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Senator John McCain: Collaborator

By Robert T. Smith
web posted April 1, 2013

Clearly evident in our partisan political and social systems, irreconcilable differences have existed for some time between two groups in our country.  For purposes of generalization, these two groups can be identified as Americans, and fundamentally-changed-Americans.  This latter group is epitomized by our current President, who promised fundamental change. 

In general, the Americans believe in a set of ideals that are the basis of our country.  The fundamentally-changed-Americans are co-located in the same country, but desire a different social/political system, progressively different from the ideals of Americanism.  Prodded by the politicians and reflected throughout much of society, these two general categories of citizens treat each other as the enemy; rivals pitted against one another and fighting for the future of our country. 

Unique to the characteristics of the fundamentally-changed-Americans, rarely or ever are they observed to engage in any open contentious rivalry or disagreement with or between any members of their group.  The fundamentally-changed-Americans have each other's backs on policy and practices, even providing cover for a group member regardless of illegality or untowardness of their actions.  No shots are fired inside the walls of the fundamentally-changed-American's fortress, all guns point outward at their enemy. 

Unfortunately, on an all too regular basis, those in the American contingent are subject to friendly fire.  The worst, most unexpected kind of betrayal is to have someone who has your back stab you, as only an enemy would.  This brings us to Senator John McCain. 

As defined...to collaborate is to "cooperate, usually willingly, with an enemy, especially with an enemy occupying one's country."  All too often Senator McCain has taken the opportunity to subject his affiliated group, the Americans, to friendly fire, to collaborate.     

Case in point, most recently Senator McCain provided President Obama with his photo-op of cooperation with the Republicans in the run-up to sequestration; he and other Republicans broke bread with the President at a local eatery.  President Obama was gracious enough to put on hold his insults and demonization of his guests for the few hours it took to conduct this photo-op meal.  Contemporaneous with Senator McCain's collaborative fine dining experience with the President, he missed the American Senator Rand Paul conducting an actual, principled filibuster. 

Apparently unknown to Senator McCain, he and Senator Paul are members of the same group.  Regardless, Senator McCain could not help himself but to further collaborate with the enemy and take to the Senate floor and media to condemn Senator Paul in most unkind terms.  Strikingly, there is never a cross word from Senator McCain for any of the fundamentally-changed-Americans, other than some deference to "the good Senator from"...or "Mr. President."  But let an American take a principled stand and Senator McCain is driven to the most unflattering and juvenile pejoratives, including calling Senator Paul and those who supported his principled filibuster "whacko-birds."

It seems collaboration is in Senator McCain's make-up.  For examples, the collaborative efforts of McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy, or McCain-Lieberman, to name a few of the more prominent pieces of collaborative legislation.  There seems to be a strange desire for Senator McCain to regularly collaborate with the enemy, as it is, apparently by policy and hyphenation.

McCain-Feingold embodied the foolishness that was supposed to take the money out of political campaigning and, as an added bonus, end much of the negative campaigning.  Instead and predictably, McCain-Feingold produced the exact opposite, more outside group money and some of the most nasty, negative campaign ads.

McCain-Kennedy was a failed bill, that provided the staggering foolishness of amnesty for those who broke into our country illegally and no hard requirement for border security.  Worse than the bill itself, is the notion of collaborating with the late Senator Kennedy, whose thoughts and actions corpulently embodied the antithesis of Americanism.  As a basic principle of the Americans, any effort that was supported by Senator Kennedy should have been a red flag to not support the effort.  Regardless, Senator McCain was on board with Senator Kennedy to offer amnesty to those who illegally broke into our country after paying a minor fine.  A part of this bill was the allowance that the federal government could simply report on their efforts at border security, not necessarily improve or aggressively seek border security.  This border security reporting was, in reality, no security at all, and would entice even more illegal breaking and entering into our country.   

Finally, consider the McCain-Lieberman collaboration, and its basic requirement to suspend reality and embrace man-induced global warming.  Any bill targeting man-induced global warming is, by definition, so much hot air blown into the ill-informed political class by the eco-activists.  Senator McCain's willingness to collaborate with Senator Lieberman and cripple our economy by providing CO2 emission caps to address a non-issue is even beyond rational collaboration.    

It is especially ironic that Senator McCain's defining point of his life was to survive the torture of Vietnam, yet not collaborate with the enemy.  Considering Senator McCain's history of political collaboration, retrospectively, it seems a bit foolish how someone so closely collaborating with the fundamentally-changed-Americans could have been the standard-bearer for the American contingent; the presidential nominee of the Americans.  No wonder Senator McCain could not garner sufficient support from the Americans to defeat the fundamentally-changed-Americans of Barrack Obama...Senator McCain was and remains a collaborator. ESR

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.





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