Bush Sr. know is leading to the Clinton/Bush, Third Way, Global Initiative of a Progressive New World Order.

"Through my foundation" – the Clinton "Third Way" – we can't leave that out – "I'm workin' all the time with Republicans and Independents … ‘cause we folks are solving problems … and not fighting all the time!"

Take that, Barry! Willy is always catchin' bears with honey ‘n not vinegar!

Has anyone in the history of politics given a nomination speech that successfully sounded like a tribute to the nominee but ended up a 45 minute love song to himself and the Bush/Clinton/Bush New World Order?

The "Progressive" New World Order with which Clinton succeeded in secretly turning the entire Bush family into Democrats.

All for the sake of Bill Clinton's Messianic "Third Way".

Now comes the "when times are tough" strategy: "The politics of constant conflict (Obama's way) may be good. But what is good politics does not necessarily work in the real world!"

"What works in the real world is cooperation!!"


That could have been John Boehner's cry following Obama's refusal to stand by the deal they'd made over debt reduction.

Obama overplayed his hand and that is something Bill Clinton finally learned, in his second term, never to do. Who gets caught with his hand in the greedy jar of "just one more cookie"?


Rather than stand there red-faced, Obama has a tirade, huffs and puffs his embarrassment away with a furiously pointed finger at Boehner.

Following up on his request for cooperation in a President Clinton adds, "Ask the mayors who are here!"

That was a hot potato thrown directly into the lap of Rahm Emanuel, Obama's former right-hand-man and now Mayor of Chicago. The look on Clinton's face following the allusion to "Mayors" is not friendly. Not kind. Not gentle. It is the pointed lesson: "Apparently Rahm, you finally learned the ultimate law of politics, the necessity for cooperation, and your dumb-ass President, Barack Obama, hasn't!!"

Bill Clinton is certainly not talking about Mitt Romney whose history of cooperation in Massachusetts with a mainly Democrat constituency is a handbook of Clintonian politics. That's possibly one reason why Romney lost.

Bill Clinton is giving an increasingly fierce, Dutch Uncle lecture to Barack Obama.

Obama's wife Michelle is applauding it!! She knows who Clinton is really talking about, and, more importantly, whom he's talking to!

CODE TRANSLATION: "Tell yer lover boy, Obama, to grow up!!"

"This is politics! Not World War III!!"

Now the serpentine Machiavelli that he is, Bill Clinton turns the whole point of his first ten minute lecture to Obama into an indictment of the Republican Party.

Here comes the first big, fat Clinton lie: "One of the main reasons that we oughta reelect President Obama … is that he is still committed to constructive cooperation!"

That is neither true nor even a hopeful prayer.  It is, however, Clinton's profoundly angry advice to Barack Hussein Obama.

"Barry?! You'd better start cooperating in your second term … if there even is one!"

Now, to prove how "cooperative" Obama is, Clinton, after throwing in the few Republicans in Obama's administration, concentrates upon Joe Biden as proof of President Obama's desire to cooperate.

I beg your pardon?!

"Joe Biden did a great job!"

So Obama picked Biden to do his dirty work for him, to "cooperate", but when it comes to the most profoundly important issue of the last eight years, the economy, Clinton goes it alone with John Boehner and, at the last minute, gets greedy!

Now the reminders that Hillary could have been President of the United States instead of this megalomaniac, Barack Obama.

"Heck", gestures Clinton, "he even appointed Hillary!"

Knowing full well that Obama had no other choice but to appoint Hillary to a high position or risk dividing party unity, Bill Clinton rubs the salt of his own family's triumphs into the skin of a President that he clearly disrespects and most likely loathes … but for the sake of party unity and the overall goals of a bipartisan, Progressively Marxist New World Order, he gives the appearance of a Clinton endorsement.

Here is Bill Clinton, knowing that Obama's chances for reelection are, at best, 59/50, using this opportunity to recall his own record while at the same time recalling the Democrat President that could-have-been, Hillary Clinton.


And we are only 11 minutes and 19 seconds into his almost 49 minute speech!!

Since Shakespearean gifts are what I'm endowing Bill Clinton with, I ask, "Can Iago ever be a ‘team member'".

If he's Bill Clinton he can.

"Build the world with more partners and fewer enemies."

Now that's a bit of a give-away.

Here, in my article, To The New World Order's Finland Station, you have a brief overview of Bill Clinton's love affair with Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

With the increasingly suspect Senator William Fulbright Jr. as his mentor, Bill Clinton visited Moscow during his Rhodes Scholarship abroad. En route from London, he felt obliged, romantically driven to take the same route from Finland to what was once called St. Petersburg but, at that time, was Leningrad.

Pressed over his heart perhaps, a volume of Edmund Wilson's To The Finland Station provided for Bill Clinton a resonantly Marxist idealism! Yes, those memories he shares with us in his autobiography, My Life.

Yes. Iago as a team player because if anything demands team work it is the expansion of Marxism into Leninism and thence into full-grown, bloody Red Chinese Communism.

That Barack Hussein Obama's openly declared love of Marx as a young man didn't stop him from being elected to the Presidency of the United States. That must make us wonder if Bill Clinton's open love affair with Lenin's trip to the Finland Station and Clinton's own further explorations of Soviet Moscow did not only embolden Barack Obama's own Marxist ambitions but paved the way for the entire Obama Nation and its radically Left belligerence to literally drown the White House in love songs to Mao Zedong.

Truth be known, Clinton's promise to his friends in Moscow was a promise to the entire International Communist Party. It was an assurance that he would, above all, pave the way for the larger and indisputably imperial view of Soviet Communism and beyond even the dedication of 1950's peaceniks, Bill Clinton would slowly, carefully, charmingly and dedicatedly engulf the United States into a Progressively Marxist/Leninist New World Order.

Returning now to the Democrat Convention, following the tribute to Joe Biden's ability to do what Obama can't possibly do, Clinton lifts up his wife Hillary into a foreign policy that "cooperates". As versus Obama's belligerence towards Israel.

Then a Clinton tip o' the hat, not Obama's, to the military and its veterans.

A brief, profoundly lying attribution of "cooperation" to Obama in one brief, and fraudulently intense but obligatory reference to the man in his own party he possibly most despises: Barack Hussein Obama.

Now Clinton comes back to the Obama/Boehner Catastrophe over The Debt.

"That didn't work out so well," says our folksy political genius.

"It coulda been because … as the Senate Republican Leader said … in a remarkable moment of candor … two full years before the election … their number one priority was not to put America back to work … it was to put the President out of work!"

"We're gonna keep our President on the job!!"

Tumultuous applause!!!!


"Our successful President, Bill Clinton, must know what he's talking about!!"

Finally, after throwing a few more, truth-stretching insults at the Republicans comes the phrase that most baffles me at this point. If America reelects Obama, Bill Clinton says, "You will feel it."

"With all my heart, I, Bill Clinton, believe it!!!!"

Believe what, Bill?

That America will "feel it" if Obama's reelected!

You're damn right they'll "feel it".

"Now why do I believe it?" (That you will "feel it")

His answer: "In order to build the 21st Century version of the American Dream!"

Now what the hell might that mean: "the 21st Century version of the American Dream!"

The operative word of this Bush/Clinton/Bush American Dream is "shared.

Shared this! Shared that!!

With whom are Americans going to "share" their prosperity?

With fellow Americans?

Or with the rest of the entire human race?!

"With the rest of the entire human race" because that is the essence of not only Barack Obama's "redistribution of wealth" and his "fundamental transformation of the United States of America" but the endgame of Bill Clinton's lifelong admiration for not merely Karl Marx but Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

Now we have what was recently described as a "subtle variation of the truth".

Facts, figures and statistics that hardly agree with even the boldest of American headlines.

Obama, according to Clinton, "Cut taxes for 95 % of the American people" when everybody knows that new taxes are scheduled to kick in later in Obama's second term, after Obama's reelected.

In the face of these bold headlines regarding unemployment, Clinton claims Obama's produced "in the last 29 months 4 ½ million, private sector jobs."

Wait for applause from even the Democrat Convention's mild disbelief.

Any further progress in job creation was, of course, stopped by the Republicans who cost the economy one million new jobs.

He goes on with facts and statistics that increasingly ring precarious if not downright false.

Now the Unions kick into Clinton's speech and Obama's home free, right?

Clinton doesn't say the auto industries that Obama gave billions of American tax dollars to were "too big to fail". That's Obama's line.

Clinton's line is more effective: "250, 000 jobs in the auto industry were saved!"

Did Obama save a single job that wasn't connected to Union power, Union graft, Union bullying, Union greed?!


Or that wasn't connected to that increasingly more powerful union known as the Federal Government?!

And he's just "warmin' up!"

Eventually we hear: "The old economy is not coming back!"

That's why the unemployment apparently. The Progressive New World Order is moving forward and the American citizens just have to play hurry and catch up!

The new jobs require training and not enough Americans are trained for the new jobs of the New World Order and … well … you see the problem … for the creators of Bill Clinton's Third Way and the Bush/Clinton Progressive New World Order, don't you?

"We need to educate people to do those jobs!"

I thought this "brainstorm" of the Progressive New World Order had thrown billions of dollars away on these "new jobs" for citizens of the "New World Order".

Community colleges and employers are apparently working together to create a new work force with new skills.

For that, ladies and gentlemen, the government … well … the Obama/Clinton government … will provide student loans that can be repaid over … hold on to your hats, folks … can be delayed in repayment for twenty years!!

Who wouldn't, young or old, say, "Sign me up for that loan!"

This brings Clinton to "Healthcare" and he's just a little more than halfway through his speech!

At this point I must just back-off this reexamination of Clinton's Powerhouse, Barn-Burning Speech and contemplate the possibility of a Clinton/Obama Victory in November!!!

A reorganized Obama Nation with not Obama at the top but Bill Clinton as the Proven Big Daddy of American Marxism?!

It ain't goin' away, the Communist Revolution!


Now that it is April of 2013 and Barack Obama is still our President, where are we headed?

Truth be known, the International Communist Party now sits at the top of government in the three major capitals of the world: Beijing, Moscow and, yes, Washington, D.C.

It has been that way ever since Bill Clinton entered the White House from his moments of Presidential Foreplay in the Governor's office of Arkansas.

Clinton's hike up the success ladder still rings of The International and the nostalgic reveries within Bill Clinton's Life, those memories of his too few days in Communist Moscow.

Why does Bill Clinton win the "Messianic Prize" over Barack Hussein Obama?

  1. William Clinton is vastly and diabolically more gifted than Barack Hussein Obama.
  2. The Clinton ability to "cooperate" with Republicans is the reason the criminally impatient Marxist/Leninists within the Democrat Party shoved Barack Hussein Obama down American throats. They didn't want 8 more years of The Red Spider manipulating a Presidential wife named Hillary.
  3. Clinton's tutelage under Senator William Fulbright Jr., an early Marxist Messiah of America, gave him the head start over all other ambitious American Leftists.
  4. No one, in the history of politics, has ever pulled off The Americanization of Karl Marx and Iliych Lenin with such brilliance. With such an ability to make the venom of Communist New World Order ambitions sound like a folksy lecture from Mark Twain.

Why did Obama get reelected?

Bill Clinton's Democrat Convention speech, the one I've spent most of this article on.

That's why I now call Clinton The Red Spider.

No one weaves a fist-clenching web around American throats with a softer touch than Bill Clinton.

Why? He lets Communism's own "useful idiots" like Obama do the fist clinching for him.

Messianic American Communists such as Clinton and Obama, with their lame claims to Christian credentials, are, after two terms of Clinton and now with Obama's second tern, a bold and increasingly transparent lie in the politics of America.

Fooled once, the shame is on the First Communist Messiah!

Fooled a second time by Obamao?!

Shame on America! ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.






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